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Chris Proctor is British American Tobacco’s Chief Scientific Officer and Group Head of Scientific Product Stewardship, working at Research and Development in Southampton, UK. He is a PhD chemist with postdoctoral research experience at Cornell University, under a Fulbright scholarship, and the University of Kent. Chris joined BAT in 1983, working in research and development on analytical chemistry. In 1990 Chris left BAT to work as a senior scientific advisor to a law firm in Washington DC, before returning to BAT in 1993. Chris has represented BAT in public hearings on the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and in front of the WHO’s Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation, has chaired two steering groups of the European Policy Centre on the use of science in regulatory decision making and better regulation, has recently presented at a scientific expert at US FDA workshops, and is a member of the American Chemical Society’s Corporation Associates.

In 2003 Chris published “Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette”, a book exploring the historic efforts of tobacco companies, research scientists and the public health community to encourage less risky tobacco products.