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Welcome to www.Indigo-Plantation.US

This website was developed to provide visitors, buyers and property owners with information on Indigo Plantation and to facilitate exchange of information such as:

  • Recent real estate information on Indigo Plantation.
  • Information on Southport, Bald Head Island and surrounding areas.
  • Links to information on local government, utility companies, restaurants, shops and various other points of attraction.
  • Secured "Owner Section" of the website
  • Tools are presented to provide owners with the information they need and to exchange information with other owners via a bulletin board.

Owners, to request a user name and password, please click here. I hope you enjoy this site and please feel free to provide me with feedback on its use and content.


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Indigo Bunting
Indigo Bunting*

The Indigo Bunting's breeding habitat is the brushy edges across eastern North America and the southwest United States.

The actual Indigo color is derived from the plant named Indigo and it is somewhere between purple and blue. It is the color of this text, or as close as a website browser can display it.

The Bald Head Island Ferry Mainland Landing is located at the Indigo Plantation Marina

* The Indigo Bunting image was obtained from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and it is in the public domain.

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