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The Cloisters. Basilica Of Saint Paul-Without-The-Walls, Rome. Author: Dnalor 01. Licence (CC-BY-SA 3.0). Wikimedia Commons.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Pope Saint Sixtus II, Saint Felicissimus And Saint Agapitus. Martyrs. Feast Day 6 August.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
unless otherwise stated.

Pope Saint Sixtus II, Saint Felicissimus
and Saint Agapitus.
   Feast Day 6 August.


Red Vestments.

Pope Saint Sixtus II and companions.
(Cote Français 185, Fol. 96v. Vies de saints, Paris, XIVe siècle,
Richard de Montbaston et collaborateurs.)
Pope Saint Sixtus II was Consecrated Bishop of The Church of Rome in 257 A.D.
The following year, while Celebrating The Sacred Liturgy, over the tomb of a Martyr,
in the Cemetery, or Catacombs, of Saint Callistus, he was arrested by soldiers carrying out the edict of The Emperor, Valerian.
On the same day, 6 August, he was put to death and buried in the same Cemetery,
along with “The Holy Martyrs Felicissimus and Agapitus, Deacons of Blessed Sixtus; Januarius, Magnus, Vincent, and Stephen, Sub-Deacons, all of whom were beheaded
with him and buried in the Cemetery of Praetextatus.
With them suffered also Blessed Quartus, as is related by Saint Cyprian”. (Roman Martyrology). Three days later, his famous Arch-Deacon, Saint Lawrence, was Martyred.
Illustration and Caption: CHRIST BEARERS

Laurence, his first Deacon, seeing him led to death, exclaimed: "Why do you abandon me, Father, you who never offer The Holy Sacrifice without your Deacon ?" You will follow me in three days," replied Sixtus.

The Anniversary of The Martyrdom of Saint Laurence will be Solemnised in three days.

Mass: Sapiéntiam.

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