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The history of Samoa is diverse and complex and the following short collection of early historical Samoan images provide an insight into the historical background of this most fascinating and beautiful Polynesian island nation.

inotw_sept1893.jpg (23734 bytes)

Cover of International News of the World,
September 1893, featuring articles on Samoa.

village_in_samoa.jpg (30200 bytes)

 Tutuila Island, Samoa, 1972.

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pago_pago_harbor.jpg (20151 bytes)

pagopago.jpg (28860 bytes)

J40848.gif (90467 bytes)

American naval station, Pago Pago.

oldpostcard.jpg (20561 bytes)

samoaking.jpg (24913 bytes)

Samoan King Mataafa (seated).

sswe.jpg (31964 bytes)


Luggage Label, Aggie Grey's Hotel.

lplate.jpg (18842 bytes)

cover.jpg (14427 bytes)

samoawedding.jpg (17233 bytes)

A traditional Samoan wedding ceremony.

enveloperls.jpg (24606 bytes)

lava in the sea.jpg (22839 bytes)

Underwater volcanic activity off the coast of Samoa.

pangopango.jpg (15215 bytes)

Early images of Pago Pago harbour, Samoa.

dance3795.jpg (111480 bytes)

Samoan sitting dance to entertain sailors.

lady.jpg (32772 bytes)

Samoan lady, Apia, Samoa.


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