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National Lotteries Commission Brings Boxing Facility to The Community of Stormsriver in the Eastern Cape

A new hope in the sporting industry of the Eastern Cape has awoken through the grant funding of the National Lotteries Commission.

The National Lotteries Commission has funded Nunnovation Africa, a non profit organisation, which applied for the funding of a boxing facility in Stormsriver in the Eastern Cape. Nunnovation Africa like many other of our grant applicants, applied for funding through our grant funding structure, which can be found as follows on our website, stipulating our strict funding policies:

Non-profit entities working for the public good are eligible for funding from the National Lotteries Commission.  This covers a wide range of organisations including:

  • Non-profit organisations (NPOs)

  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

  • Section 21 companies

  • Public benefit trusts

  • Sporting bodies and sports clubs

  • Educational institutions

  • Recreational clubs; and

  • Cultural bodies


Eligible organisations range from national structures right down to small community groups. We not only welcome applications from small organisations, but actively encourage them. You can find out more about the grant funding of the National Lotteries Commission by visiting the website on














Nunnovation Africa Foundation (NAF) is a registered and reputable Non-Profit Company founded in 2014, strategically aligned to drive the development agenda of transforming lives through innovative solutions. The foundation was established by African entrepreneurs with a vision to develop the knowledge of and expose young people to new and emerging industries to enable their participation in the development trajectory of African communities. It is dedicated to creating, implementing and managing programmes aimed at empowering various target groups with critical thinking to enable socio-economic transformation through innovation. These programmes are designed and geared toward skills development and empowering people to participate in the mainstream economy locally and globally. Find out more about Nunnovation and this project by visiting their website.

The National Lotteries Commission is a grant funder and does not facilitate projects and how beneficiaries of our grant funding execute the projects in which they have applied for. There are strict policies put into place by The National Lotteries Commission, to ensure that our beneficiaries fulfill the work they have stipulated to the Commission that they will be facilitating through their projects for their communities. Our beneficiaries report on the progress of their projects to the commission and our monitoring and evaluation team ensures that all standards are complied with and projects are completed by beneficiaries within the stipulated time and reasonable measure, also considering any difficulties and challenges which may be met by the beneficiaries during the process of the developmental stages of projects.

The National Lotteries Commission supports and funds ample organisations in the sporting industry and supporting mainly organisations that focus on youth development and places the needs of women and children at the forefront of their vision and objectives.

You can also find attached on this article the focus areas areas of The National Lotteries Commission for the year 2019/2020, which will provide a broader understanding of the organisations that we fund and the purpose of our grant funding.

The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) regulates lotteries and sports pools in South Africa. From these regulatory activities, we collect revenue and distribute funds to good causes.

In order to increase the impact of funding society’s wide-ranging needs, the Board of the NLC resolved to identify focus areas for funding annually. Qualifying Non-Profit Organisations are invited to apply for funding in these areas for the period: 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2020. Application forms are available on the website ( and at all NLC provincial offices.

NLC Grant Funding Focus Areas 2019/2020

The Distributing Agencies of the NLC reserve the right not to make grants or to decide on the amount to be allocated. The decision to fund or not will be based on alignment to the focus areas detailed above; and subject to availability of funds. The criteria for a decision to fund or not will be based on the strategic fit of the application submitted. Applications that fall outside the strategic focus areas detailed above will not be considered.

Preference will be given to applications that advance rural, previously disadvantaged and poorer communities that support transformation and development; as well as projects that focus on job creation and the development of women and persons with disabilities.

Applications will be considered from appropriately registered, non-profit organisations that submit all the required documents and information, as outlined in the guidelines for each sector. Applicants that are awaiting a response on a previous application are advised not to apply until they have received correspondence on the outcome of the previous application.

The National Lotteries Commission Celebrates 20 years of Regulating Lotteries and Changing Lives. Join us as we embark on a journey to reflect on the good works of the Commission by visiting our beneficiaries, to evaluate the impact of our grant funding in communities.

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