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Tired of spending hours watching your

fishing poles

waiting for a bite?

Let the BiteBuzzer™ watch it for you! When a fish bites, it BEEPS!

Never miss another fish with this amazing piece of

fishing gear / fishing tackle.

The Ultimate

Fishing Bite Indicator Alarm

It is the most sensitive, feature packed

fishing strike indicator alarm

on the market. Simply strap it on your

fishing pole

and you're ready to fish. It can even be used on downriggers, planer boards, and ice fishing!
Fishing poles

Fishing tackle


  • Installs in seconds.
  • Automatically turns off when reeling in a fish.
  • If a fish stops nibbling, the BiteBuzzer stops beeping.
  • Sensitivity adjustment for different fishing conditions.
  • Automatically resets itself.
  • You can even cast with it on and attached to your fishing pole.
  • Never watch your fishing poles again.
  • Long life battery included.

Protackle's Kelly Hoban takes
his new BiteBuzzer through
rigorous field testing.
"It's a rough job folks,
but somebody's gotta do it."
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The BiteBuzzer™ was designed for one reason, "TO MAKE FISHING MORE ENJOYABLE". Are you tired of holding your fishing pole and waiting for a bite? Have you ever missed a fish because you were not looking at the fishing pole? Do you fish multiple fishing poles or have kids? If so, the BiteBuzzer™ fishing bite indicator alarm was made for you.

How much fishing gear & fishing tackle do you have in your tackle box? If you're like me you have spent hundreds of dollars on different types of

fishing gear & fishing tackle

that is hardly used. Once you try the BiteBuzzer™ fishing strike indicators alarm you will never want to fish without it. We guarantee it! If you don't think that the BiteBuzzer is the best piece of fishing tackle / fishing gear that you have ever used, simply return it for a full refund!!! (see our return policy)

Kids love the BiteBuzzer too! One of the best praises we receive is from parents. We all know that most kids get bored and start to wander off after 10 minutes. With the Bite Buzzer they can wander all they want. When they do get a bite the Bite Buzzer™ will let them know and they'll come running back! No tackle box is complete without this piece of fishing gear / fishing tackle.

Regardless of who you are, if you enjoy fishing, you'll love the Bite Buzzer;. Great for all types of fishing. See our Product Info page for more information.

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