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The Cloisters. Basilica Of Saint Paul-Without-The-Walls, Rome. Author: Dnalor 01. Licence (CC-BY-SA 3.0). Wikimedia Commons.

Sunday, 9 August 2020

The Vigil Of Saint Laurence. Martyr. 9 August.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
unless stated otherwise.

Vigil of Saint Laurence.
   9 August.

Violet Vestments.

Mass: Dispérsit.

Saint Laurence distributing The Treasures of The Church.
Artist: Bernardo Strozzi.
Date: Circa 1625.
Author: Bernardo Strozzi (1581–1644).
(Wikimedia Commons)

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Saint Lawrence (or Laurence) (Latin: Laurentius, literally "Laurelled"). He was one of the seven Deacons of Rome, Italy, under Pope Sixtus II, who were Martyred in the Persecution of The Christians that the Roman Emperor, Valerian, ordered in 258 A.D.

As Deacon, in Rome, Laurence was responsible for the material goods of The Church and the distribution of Alms to The Poor.

Saint Ambrose of Milan relates that, when The Treasures of The Church were demanded of Laurence by The Prefect of Rome, he brought forward The Poor, to whom he had distributed The Treasures as Alms.

"Behold, in these poor persons, The Treasures which I promised to show you; to which I will add Pearls and Precious Stones, those Widows and Consecrated Virgins, which are The Church's Crown."

The Prefect was so angry, that he had a great Gridiron prepared with hot coals beneath it, and had Laurence placed on it, hence Laurence's association with the Gridiron. After the Martyr had suffered pain for a long time, the legend concludes, he cheerfully declared: "I'm well done on this side. Turn me over ! "

From this, Saint Laurence derives his Patronage of Cooks, Chefs, and Comedians.

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