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DPCustom Rods are designed to meet the angler's specific needs. Blanks are chosen from G. Loomis, Lamiglas, Rainshadow, Calstar, Seeker, and others, based on the quarry,
and fishing style of the angler. Whether Drift Fishing for Steelhead, Downrigging for Salmon, Flippin' for Bass,
battling that Sturgeon of a lifetime, or Trolling offshore for Tuna, each rod is designed
and handcrafted with the angler's choice of materials, components and color schemes in mind.

Each custom fishing rod I build, is built one at a time, for one type of fishing, for one species, and for one angler - YOU.
By listening to how you fish, what depths, line weights, lures, and even the type of fish, I can recommend materials and performance characteristics to match your fishing style.

There is nearly an endless selection of components with which to design a custom rod.  With guidance, you will choose how your custom rod will be constructed.  I can guide you through the options for guides, reel seats, handles, and colors schemes.

Only then can a rod be created like no other you own.


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