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Welcome to Live365, the world's largest internet radio community. With a population that numbers in the tens of millions, our members are passionate about music, radio and self-expression!

As a group of communicators, we are a host to a variety of diverse opinions. We welcome this diversity, and ask that all our members adhere to these simple guidelines:

  1. Don't post anything on your Station Page or in the Message Boards for which you don't own the rights. This includes copyrighted images and text, celebrity photos, trademarks, copyrighted articles and other stuff that simply isn't yours to post. It's a lot more fun to be original, anyway.

  2. No obscenity. There are plenty of places on the Internet to post nudie pics or pervy prose. This isn't one of them.

  3. Don't be a jerk. This should be pretty self-explanatory (and rather unnecessary, frankly, since 99.99% of us are reasonable, level-headed folks who don't need to hassle others to get by). But in case there's any doubt about what "not being a jerk means" it's this: No hate speech, no bigotry, no flaming, no flame baiting, no spamming, and no personal attacks.

  4. Keep image sizes within limits. Whether they're in station pages or the Live365 Forums, your listeners shouldn't have to bring a magazine to read while they wait for your images to download. Images that appear on station pages should not exceed 500 KB. In the Forums, station banners shouldn't exceed 468x60.

  5. Keep your personal info to yourself. For your own safety, don't give personally identifiable information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, telephone numbers, names, addresses, passwords or driver's license numbers) to strangers online.

  6. Live365 Chat and Message Board Users: All registered members of the Live365 community are invited to participate in the Live365 Chat Lounge and Message Boards. Please review the guidelines posted in the Announcements (listeners) and Green Room (broadcasters) before posting.

  7. Have fun!
Live365 Site Terms of Use.

Please report any infringements to these guidelines to the Director of Community.