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The Pharyngula Wiki is dedicated to documenting the trivialities of one of the worlds biggest assholes, PZ Fucking Myers, and his blog.

Poll: Is PZ Myers a despicable cunt?

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PZ Myers is rich white male and a cunt who is also a professor at some university in Minnesota: The racist state... and he has a blog. PZ still seems to think listing your pronouns at the start of your Twatter profile is what the cool kids do, rather than some sad old cunt who dyes his beard purple because he thinks it will help him get some sweet feminist pussy, so - for the record - he/him's pronouns are he/him.

He/him became popular for a while after Richard Dawkins - an evolutionary biologist whose work, unlike PZ's, is both ground breaking and revolutionary - mentioned he/him's blog in a chapter in one of his many popular books. The fact that PZ is a despicable disgusting cunt of a human being escaped most atheists, who were too busy retard-clapping Dawkins for being leader of the world, and trying to feltch the last minuscule drop of his semen from PZ's anus in order to prove how much of a free-thinker they were.

Since these times, PZ has fallen out of favor with the online atheist community (R.I.P.) as it slowly realized he/him is a cunt. Not "our cunt", but just a cunt.

This wiki is mainly a historical resource as no one pays any attention to it anymore, as evidenced by the fact that I have been able to totally deface it without the slightest opposition, but you can still try trolling the assholes who contributed.

If you are a pissed-off cunt who is looking for information on PZ Myers so you can remove he/him from the human gene pool, I can only recommend the following suggestions from PZ's commenteriat (made towards people who disagreed with them, of course):

  • Ensure your execution process involves the insertion of a porcupine-like object (no live animals, please; we can not allow suffering to innocent beings) such as a mace into he/him's rectal cavity.
  • If the sphincter is too small to allow insertion, try enlarging it with a rusty knife.
  • If the object still refuses to fit, try driving it home with a sledge hammer. Hit hard enough and it will fit - just use some earplugs to protect you from the screaming (unless you get off on this, of course).
  • Stab he/him repeatedly. If he objects, tell him to grow a thicker skin.
  • Be sure to douse he/him in a flammable liquid and ignite it. (note: for the purposes of this exercise we will accept "scarred for life in a fire" to be the equivalent of the typical Pharyngula retort of "die in a fire").
  • Do not allow he/him to expire prior to the full agony of all the above steps being experienced.
  • Even better, do not allow he/him to expire, but rather live with the experience.
  • Film it and upload it to youtube as a warning to others who decide blog hits are more important than basic human decency.

100 internet points who anyone who achieves the above. You will likely go strait to jail without collecting $200, but at least it was for a worthy cause.

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