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List of Unanswered FNaF Lore Questions

FNaF 1:

How many children did William Afton kill? Were there 6 victims, 11 as FNaF 2 showed or 7 as implied in the Toy Chica UCN cutscene and the Dreadbear DLC?

Are Golden Freddy, Shadow Freddy and Fredbear all the same character?

FNaF 2:

Why did Phone Guy say you are working at a “summer job” when the paycheck states the game took place in November? This is also something that is mentioned in the FNaF 1 Steam page, in which you work at the pizzeria as a Summer Job but get paid in November.

What’s the deal with the Shadows (Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie)? Are they leftovers of William after the murders or ghosts of past employees?

How many locations are in the story thus far? Did the FNaF 2 location really open twice as written here?

Were the Toys possessed at all and were scrapped for malfunctions?

What’s the deal with the Paperpals, the bare Endo and JJ?

What’s up with “Take Cake to the Children / SAVE HIM” minigame now that FFPS retconned the child to be Henry’s daughter?

Did the Bite of ’87 really happen in this game? Who is the Biter and who got bitten?

FNaF 3:

What was the “sister location”  and “temporary costumes” mentioned in the tapes?

What was the lore purpose of the secret minigames with BB, Mangle, Toy Chica, Golden Freddy and Shadow Bonnie?

What’s with the crying BB’s, the Puppet and the cupcakes in the hidden minigames? Are they the lost souls that we don’t know of?

What was Shadow Freddy doing in the after night minigames? Is it Golden Freddy or William Afton?

Is the random Shadow Freddy hallucination and Phantom Freddy actually Withered Golden Freddy? They both use the same model and have hints of yellow when you use the eyedropper tool.

Why is William Afton dismembering the animatronics in the after-night minigames? What is he trying to do?

Who’s the soul we control in Night 5? Was it the soul of the one who possessed Golden Freddy?

What’s the deal with the Happiest day minigame in 3? Are these kids alive and wearing masks of the Mediocre Melodies?

Are the lost souls that we rescue in the secret minigames are the same ones in the Missing Children Incident?

FNaF 4:

Why is the teasers hinting “87” and “Was it me?” when the game took place in 83? Was the infamous Bite of ’87 retconned to be the Bite of ’83? I’ve seen the source code change during the Plushtrap teaser, which further suggests this.

What’s with the mention of “1982” in the Scottgames source code during the Purple Hat teaser? Was that the year Fredbear’s Family Diner opened?

In the aforementioned Purple Hat teaser, did the faded text at the bottom right corner say “Property of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria” or “Property of Fredbear’s Family Diner”?

In Fredbear’s teaser, what does the text on his belly say? Was it “probably it was me?”

Who is the Bite Kid that we control in the minigames? Is he related to the Afton’s? Why is he crying all the time? What happened to him after the end of the game? Did he survive?

Who is the Foxy Brother? Is he Michael Afton or some unrelated character?

What happened to the Foxy Brother’s friends? They weren’t mentioned again.

Who do we play as in the main game with the Nightmares stalking you in your bedroom? What year did the gameplay happen?

Why do we hear Phone Guy’s voice during gameplay?

Are the Nightmare animatronics real or are they hallucinations?

What’s in the box? Could we get hints as to what is in there without actually opening it?

In the FNaF 4 MFA, the Nightmare kill screen was originally meant to send you to a different frame that was deleted from the game. What was Nightmare originally meant to do after killing you?

Sister Location:

What’s with the dropped lines involving “the show”, “don’t hold it against us” and “you don’t know what we’ve been through”?

What’s with the following details hidden in the Scottgames source code below?






What’s with the  “Cancelled due to gas leaks” teaser? Does it have any bearing on the lore?

In other news: The grand opening of Circus Baby’s Pizza World has apparently been cancelled due to reported gas leaks in the building. Sources close to the establishment question the report, saying that strange activity around the area at night suggest something else is to blame.

One local is quoted as saying, “Everything just stopped. There was so much excitement built around this place opening and then they just stopped talking about it. There was only a handful of people that ever got a look at the inside, kids from here and there, making sure everything worked right, you know. I guess they weren’t quite as ready as they thought they were!”

A tenant from across the street claims to have witnessed a large group of cars surrounding the building during the night, and large pieces of equipment being taken out of the building under tarps. A few weeks later the building was for sale.

There is no comment yet from the local entrepreneur who financed the venture.

If anything, it was just too soon for such an ambitious venture. There is still a bright future for Circus Baby, so be watching for her to appear at a neighborhood party near you!

“no comment” is repeated in the source code.

Where did SL’s gameplay take place? Did it happen after FNaF 2 or FNaF 1?

What’s the deal with the Private Room? Was the 1983 easter egg meant to show that the player character in 4 is being monitored or was it an experiment?

What’s the deal with the hidden blueprints in the game that are labeled “see Circus Baby Dir: 07”?

FNaF World:

What’s up with this scene in the 4th layer ending?

What’s the deal with the Clock Ending in FNaF World? Is it really canon to the lore? Why is it referencing the hidden FNaF 3 minigames? Is Glitchbear trying to lure the Bite Victim to his Happiest Day?

What’s with the open box hidden in the Glitch 1 layer? It’s called “codefound” in the MFA an has a bunch of meaningless commands in it.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator:

What is going on in secret section in Midnight Motorist? (Click here to zoom in on the image.)

Who is Yellow and Green Guy? What’s the deal with JR’s? What’s with the pile of rubble? Who is guy watching TV? What’s with the footprints? Who is the person who is running away to “that place”? What is “that place” Yellow Guy is talking about? Did this happen right after Purple Guy kills Henry’s kid?

Is Henry’s kid named Charlie in the game lore?

What’s the deal with Remnant? Is it molten metal used to prevent the souls from escaping unless if burned?

Do we play as Michael Afton in the game?

What is Scrap Baby talking about in the final cutscene before Henry’s interrupts her?

You played right into our hands. Did you really think that this job just fell out of the sky for you? No. This was a gift, for us.

You gathered them all together in one place. Just like he asked you to. All of those little souls, in one place. Just for us. A gift.

Now we can do what we were created to do, and be complete. I will make you proud, daddy. Watch. Listen, and be full.

Scrap Baby appears to be hostile now in this dialogue. Does Remnant also erase the souls memory of their past life and made them violent? Are the possessed animatronics seeking for more souls to power themselves up to become even more powerful? Is this why the animatronics were planned to roam free? (See Michael being asked to free Ennard from CBEaR’s.)

Ultimate Custom Night:

Who do we play as in this game? Is it Michael or William?

Who is Cassidy? Are they the fifth killed child that was obscured in the gravestones, possessed Golden Freddy and are “The One You Shouldn’t Have Killed”?

What’s the deal with the Golden Freddy cutscene after getting all the other cutscenes?

Does “Revenge of the Bear” and “Toy Chica: The Highschool Years” have any bearing on the lore?

What’s the full Japanese transcript for Revenge of the Bear?

What is Fredbear really saying when he kills you? We assume the transcript is:


Be sure to come back soon!

There’s more fantasy and fun where I came from!

Let’s find a suit that’s right for you!

On a different note, was Fredbear’s dialogue originally meant to be used for Freddy Fazbear?

Did Toy Chica’s quote have anything to do with the Bite of ’87?

Where’s my beak? Lodged in your forehead of course.


What is the “seamlessly integrated” retcon that was mentioned in this post?

What’s the full meaning behind these teasers posted during #GTLive, even when we know the context to them?

Why are there three Jeremy’s (FNaF 2 night guard, gravestone and Silver Parasol Games developer) and two Fritz’s (FNaF 2 Custom Night guard and gravestone)? Are they the same character? Or is this a Hammer Film situation with reusing the same names for different characters?

Is Mike Schmidt, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith and the FNaF 3 guard all the same person? Are they all alias of Michael Afton? (This is an old FNaF 4 theory we have.)

Non lore question: Will Showtime and the missing characters be added to Help Wanted? (All FNaF 6 characters, Golden Freddy, JJ, the Shadows, Paperpals, Ballora, Yendo, Spring Bonnie, Fredbear, etc.)

Article written by GBAura
Theorist for