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   Every time your website changes we'll notify your visitors  

Here's how it works:

You add the ChangeDetection panel to your site.

Your visitors monitor your site for changes.

When you update your site your visitors are notified and return to see what's new.

Make repeat visitors out of casual surfers and keep loyal visitors coming back. Give your visitors the tool they need to take full advantage of your site.

Enter your e-mail address and we'll send everything you need. It's free.


Every time your site changes, we'll e-mail your visitors and let them know! Simply place a link or panel on your site today, and your visitors can ask for ChangeDetection without leaving your site.
    Super-fast setup
    Your visitor never leaves your site
    Easy "wizard" style interface for your visitors
    Include your own comments in each update e-mail
    Webmaster e-mail tells you how many visitors were notified

Not a webmaster?   You still can monitor any web page for changes.


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