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Reach 1 of every 57 people active on the net this month

FreeFind has been rated a top 500 web site by popular web rating services. is the single most cost-effective place to run your creative. The performance of our broadly-targeted banner space is consistently outstanding. Our cookie tracker shows over 5 million unique visitors last month. delivers three important benefits:

  1. Industry-leading reach. Reach 1 out of every 57 people active on the internet this month. Here are the numbers: Active Internet Universe (est): 300 million. Our unique visitor tracker cookies: 5.3 million. That's 1 of every 56.6 people.
  2. Industry-leading click-though. Because your creative isn't wasted on repeats, truly amazing click-through rates result. We compared the same creative run on the FreeFind search engine vs. an advertising network. generated a 4.26% click through. The advertising network 0.72%. That's 5.9 times more clicks on FreeFind using the same creative.
  3. High density. delivers more unique visitors per page view than virtually anyone. Our typical visitor sees an average of about three impressions so you can reach 5 million unique viewers with only 20 million impressions.
The unique nature of our service drives these numbers. provides searching and site navigation to tens of thousands of web sites. Visitors searching or navigating those sites see search and navigation results served directly from FreeFind's servers. By extending tens of thousands of different web sites with our service we tap into a very large source of reliable traffic. More importantly, most of the people using our service are unique visitors!

Put your creative in front of people at the exact moment they're looking for their next page

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