I can’t go offline when there is so much to clear up. There are lies spreading about me on Chinese social media.

The following statements have been attributed to me, and they are not true, they are lies:

“Australia should reject all immigrants and only accept political refugees.”

“I am just here to make you jealous. You people pay heaps and I don’t have to pay to study in Australia. Aus governments would give me $1000 even if I don’t work.”

“If you don’t like it go back to your country, Chinese locust.”

I have never, ever said these comments. I strongly reject and condemn anti-Chinese racism.

I support Chinese immigration to this country. I have respect for the Chinese people and their amazing culture and history. I have no problem with Chinese Australians and I think they add so much to this great country.

My only ever problem has been with the Chinese government’s human rights abuses in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. I make a distinction between the actions of the Chinese government and the Chinese people. For example, I criticize the Australian government’s use of off shore torture camps to house refugees in Manus and Nauru. My criticism of the Australian government on this issue does not mean that I hate the Australian people, I am myself an Australian. In a free society, you may express your political opinions about your government without being accused of harboring hostility towards an entire race of people.