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Amazon app quiz August 11, 2020: Get answers to these five questions to win Dyson air purifier for free

Amazon quiz is live on its mobile app. The quiz started at 8am and will run through 12pm. As part of the quiz today, the e-tailer is giving its participants a chance to win Dyson Air purifier for free.
For those unaware, the quiz comprises of five different questions based on general knowledge and current affairs. To become eligible for the prize one needs to answer all questions of the quiz correctly.
Winner of today’s quiz will be announced on August 12. There is usually one winner of the quiz.
Here are five questions that can help you win Dyson air purifier for free.
  1. India recently helped in restoring a 300-year-old Kali temple at Natore in which country?
  2. Which country has been announced to be the host of the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League?
  3. The Ministry of Human Resource & Development in the Indian government has recently been renamed as what?
    Ministry of Education
  4. The Grand Finale of which of these events, where students would be competing to solve 243 problem statements is from August 1-3, 2020?
    Smart India Hackathon
  5. Naseerudddin Shah plays the role of Pandit Radhemohan Rathod in which Amazon original series?
    Bandish Bandits
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