FAKE! Intern Who Wrote Plagiarised Melania Tweet Dies In Bizarre Accident

FAKE!  – WASHINGTON D.C. – A 23-year-old intern named Eric A. Rice was killed this morning in a bizarre accident on H Street. He was walking on the sidewalk distracted by his phone when he tripped over a black cat and crashed into a mirror left against the front of a building by a crew of movers.

Stumbling to regain his balance he grabbed hold of a ladder the movers were using, causing one of them to lose his grip on a pulley.  This resulted in the unfortunate intern being crushed to death by a 500-pound photocopier that dropped from two storeys high.

Craig Martin, a graphic designer who was at the nearby Staples store at the time saw it all happen:

He wasn’t looking where he was going and he tripped over one of my twin cats (named “Copy” and “Paste”).  I think it was Copy because I had Paste with me in my messenger bag.  It all happened in a flash: one moment he is tweeting and the next he’s under this huge Xerox machine.  Someone called an ambulance but there was nothing the paramedics could do for the guy: he was flat as a pancake.

Rice gained notoriety in Washingon for writing and sending out the tweet on Memorial Day via First Lady Melania Trump’s Twitter account that later turned out to have been plagiarized from Michelle Obama.


Melania Trump already expressed her condolences and is expected to attend the funeral later this week.



(FAKE) George Clooney Drowns In Lake Como


Laglio – Actor George Clooney drowned in Lake Como while taking an early morning swim behind his villa in Italy.  The body was discovered by fishermen who pulled the unfortunate actor out of their nets while bringing in their catch.

Clooney is survived by his wife Amal and their two children.