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Transforming Your Self: Becoming Who You Want to Be


Transforming Your Self: Becoming Who You Want to Be
Discover what your identity is made of, how it functions, and how to use this knowledge to change how you think of yourself. Easy-to-follow demonstrations, explanations, and exercises provide surprisingly simple and practical ways to change your experience of who you are — and others if you work as a therapist or coach. Learn how to strengthen your sense of self to become more independent of others' views, while at the same time becoming more responsive to useful feedback. 273 pp.

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"Steve Andreas' Transforming Your Self is not only a must read, it is a must do book. So much of self help these days enumerates the habits and abilities that you need to be successful. Unfortunately, that doesn't tell you how you can acquire those traits in a way that matches who you are. By doing the step by step instructions in Steve's book you can build a self-concept that can have you performing the way you always wanted to.

"I know because I lost 70 pounds in 6 months by creating a self concept of 'I am a healthy eater.' Using Steve's process I was able to:

  • Identify all the times when I was a healthy eater. I wasn't as bad as I had thought.
  • Establish the deep motivation, not just will power, to be even more of a healthy eater, regardless of what was going on in my life.
  • Redirect all the habits and beliefs that prevented me from consistently being a healthy eater.

"I have kept the weight off for over 5 years, and I have no fear of it ever coming back."

—Wayne A. Perry III

"Reading this book is like being back at the emergence of NLP with Frogs into Princes, just vastly more coherent. Fresh new thinking combines with Steve's customary clarity of thinking, warmth and humor. Steve Andreas takes the lead in the NLP community again. Using Robert Dilts' Neurological Levels model, I'd say this is the best NLP framework ever for dealing with the level of Identity. Transforming Your Self is simply breathtaking. I've already had people who are hungry for self-renewal reading my copy and being delighted."

—Richard Bolstad, NLP Trainer, New Zealand

"I'm slowly working through Transforming Your Self. I'm only on page 112 and I'm blown away by how profound this is. I could be reading it much faster but I'm experimenting so much with myself and others.

"Just this morning I explored the quality of gratitude or the times in my life I was most grateful. Going through the exercises increased my sense of gratitude tremendously actually bringing tears to my eyes several times.

"Then I got to the counter examples and suddenly a revelation came over me that is really so simple but incredibly profound. I realized that the times I was most ungrateful or the times I seemed to take things for granted, I had presupposed that circumstances around me just weren't living up to my expectations.

"When I did the exercise with the counterexamples though it was so clear that the times when I took things for granted was absolutely about me not living up to my own potential and blaming my circumstances for it. This is easy for anyone to understand as a concept. However, I felt this in my chest like a movement from one side of my chest to the other side and it spread all over me with the effect of it spreading outside of my body.

"It was and is an experiential understanding that I can only imagine at this point will be a true game changer, already affecting the way I perceive myself and the world. It's amazing that I carried that limitation around with me for so long and that such a simple inversion of that understanding (which I already knew conceptually) changes everything.

"I'm still feeling like I'm sort of in a daze as I'm reorganizing and integrating this. This is just one quality and I'm not even halfway through the book. I plan to run more qualities through this process and of course I will finish the book and I'm just wondering why I haven't encountered this or anything close to this in any of the NLP trainings I've done.

—Damon Cart

"Since Monday of last week, I have been going back and forth between reading Six Blind Elephants (so far just Volume One) and Transforming Your Self. I am doing the exercises, playing with the distinctions, taking and reviewing notes and...Wow. I'm consistently amazed at how much better I feel and act afterward. I feel—at times—like a brand new person. I know that it is still 'me,' just a much better organized and happier and persistent one.

"I knew those books were important ten years ago when I first encountered them, but reviewing and using the materials on a regular basis has really paid dividends for me. I want to say 'Thanks' to you for taking the time to do the work of discovering and eliciting those patterns and writing them down so that others can benefit from them."

—Ryan Nagy

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