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Live bait tank oxygen systems supercharge live bait and shrimp in saltwater and freshwater bait tanks, bait wells and livewells when bait tank aeration systems such as KeepAlive aerators, Kodiak bait tanks, Rule and Flow-Rite bait tank pumps, and aeration systems fail to keep a live bait frisky or tournament fish oxygenated and healthy in  summer livewells.

Bait tank, bait well or livewell oxygen injection systems supercharge saltwater and freshwater live bait shrimp,  croakers, pogy, menhaden, croakers, shad, pilchard, pinfish, white bait, mullet, greenback, ballyhoo, goggle eye, shiners, minnows,  alewifes and chubs. 

Delayed mortality for tournament catch and release fish including black bass, redfish, bone fish, striped bass, snook, speckled trout, walleye and crappie is substantial during summer tournaments. Scientific research has proven that all live tournament fish are released healthier and survive all day transports better in oxygen injected or oxygen enriched boat livewells during summer tournaments. Every tournament angler knows, the catch does poorly and delayed mortality increases when tournament hooked gamefish are transported in boat livewells having insufficient dissolved oxygen concentrations caused by livewell aerators and water pumps in hot water. Livewell aerators pump air, not oxygen. Livewell and bait tank water pumps pump water, not oxygen. Neither aerator pumps or water pumps pump100% pure compressed oxygen like The Oxygen Edge™.  

The Oxygen Edge™ cost as much as a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, a medium grade Academy rod and reel or one decent  Kayak paddle. The Oxygen Edge™ will increase a boat note about $4 a month.

The Oxygen Edge™ injects pure compressed oxygen into livewells and bait tank water. Supercharging requires more oxygen than the small amount needed to simply keep bait and fish alive and healthy.

Steve Quinn, Editor In-Fisherman magazine, "Oxygen And Fish Care', Breakthrough In Bait Care & Tournament Survival."  "Kingfish and striper tournament boats are increasingly equipped with oxygenation systems. Not only don't baitfish die, but they're unusually more active on the hook and they draw more strikes."

George Poveromo, Saltwater Sportsman magazine emphasizes the supreme importance of artificially supercharging and transporting those difficult live offshore bait fish during the summer when live bait quality and durability is important:,12746,386865,00.html

Allen Tarvid, Bass & Walleye Boats magazine writes more about the necessity he got using livewell oxygen injection to transport healthy live bait in boat livewells during the summer: 

"Livewell Dynamics"

Gulf Coast Troutmasters, a catch and release saltwater speckled trout tournament circuit. Anglers choose the degree of care they provide for their catch. Those providing  the best possible fish care are rewarded with positive motivation. Anglers use novel fish handling and weigh-in procedures that dramatically reduce summer tournament delayed mortality. Unlike tournaments that punish contestants for weighing in dead fish, each live fish weighed-in receives a 1/2 lb. additional bonus reward. Dead fish are not penalized nor are anglers shamed for failure to keep their catch alive. Anglers are rewarded for following the recommended fish care guidelines, by really providing the best fish care possible in the boat livewell.

Tournament fish loose weight quickly after death, consider weighing-in live fish in catch and kill tournaments, take a tournament edge. An example of taking advantage of the tournament competitive edge:   click Troutmasters, click The Oxygen Edge "Fish Care."



The new B.A.S.S. / ESPN  recommendations and handbook, Keeping Bass Alive written  by  Senior Fishery Biologist, Gene Gilliland,  Hal Schramm, Ph.D., and Bruce Shupp, B.A.S.S.   National  Conservation  Director addresses the use of live well oxygen systems.  New livewell oxygen injection technology advances tournament fish transport to state-of-the-art technology in 2001.   Discussed in this handbook is a hallmark catch and release effort targeting livewell water quality management and the boat livewell equipment that is necessary for great success:

"The authors and B.A.S.S. recognize that oxygen injection into livewells  will be the NEXT BIG MOVEMENT for bass survival, says Shupp.   He adds that B.A.S.S. will be working with the boating industry to ensure that oxygen injection systems become a reality."   Bruce Shupp, "A Prescription for Survival,"  Bassmaster Magazine, June 2001, pg. 51-53.  Mr. Schupp, B.A.S.S. National Conservation Director.

"State of The Art [bass boat] livewell systems will incorporate the use of pure oxygen.  Adding [compressed] oxygen to the livewell is currently the BEST option for keeping tournament bass healthy in the summer.  Period."  Gene Gilliland, "A Prescription for Survival," Bassmaster Magazine, June 2001, pg. 51-53. (Click on the  "Tournament Mortality" link, written by Gene Gilliland.)

Gene Gilliland, B.A.S.S. tournament fish care consultant and tournament angler, Oklahoma Fisheries Research Lab, Norman, OK.

"Have you ever wondered how good your boat aeration system is?   Unless you are using an oxygen injection system  -  see Gene Gilliland's article in the June issue of Bassmaster Magazine  -  I can tell you that your aeration system isn't very good.   I mean no insult to you or individual manufactures of bass boats.    Temperature control, salt and supplemental oxygen are the BEST ways to ensure survival of bass held in livewells." Hal Schramm, Ph.D.,  "Surviving the Summer", B.A.S.S. Times, Bass Biology, August 2001, pg. 3., or visit:

Dr. Schramm, B.A.S.S. tournament fish care consultant and the Leader of the U.S. Geological Survey Mississippi Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and Professor, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Mississippi State University. HSchramm@CFR.MsState.Edu

 The Oxygen Edge™ does offer THE BEST possible care for all summer tournament hooked fish, freshwater and saltwater species, being transported in boat livewells.  All boat livewell mechanical aeration systems and flow through livewell systems offer  only THE SECOND BEST fish care possible during summer tournaments. 

Gene Gilliland tested and evaluated  The Oxygen Edge™  system in the summers of 1998-99.   His research finding, "The Ultimate Fish Care System",  was presented at the 2000 Black Bass Symposium, American Fisheries Society Conference, August  2000 in St. Lewis and published in scientific literature.  

Gilliland's research, using  The Oxygen Edge™, demonstrates that compressed oxygen alone, in bass boat live wells (no catch and release chemicals or  ice added to the well water) reduces  total summer black bass tournament mortality including delayed mortality down to 7% kill.  The anglers ability to manage livewell water quality by simply injecting compressed oxygen into the well water eliminates hypoxia, which is the most serious livewell water quality problem in the summer.   Considering the evolution of tournament fishing in the past 30 years, 93% summer survival is impressive.  "State of the Art" tournament bass care incorporates the continuous injection of compressed welding oxygen into bass boat livewell water. 

From the public relations viewpoint and fisheries conservation, we, the collective tournament bass fishing industry will all benefit by providing the best tournament bass care possible during summer tournaments. 

Now, contestants and tournament directors must choose whether we are really willing to provide that extra effort and minimal cost in order to guarantee THE BEST BASS CARE possible during summer tournaments.  Our collective actions will speak much louder than our words, now that the B.A.S.S. researchers have provided new definitive guidelines for optimum summer tournament bass care.  Oxygen injection is not only a conservation issue, it's a public relation's issue and an ethical issue.  

The "Homemade System" page points out important consumer information  needed when buying or building systems with medical equipment or welding equipment. Great information here! The "Safety" page offers some rules of the bait tank oxygen road. Oxygen enriched environments inside oxygenated livewells ( >24% oxygen) must be handled respectfully, oxygen is not air. High pressure air tanks (SCUBA), oxygen tanks and helium tanks demand equal respect; all high pressure gas cylinders are regulated by the US Coast Guard and US Department of Transportation.

Live baitfish and bait shrimp act like they're pumped up on steroids with The Oxygen Edge™.   Serious anglers reaching for the liveliest bait fish, reach for The Oxygen Edge™  especially in the summer.

Oxy-Chum™ chums saltwater and freshwater livebait fish and target fish, creating a "Honey Hole" of extremely high dissolved oxygen underwater in the summer.   Pure 100% oxygen bubbled under hot lake water in the summer induces the congregation of all fish species.  High oxygen concentration stimulates summer feeding in hot environmental water, when the bite slows down every July and August.











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