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Coronavirus vaccine news live updates: WHO gave blessing for coronavirus vaccine emergency use programme, says China

The World Health Organization supported China's campaign to vaccinate certain people against coronavirus in July while clinical trials were still under way, a Chinese health official said on Friday, although some experts have expressed concern about the move. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday insisted that any nation that develops a Covid-19 vaccine share it universally, warning that history will be a "severe judge" if not. Track this blog to get updates of the latest trial outcomes of Covid-19 vaccines across the globe and news about the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Covid-19 vaccine race. 
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    Australia PM on not sharing vaccine: History will be 'severe judge'

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday insisted that any nation that develops a Covid-19 vaccine share it universally, warning that history will be a "severe judge" if not.

    Morrison made the strongly worded appeal at the United Nations as the United States, a historic ally of Australia, resists global efforts to collaborate on a vaccine.

    "When it comes to a vaccine, Australia's view is very clear -- whoever finds the vaccine must share it," Morrison said in a message to the virtual UN General Assembly recorded in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House.

    "This is a global responsibility and it's a moral responsibility for a vaccine to be shared far and wide," he said.

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    China says WHO gave blessing for coronavirus vaccine emergency use programme

    he World Health Organization supported China's campaign to vaccinate certain people against coronavirus in July while clinical trials were still under way, a Chinese health official said on Friday, although some experts have expressed concern about the move.

    China launched its emergency programme in July, having communicated with the WHO in late June, according to Zheng Zhongwei, a National Health Commission official.

    Hundreds of thousands essential workers and other limited groups of people considered at high risk of infection have been given the vaccine, even though its efficacy and safety had not been fully established as Phase 3 clinical trials were incomplete, raising concerns among experts.

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    Novavax starts late-stage Covid-19 vaccine trial in UK

    Novavax Inc on Thursday started a late-stage trial of its experimental Covid-19 vaccine in partnership with the UK government's Vaccines Taskforce.

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    Chinese company says coronavirus vaccine will be ready by early 2021

    A Chinese pharmaceutical company on Thursday said the coronavirusvaccineit is developing should be ready by early 2021 for distribution worldwide, including the United States. (PTI)

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    Pfizer partner BioNTech sees no role for its vaccine in UK challenge trial

    Pfizer's German development partner BioNTech on Thursday joined other leading Covid-19vaccinedevelopers in ruling out participation in British plans to test experimental inoculations by deliberately infecting trial volunteers. (Reuters)

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    Uttar Pradesh govt allows trial of Covaxin in Lucknow, Gorakhpur

    The vaccine is currently being tested by Bharat Biotech Ltd in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Additional Chief Secretary (Medical and Health) Amit Mohan Prasad conveyed the government’s permission to test the anti-Covid-19 vaccine in the two cities through a letter to Bharat Biotech International Limited’s director V Krishna Mohan.

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    It may take several tries to find right Covid-19 vaccine, PAHO director says

    It may take several tries to find the rightvaccinefor Covid-19, the Pan American Health Organization's (PAHO) director Carissa Etienne said on Wednesday, as she urged countries to begin preparingvaccinationplans. (Reuters)

  • 23:07

    Fauci: Scientists may know about vaccine by Dec

    Dr Anthony Fauci says by the end of this year government scientists should know whether they have a safe and effectivevaccinefor Covid-19. (PTI)

  • 10:23

    Russia to register second Covid-19 vaccine by October 15

    Russia expects to register a second potential vaccine against Covid-19 by October15, the TASS news agency cited Russian consumer safety watchdog Rospotrebnadzor as saying on Tuesday.

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  • 10:22

    Covid-19 vaccine for children may not arrive before September 2021

    The pandemic has many parents asking two burning questions. First, when can I get a vaccine? And second, when can my kids get it?

    It may come as a surprise that the answers are not the same. Adults may be able to get a vaccine by next summer. But their kids will have to wait longer. Perhaps a lot longer.

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    What a gift: Russia offers UN staff free Covid-19 vaccines

    What do you do when Vladimir Putin offers you Russia's new coronavirus vaccine, for free?

    United Nations staff in New York and around the world are now facing that choice after the Russian president offered on Tuesday to provide them the Sputnik-V vaccine in a speech to this year's General Assembly marking the body's 75th birthday.

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    50% efficacy in phase 3 trials needed for Covid-19 vaccine approval: Drug authority's draft guidelines

    A Covid-19 vaccine candidate should show at least 50 per cent efficacy during phase III of clinical trials for it to be widely deployed, according to a draft guidance document for vaccine developers issued by the central drug authority.

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  • 10:20

    EU medicine regulator in contact with 38 makers of potential Covid-19 vaccines

    The European Medicines Agency has been in contact this month with 38 makers of potential Covid-19 vaccines, an official at the EU drugs regulator said on Tuesday.

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  • 10:18

    China's coronavirus vaccine expects approval for public use within months

    State-backed vaccine maker China National Biotec Group (CNBG) is hopeful of two of its novel coronavirus vaccine candidates receiving conditional regulatory approval for general public use within the year, its vice president said on Tuesday.

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    Industry says $6 to $18 per dose is reasonable price for Covid-19 vaccine

    A senior pharmaceutical industry official said on Tuesday that a price range between 5 and 15 euros ($6 to $18) per dose was reasonable for Covid-19 vaccines. A price between 5 and 15 euros a dose "is a reasonable price for a vaccine," Sue Middleton, President of the Executive Board, of Vaccines Europe told a hearing in the EU Parliament.

    Vaccines Europe represents big pharmaceutical companies.

  • 10:14

    India trials for Russia's 'Sputnik-V' vaccine may start in next few weeks

    Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd could begin late-stage Indian clinical trials of Russia's potential coronavirus vaccine in the next few weeks, an executive at the Indian drugmaker said on Tuesday.

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  • 22:58

     Russia's Putin proposes conference on coronavirus vaccine

    Russian President Vladimir Putin told the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday that the World Health Organization should be strengthened to coordinate the global response to the coronavirus pandemic and proposed a high-level conference onvaccinecooperation. (Reuters)

  • 22:56

    7 volunteers found ineligible for coronavirus vaccine trial

    Seven volunteers selected for phase III human clinical trial of the Oxfordvaccinefor Covid-19 at Pune's Sassoon General Hospital were declared "ineligible" to proceed further for various reasons, including testing positive for antibodies, an official said on Tuesday. (PTI)

  • 14:29

    'We're confident', Russia to share legal risks of Covid-19 vaccine

    Russia is so confident in its Covid-19 vaccine that it will shoulder some of the legal liability should anything go wrong, rather than requiring buyers to take on the full risk, the head of the state fund bankrolling the project told Reuters.

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  • 11:26

    India needs to invest Rs 3-5k crore to create enough Covid-19 vaccine, says Zydus Cadila Chairman

    As the world waits expectantly for Covid-19 vaccine, Zydus Cadila Chairman Pankaj R Patel said India would need to invest between Rs 3,000-5,000 crore to create additional facilities for making a huge number of vaccines required for the Indian population.

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    Indian coronavirus vaccine likely to ready by early 2021, says scientist

    A vaccine for the coronavirus will likely be ready by early 2021 but rolling it out safely across India’s 1.3 billion people will be the country’s biggest challenge in fighting its surging epidemic,a leadingvaccine scientist told Bloomberg.

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  • 23:31

    Phase 3 human clinical trial of Oxford vaccine begins in Pune

    The phase-III human clinical trial of the Covid-19vaccinebeing developed by Oxford University, and manufactured by the Serum Institute of India (SII), began at the state-run Sassoon General Hospital here in Maharashtra on Monday, a senior official said. (PTI)

  • 23:29

    More than 150 nations join global vaccine plan but US, China absent

    Some 156 nations have joined a global scheme for fair distribution of futurevaccinesagainst Covid-19, an alliance led by the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday, but superpowers China and the United States did not sign up.(Reuters)

  • 23:27

    Phase-III trial of Oxford vaccine to begin in Pune next week

    The phase-III human clinical trial of the Covid-19vaccinedeveloped by Oxford University and being manufactured by the Serum Institute of India (SII) will begin at the Sassoon General Hospital in Pune next week. (PTI)

  • 21:30

    Moderna shares the blueprint for its coronavirus vaccine trial

    The biotech company Moderna released a 135-page document Thursday that spells out the details of how it is conducting the late-stage trial of its coronavirusvaccine, and how safety and efficacy will be determined. (NYT)

  • 22:54

    Russia's RDIF collaborates with Dr Reddy's Laboratories for Sputnik V vaccine trials, distribution

    The Russian Direct Investment Fund is collaborating with Indian pharma giant Dr Reddy's Laboratories to conduct clinical trials of theSputnikV vaccine against Covid-19 as well as its distribution, RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev said on Wednesday. (PTI)

  • 09:09

    In coronavirus vaccine race, China inoculates thousands before trials are completed

    China is inoculating tens of thousands of its citizens with experimental coronavirus vaccines and attracting international interest in their development, despite expert concerns over the safety of drugs that have not completed standard testing.

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  • 09:08

    Serum Institute of India gets DCGI nod to resume Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trials

    The Drugs Controller General of India's (DCGI) Dr V G Somani has given permission to Serum Institute of India (SII) to resume clinical trial of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine candidate in the country while revoking its earlier order of suspending any new recruitment for phase two and three trials

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  • 22:52

    CSIR, Aurobindo Pharma collaborate to develop Covid-19 vaccine

    The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Aurobindo Pharma Limited would collaborate to developvaccinesto protect against COVID-19. (PTI)

  • 22:18

    Brazil authorises additional 5,000 volunteers for AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine

    Brazil's health regulator Anvisa on Tuesday authorised AstraZeneca PLC to test its Covid-19vaccineon an addition 5,000 volunteers in the country for clinical Phase III trials, the Sao Paulo university running the test said. (Reuters)

  • 22:20

     UAE announces emergency approval for use of Covid-19 vaccine

    The United Arab Emirates has issuedemergencyapprovalfor theuseof aCovid-19vaccine, currently in its third phase of testing in the gulf country, health authorities said on Monday. (Reuters)

  • 20:49

    UK tests if Covid-19 vaccines might work better inhaled

    British scientists are beginning a small study comparing how two experimental coronavirusvaccinesmight work when they are inhaled by people instead of being injected. (PTI)

  • 08:51

    PM Modi addreses the media at the Parliament

    We want that a vaccine be developed at the earliest from any corner of the world, our scientists succeed and we succeed in bringing everyone out of this problem, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ahead of Monsoon Session of Parliament.

  • 22:45

    India considers emergency authorisation of vaccine as Covid-19 cases surge

    India said on Sunday it is considering granting an emergency authorisation for a Covid-19vaccine, particularly for the elderly and people in high-risk workplaces, as the country's number of reported infections passed 4.75 million. (Reuters)

  • 21:56

    Expect Covid-19 vaccine by early next year, will take first shot if any trust deficit: Vardhan

    A Covid-19vaccineis likely to be available by early next year and the government is considering its emergency authorisation for high-risk people, Union Minister Harsh Vardhan Sunday said, asserting he will take the first shot to address any “trust deficit” over its safety. (PTI)

  • 15:48

    AstraZeneca partly resumes Covid-19 vaccine trial after halting it for safety

    Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca said Saturday that it had resumed its coronavirus vaccine trial in Britain after suspending it six days ago over potential safety issues but that its trials in the United States and other countries were still on hold.

    The news came the same day that a competitor, Pfizer, said it was expanding the trial of its coronavirus vaccine to 44,000 people — a big increase from its previous goal of 30,000 — in an effort to recruit a more diverse group of participants and potentially cut down the time needed to get results from the trial.

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  • 22:35

    Will resume Covid-19 vaccine trials after DCGI nod: Serum Institute

    Serum Institute of India will resume clinical trialsof AstraZeneca's Covid-19vaccinecandidate after getting the permission from theDrugs Controller General of India(DCGI), the Pune-basedvaccinemaker said on Saturday. (PTI)

  • 20:16

    Taiwan says plans to sign up for 'COVAX' vaccine allocation scheme

    Taiwan will sign up to the "COVAX" globalvaccineallocation plan to ensure it will be able to access a COVID-19vaccinewhen one becomes available, the island's health minister said on Saturday. (Reuters)

  • 19:26

    AstraZeneca says trials of Covid-19 vaccine resuming

    British clinical trials for theAstraZenecaand Oxford University coronavirus vaccine have resumed following confirmation by the Medicines Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) that it was safe to do so, the company said on Saturday. (Reuters)

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  • 23:18

    Russia's RDIF agrees to manufacture Covid-19 vaccine in Brazil

    Russia's sovereign wealth fund RDIF said on Thursday that it had agreed to manufacture Russia's first registered COVID-19vaccine"Sputnik-V" in Brazil. (Reuters)

  • 23:17

    AstraZeneca vaccine trial pause a 'wake-up call', says WHO

    AstraZeneca's pause of an experimentalvaccinefor the coronavirus after the illness of a participant is a "wake-up call" but should not discourage researchers, the World Health Organization's (WHO) chief scientist said on Thursday. (Reuters)

  • 14:27

    AstraZeneca says should know if vaccine works by year-end if trials resume

  • 07:08

    In race for coronavirus vaccine, safety trumps speed

    The halting of clinical trials for one of the most advanced experimental Covid-19 vaccines shows the importance of safety in developing new medicines despite overwhelming international pressure, experts said Wednesday.

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  • 06:59

    Serum Institute of India issues statement on DCGI show-cause notice on stopping of Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine trials

    Regarding the show-cause notice issued by the DCGI, Serum Institute of India, said "We are going by DCGI's direction and so far were not told to pause thetrials. If DCGI has any safety concerns, we will follow their instructions and abide by the standard protocols."
  • 07:07

    Serum Institute gets DCGI notice over Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial suspension by AstraZeneca abroad

    The central drug regulator has issued a show-cause notice to the Serum Institute of India (SII) for not informing it about pharma giant AstraZeneca pausing the clinical trials of the Oxford vaccine candidate for Covid-19 in other countries and also for not submitting casualty analysis of the "reported serious adverse events".

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  • 22:49

    NIH director says will not compromise on coronavirus vaccine safety

    The pause of AstraZeneca Plc's coronavirusvaccinetrials due to an unexplained illness in a study participant shows that safety ofvaccineswill not be compromised, the head of the National Institutes of Health told a U.S. Congress panel on Wednesday. (Reuters)

  • 22:36

    The governor of Brazil's São Paulo state said on Wednesday that Phase 3 clinical trials of a potential COVID-19vaccinedeveloped by China's Sinovac Biotech Ltd have shown promising results and it may be available to Brazilians as early as December. (Reuters)

  • 22:09

    Some scientists spot 'unlikely' patterns in Russia vaccine data

    Twenty-six scientists, most of them working at universities in Italy, have signed an open letter questioning the reliability of the data presented in the early-stage trial results of the Russian COVID-19vaccine, named "Sputnik-V". (Reuters)

  • 18:05

    Fauci says Astrazeneca vaccine pause unfortunate but a safety valve

    U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said on Wednesday that AstraZeneca's decision to pause global trials of its experimental coronavirusvaccinewas unfortunate but not an uncommon safety precaution in avaccinedevelopment process. (Reuters)

  • 08:44

    Brazil eyes coronavirus vaccine rollout in January, says acting health minister

    Brazil's acting Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello said on Tuesday that a Covid-19 vaccine would be rolled out for all Brazilians in January 2021.

    "We are closing contracts with vaccine manufacturers and the forecast is that a vaccine will arrive for us starting in January next year and we will start vaccinating everyone," Eduardo Pazuello said in a video posted to social media.

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  • 08:39

    AstraZeneca pauses Covid-19 vaccine trial for safety review

    The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca halted large, late-stage global trials of its coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday because of a serious suspected adverse reaction in a participant, the company said. It is not yet known whether the reaction was directly caused by the company’s vaccine or was coincidental.

    Drug companies are racing to complete a coronavirus vaccine that could bring an end to a pandemic that has already claimed more than 8,90,000 lives globally. AstraZeneca is a front-runner, with late-stage clinical trials underway around the world, and has said it hoped to have a vaccine ready before the end of the year. If the cause of the reaction turns out to be related to the vaccine, those efforts could be derailed.

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  • 23:17

    Nine Covid-19 vaccine developers pledge to uphold scientific integrity

    The CEOs of nine companies developingvaccinesagainst Covid-19 on Tuesday pledged to "uphold the integrity of the scientific process" amid concern Donald Trump will pressure regulators to approve avaccineahead of the presidential election in November. (AFP)

  • 23:16

    Indian-origin professor’s UK firm strikes Covid-19 vaccine pact with India

    An Indian-origin professor’s Oxford-based company on Tuesday announced that its Indian partner, the Serum Institute of India (SIIPL), has begun trials of a novel virus-like particle (VLP)vaccinetargeting Covid-19 which has the potential to offer a groundbreaking new approach to fighting the pandemic. (PTI)

  • 17:21

    Bharat Biotech Covid-19 vaccine Phase-2 trials to begin at PGI Rohtak

    Post Graduate Institute (PGI) Rohtak will start the phase-2 human clinical trial of Bharat Biotech's Covid-19 vaccine. Speaking to ANI, Dr OP Kalra, vice-chancellor, PGI Rohtak said, "We got permission from Bharat Biotech to start a phase-2 human clinical trial of their vaccine. We've 300 volunteers, aged between 12 years and 65- years, out of which screening of 15 has been completed."

  • 17:19

    Russia releases first batch of Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, for civilian use

    Russia has released the first batch of its Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, for civilians today and plans regional deliveries in the near future, according to a Health Ministry statement, Russian news agency TASS reported.

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  • 22:47

    China's Sinovac coronavirus vaccine candidate appears safe, slightly weaker in elderly

    Chinese firm Sinovac Biotech Ltd said on Monday its coronavirusvaccinecandidate appeared to be safe for older people, according to preliminary results from an early to mid-stage trial, while the immune responses triggered by thevaccinewere slightly weaker than younger adults. (Reuters)

  • 22:07

    Putin, Saudi king discuss joint vaccine production: Kremlin

    Saudi King Salman and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed Monday the possible joint production of a Russian coronavirusvaccine, the Kremlin said. (AFP)

  • 21:40

    WHO says India in talks to join 'COVAX' vaccine scheme

    The World Health Organization is in talks with India about joining the "COVAX" globalvaccineallocation plan, a senior WHO adviser said on Monday. (Reuters)

  • 20:40

    Australia to receive first batch of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in January 2021; PM Scott Morrison to confirm

    Australia will receive the first doses of an AstraZeneca and Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine in January 2021 if trials prove successful after Canberra agreed a deal to purchase a second potential vaccine, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will say on Monday.

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  • 23:19

    Pharma chiefs vow no 'cut corners' in vaccine race

    Pharmaceutical company executives insisted Thursday they would not try to bring Covid-19vaccinesor treatments to market that did not meet rigorous safety and efficiency standards.

  • 23:18

    White House: No one pressuring FDA to approve coronavirus vaccine

    White House Spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said on Thursday there is no political pressure on the U.S. drugs regulator to quickly approve avaccinefor the deadly coronavirus disease, after drugmakers and the Centers for Disease Control suggested one could be ready just ahead of the November presidential election.

  • 22:25

    Fauci says Covid-19 vaccine trial enrollment promising for vaccine decision

    Top U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said on MSNBC that based on the patient enrollment rate in COVID-19vaccinetrials underway, there could be enough clinical data to know by November or December that one of thevaccinesis safe and effective.

  • 22:22

    AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine could be in the market by end of 2020, says Italy minister

    The first shots of British drug maker AstraZeneca's potential Covid-19vaccinecould be in the market by the end of 2020, Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said on Wednesday.

  • 15:55

    'Service to humanity': Volunteers in Bahrain sign up for vaccine trial

    In a Bahrain exhibition centre that used to hold jewellery shows and book fairs before the coronavirus pandemic, Mohammed al-Blooshi and other masked volunteers wait for a dose of a Chinese trial vaccine.

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  • 22:15

    US panel says health workers, first responders should be first to get Covid-19 vaccines

    A panel of experts set up to advise the United States on how best to allocate Covid-19vaccinessaid on Tuesday that high risk workers in healthcare facilities and first responders should get them firm as part of a recommended four-phase rollout plan.

  • 21:49

    One in four adults globally do not want Covid-19 vaccination: WEF survey

    One in four adults globally do not want to getvaccinatedagainst Covid-19, largely due to their apprehensions about side-effects and effectiveness of thevaccine, but the proportion of such people is much less at about 13 per cent in India, a new survey showed on Tuesday.

  • 21:46

    Japan to participate in WHO coronavirus vaccine programme

    Japan's health ministry said on Tuesday it planned to participate in the World Health Organization's Covid-19vaccineprogramme known as COVAX.

  • 17:13

    Nobody will be forced to take coronavirus vaccine, says Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has consistently downplayed the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, said on Monday that nobody will be forced to have the vaccine against the pandemic once it is developed.

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  • 17:12

    These scientists are giving themselves DIY coronavirus vaccines

    In April, more than three months before any coronavirus vaccine would enter large clinical trials, the mayor of a picturesque island town in the Pacific Northwest invited a microbiologist friend to vaccinate him.

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  • 17:12

    AstraZeneca, Oxford Biomedica expand Covid-19 vaccine supply tie-up

    AstraZeneca has expanded its previous agreement with Oxford Biomedica to mass-produce the British drugmaker's Covid-19 vaccine candidate, as it looks to scale-up supply ahead of a possible fast-track approval from the United States.

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  • 17:09

    Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine candidate enters late-stage study in US

    AstraZeneca Plc said on Monday it has begun enrolling adults for a US-funded, 30,000-subject late-stage study of its high profile Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

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  • 20:44

    FDA commissioner says willing to fast-track Covid-19 vaccine

    The head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is willing to fast-track a Covid-19vaccineas quickly as possible, the Financial Times reported him as saying in an interview published on Sunday. (Reuters)

  • 23:18

    What if the first coronavirus vaccines aren’t the best?

    Seven months into the coronavirus crisis, with more than 30 vaccines rapidly advancing through the rigorous stages of clinical trials, a surprising number of research groups are placing bets on some that have not yet been given to a single person.

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  • 23:17

    WHO sweetens terms to join struggling global COVAX vaccine facility

    Wealthier countries that join the World Health Organization's Covid-19 vaccine plan are being offered a new option to pick and choose which shots they get while reserving a right to receive their "full share" of doses, documents seen by Reuters show.

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  • 23:16

    UK to allow emergency use of any effective Covid-19 vaccine

    Britainis preparing to revise its laws to allow the emergency use of any effective coronavirus vaccine before it is fully licensed — but only if the shots meet required safety and quality standards.

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  • 23:14

    JSS ready for Covishield clinical trial

    JSS Medical College and Hospital is all set to conduct clinical trials of Covishield, a vaccine for Covid-19. The test will commence on August 29, on the 105th birth anniversary of seer Shivaratri Rajendra Swami, if the government issues order.

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  • 15:42

    Covid-19 vaccine market could be worth $6 billion in India: Report

    The race to develop a Covid-19 vaccine is on, and the market could possibly be worth $6 billion in India in terms of sales for the coming three years, with the public exchequer expected to foot about $2 billion to immunise half the population required to reach herd-immunity levels .

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  • 15:41

    New reckoning for WHO vaccine plan as governments strike Covid-19 vaccine deals alone

    The World Health Organization will next week receive a raft of pledges of support for its plan for Covid-19 vaccines for all.

    But the agency has already had to scale back its ambition.

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  • 15:39

    China approves Sinovac's coronavirus vaccine candidate for emergency use

    Sinovac Biotech Ltd's coronavirus vaccine candidate CoronaVac was approved in July for emergency use as part of a programme in China to vaccinate high-risk groups such as medical staff, a person familiar with the matter said.

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  • 21:11

    Putin touts Russia's Covid-19 vaccine as effective and safe

    The Russian president on Thursday praised a coronavirusvaccinethat Russia approved for use earlier this month as effective and safe, a clear bid to address international skepticism about the shots that have only been studied for two months in a few dozen people. (PTI)

  • 21:10

    Bangladesh approves late-stage trial of China's Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine candidate

    Bangladesh has approved a late-stage trial of a potential COVID-19vaccinedeveloped by China's Sinovac Biotech Ltd in the hope of being a priority recipient for the jab, the health minister said on Thursday. (Reuters)

  • 15:16

    Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial: Vital signs of volunteers normal, says doctor

    Two men, aged 32 and 48, were given the first shot of the 'Covishield' vaccine, being manufactured by Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII), at Bharti Vidyapeeth's Medical College and Hospital on Wednesday. The dose will be repeated after one month, an official said.

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  • 15:15

    Two TN institutes to conduct second and third phase of Covishield trials

    Already, another private medical college, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, here is conducting trials of Covaxin, another Coronavirus vaccine candidate developed indigenously by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR).

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  • 22:22

    Russia seeks collaboration with India for manufacturing Covid-19 vaccine ‘Sputnik V’: Sources

    The Russian government has reached out to India seeking a collaboration for manufacturing its Covid-19vaccine‘Sputnik V’ and conducting its phase 3 clinical trial, sources said. (PTI)

  • 22:20

    HMD scaling up production of auto-disable syringes to help in Covid-19 vaccination

    Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices (HMD) on Tuesday said it is scaling up the production of auto-disable (AD) immunisation syringes to 1 billion units from the present annual capacity of 700 million units to help in Covid-19vaccination. (PTI)

  • 20:33

    India in talks with Russia on Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V

    Union Health Ministry Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that India and Russia are in communication regarding the later's Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine. Read more

  • 15:09

    Oxford Covid-19 vaccine data could go before regulators this year: Director

    An experimental Covid-19 vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca could be put before regulators this year if scientists are able to gather enough data, the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group said on Tuesday.

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  • 15:08

    Phase 2 trial of Oxford Covid-19 vaccine candidate set to begin on August 25

    The phase 2 human clinical trial of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine candidate by Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII) is set to begin from Tuesday. The observer-blind, randomised controlled study to determine the safety and immunogenicity of ''Covishield'' on healthy Indian adults will begin at Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College and Hospital in Pune, sources said.

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  • 15:07

    WHO says 172 countries engaging with global Covid-19 vaccine plan

    Some 172 countries are engaging with the COVAX facility designed to ensure equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines, the World Health Organization said on Monday, but more funding is needed and countries need now to make binding commitments.

    Countries wishing to be part of the global COVAX plan have until Aug. 31 to submit expressions of interest, WHO officials said, with confirmation of intention to join due by Sept. 18, and initial payments due by Oct. 9.

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  • 18:32

    If everything goes well India would get Covid-19 vaccine by year-end: Harsh Vardhan

    Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has said that if everything goes well, India would get avaccineagainst the novel coronavirus by the end of this year. (PTI)

  • 06:53

    SinoPharm says vaccine will be ready by end of year

    The head of a major state-owned Chinese pharmaceutical company said its coronavirus vaccine will be commercially available by the end of the year.

    Liu Jingzhen, the chairman of SinoPharm, told a Chinese Communist Party newspaper that the vaccine would cost less than 1,000 yuan ($140) and be given in two shots, 28 days apart.

    SinoPharm, which has two vaccines in the trial, has an annual manufacturing capacity of 220 million doses, Liu said.

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  • 23:01

    WHO blasts 'vaccine nationalism' in last-ditch push against hoarding

    Nations that hoard possible COVID-19vaccineswhile excluding others will deepen the pandemic, World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Tuesday, issuing a last-ditch call for countries to join a globalvaccinepact. (Reuters)

  • 23:00

    South Africa rolls out second coronavirus vaccine trial

    South Africa will launch clinical trials of a US-developed coronavirusvaccinewith 2,900 volunteers this week, the second such study in the African country worst hit by the disease, lead investigator Shabir Madhi said Tuesday. (AFP)

  • 14:35

    Testing of CanSino's Covid-19 vaccine begins in Russia

    A late-stage trial of a Covid-19 candidate vaccine from CanSino Biologics Inc has started in Russia, registration records showed, as the Chinese pharmaceutical firm steps up testing abroad to close in on regulatory approval.

    The Ad5-nCoV vaccine already has approval for use by China's military after early and mid-stage trials, and further late-stage trials are being lined up for Mexico and Saudi Arabia. (Reuters)

  • 14:34

    China grants first Covid-19 vaccine patent to CanSino: Report

    China's vaccine specialist CanSino Biologics Inc has won a patent approval from Beijing for its Covid-19 vaccine candidate Ad5-nCOV, state media reported, citing documents from the country's intellectual property regulator.

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  • 22:25

    Russia has shown self-reliance through vaccine, says Raut

    Russia has shown that it is aatmanirbhar (self-reliant) by producing the first coronavirusvaccine, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said on Sunday. (PTI)

  • 19:10

    Once we get vaccine, Covid warriors will be first ones to get dose: MoS Health

    Scientists are working hard on coronavirusvaccineand if their efforts bear fruit, COVID-19 warriors will be the first ones to get the dose, Union Minister of State for Health Ashwini Kumar Choubey said on Saturday. (PTI)

  • 14:53

    Russia produces first batch of virus vaccine

    Russia said Saturday that it has produced the first batch of its coronavirusvaccine, after President Vladimir Putin announced it had been first in the world to approve avaccine.

  • 09:51

    Russia approves coronavirus vaccine before completing tests

    Putin, who told a Cabinet meeting Tuesday morning that the vaccine “works effectively enough,” said that his own daughter had taken it. And in a congratulatory note to the nation, he thanked the scientists who developed the vaccine for “this first, very important step for our country, and generally for the whole world.”

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  • 09:50

    India to tread cautiously on cooperation with Russia over new Covid-19 vaccine

    Moscow is willing to discuss with New Delhi about the prospects of a bilateral cooperation on the new Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday. New Delhi, however, is likely to tread cautiously, as it has taken note of the scepticism around the world over the Russian President’s announcement.

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  • 09:49

    Who should get Covid-19 vaccine first? Panel of health experts to meet today

    The National Expert Group of Vaccine Administration, chaired by V K Paul, member of Niti Ayog, is scheduled to deliberate upon suitable vaccines for India and how to procure them and ensure logistics for making it available throughout the country.

    Read more

  • 17:31

    Swiss ink deal with Moderna for 4.5M doses of Covid-19 vaccine

    The Swiss federal government says it has struck a deal with Moderna to supply Switzerland with 4.5 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine if the US biotech firm successfully develops one. The Federal Office of Public Health says the agreement aims “to guarantee Switzerland early access to the vaccine of Moderna” and is one of the first such deals by any government with the company.

    “The federal government wants to ensure that the Swiss population has rapid access to a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine,” an office statement said on Thursday. “At the same time, Switzerland is supporting multilateral projects for the fair distribution of a future vaccine.”

  • 14:10

    Serum Institute enters into partnership with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2 other companies

    Serum Institute of India (SII) enters into a new landmark partnership with Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to accelerate the manufacture and delivery of up to 100 million doses of Covid-19vaccines for India and low and income countries.The funding will support at-risk manufacturing by SII for candidate vaccines from AstraZeneca and Novavax, which will be available for procurement if they are successful in attaining full licensure and WHO prequalification.

  • 13:23

    Aurobindo Pharma working on Covid-19 vaccine; Shortlisted for BIRAC funding

    Aurobindo Pharma Limited is working on developing several viral vaccines including one for Covid-19 even as the candidate was approved for funding by the Department of BioTechnology, the company said in its latest annual report.

    "During the year (FY20), we have further strengthened our presence in the vaccines segment through the acquisition of R&D assets from Profectus Biosciences through Auro Vaccines. Using those R&D assets, the team is working on developing several viral vaccines, including a vaccine for Covid-19," it said.

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  • 13:21

    WHO says 'vaccine nationalism' cannot beat coronavirus

    The World Health Organization on Thursday warned against "vaccine nationalism," saying vaccine-hogging richer countries would not be safe coronavirus havens if poor nations remained exposed.

    WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said it would be in wealthier nations' interests to ensure that any vaccines eventually produced to protect against the new coronavirus were shared globally.

    Read more

  • 20:47

    Donald Trump says coronavirus vaccine possible before November 3

    USPresident Donald Trump said on Thursday it is possible the United States would have a coronavirus vaccine before the Nov. election. Read more

  • 19:02

    Telangana govt asks Centre to come out with guidelines on Covid-19 vaccine development

    The Centre should formulate clear guidelines on the development ofvaccinesfor COVID-19 besides decentralising the authority for fast-tracking testing and approvals, Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao said on Thursday. (PTI)

  • 15:10

    Human trials of coronavirus vaccine to begin in Indonesia

    Human trials on a potential coronavirus vaccine are due to start in Indonesia next week as part of a collaboration between state-owned pharmaceutical company Bio Farma and China's Sinovac Biotech Ltd, a senior researcher said.

    The launch of the vaccine trial comes as Indonesia has struggled to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, with a consistently escalating number of cases.

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  • 15:09

    Novavax signs Covid-19 vaccine supply deal with India's Serum Institute

    The Indian drugmaker will have exclusive rights for the vaccine in India during the term of the deal and non-exclusive rights during the "Pandemic Period" in all countries other than those designated by the World Bank as upper-middle or high-income countries.

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  • 21:17

    Canada signs deals with Pfizer, Moderna for experimental Covid-19 vaccines

    Canada has signed separate deals with Pfizer Inc and Moderna Inc to supply millions of doses of their experimental coronavirusvaccines, a top official said on Wednesday. (Reuters)

  • 21:15

    US signs $1 billion vaccine deal with Johnson & Johnson

    The US government Wednesday announced a new $1 billion investment in a COVID-19vaccinebeing developed by Johnson & Johnson, guaranteeing 100 million doses. J&J, via its subsidiary Janssen, had already received $456 million in March.

  • 15:40

    Human clinical trials of Covaxin begin at Belagavi hospital

    Human clinical trials of Covaxin developed by Bharat Biotech, Hyderabad in association with Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for treatment of Covid-19 commenced at the Jeevan Rekha Hospital.

    Jeevan Rekha is among the 12 facilities identified by ICMR for conducting clinical trials. In the first phase, vaccine has been administered to 375 persons across the country and the progress has been on expected lines, Director Dr Amit Bhate told DH.

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  • 15:39

    Adar Poonawala responds to Anand Mahindra’s call for a “Big V” vaccine

    When Bollywood actor Amitabh Bacchan tested negative for Covid-19 and was discharged, several well-wishers congratulated him on his speedy recovery. Amongst them was Chairman of the Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra.

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  • 11:22

    DCGI nod to Serum Institute of India for phase 2 and 3 human clinical trials of Oxford Covid-19 vaccine candidate

    The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) has given nod to the Serum Institute of India (SII) for conducting phase 2 and 3 human clinical trials of the Oxford University developed Covid-19 vaccine candidate in the country.

    Government officials told PTI that the approval for conducting phase 2 and 3 clinical trials by the SII was granted by DCGI Dr V G Somani late Sunday night after a thorough evaluation based on the recommendations of the Subject Expert Committee (SEC) on Covid-19.

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  • 18:28

    Russia plans mass vaccination against coronavirus from October, RIA reports

    Russia is preparing to start a massvaccinationcampaign against the novel coronavirus in October, Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said on Saturday, RIA news agency reported.

  • 13:18

    Anthony Fauci optimistic Covid-19 vaccine will be widely available

    Once a coronavirus vaccine is approved as safe and effective, Americans should have widespread access within a reasonable time, Dr Anthony Fauci assured lawmakers Friday.

    Appearing before a House panel investigating the nation's response to the pandemic, Fauci expressed “cautious” optimism that a vaccine would be available, particularly by next year.

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  • 13:17

    Human clinical trial of Covid-19 vaccine 'Covaxin' begins at Gorakhpur hospital

    The human clinical trial of indigenously developed Covaxin, a possible vaccine against coronavirus, began at a hospital here, officials said on Friday.

    The trial began on Thursday evening at Rana Hospital and Trauma Centre, which is among the 12 institutes selected for clinical trials of the vaccine, officials said here.

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  • 21:34

    Panel recommends permission to Serum Institute for phase 2, 3 human clinical trials of Oxford vaccine candidate

    A subject expert committee on Covid-19 on Friday recommended to the country's drug regulator that permission be granted to Serum Institute of India (SII) for conducting the second and third phases of human clinical trials of the Oxford vaccine candidate.

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  • 12:43

    UK scientists develop coronavirus vaccine for immunity

    Scientists at Imperial College London say they are immunizing hundreds of people with an experimental coronavirus vaccine in an early trial after seeing no worrying safety problems in a small number vaccinated so far.

    Dr Robin Shattock, a professor at the college, told The Associated Press that he and colleagues had just finished a very slow and arduous process of testing the vaccine at a low dose in the initial participants and would now expand the trial to about 300 people, including some over age 75.

    Read more

  • 12:42

    Policymakers deliberating to identify groups of people to first receive Covid-19 vaccine: officials

    Policymakers are actively holding deliberations to identify groups of people who will first receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it is developed, officials said.

    Speaking at an international symposium on Novel Ideas in Science and Ethics of Vaccines against COVID-19 pandemic, Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Rajesh Bhushan said prioritising who should get the vaccine first is a topic being discussed both within and outside the government.

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  • 18:28

    EU warns of risk of syringe shortages for possible Covid-19 vaccine

    The European Union has warned member states of the risk of shortages of syringes, wipes and protective gear needed for potential massvaccinationsagainst Covid-19 and urged them to consider joint procurement, according to an EU document. (Reuters)

  • 18:27

    Inovio vaccine candidate shows promise in non-human study

    Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Thursday its coronavirusvaccinecandidate was effective in protecting rhesus macaques from the virus 13 weeks after the lastvaccination, sending its shares up 20% before the bell. (Reuters)

  • 21:22

    Russia vows 'promising' virus vaccines in September

    Russia said Wednesday that it plans to begin production of two "promising" coronavirusvaccinesin September and October as Moscow races to develop a formula before Western countries. (AFP)

  • 16:10

    Covid-19: UK signs deal for 60 million vaccine doses

    The British government has signed a deal with GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Pasteur for 60 million doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine that could start to be rolled out in the first half of next year. (PTI)

  • 13:15

    Hetero wins approval to launch its version of Covid-19 drug favipiravir

    India's Hetero Labs Ltd said on Wednesday it received local regulatory approval to launch its version of anti-viral drug favipiravir for the treatment of Covid-19. The drug, priced at 59 rupees (79 cents) per tablet, will be available at drug stores from Wednesday, privately held Hetero said.

  • 11:44

    Moderna's coronavirus vaccine worked well in monkeys: Study

    US biotech firm Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine induced a robust immune response and prevented the coronavirus from replicating in the noses and lungs of monkeys, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine said Tuesday. The fact that the vaccine prevented the virus from replicating in the nose is seen as particularly crucial in preventing it from being transmitted onward to others.

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  • 09:49

    Moderna pitches coronavirus vaccine at around $50-$60 per course

    Moderna Inc is planning to price its coronavirus vaccine at $50 to $60 per course - higher than other vaccine makers have agreed to charge governments, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

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  • 07:55

    Hope to have vaccine in next 6 months: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

    Biocon, India’s biggest biopharmaceutical company, is testing two coronavirus vaccines, but expects the AstraZeneca vaccine to hit the market first. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the founder of the Bengaluru-based company, spoke to Krupa Joseph of DH about India’s response to the pandemic, drugs in the making, and how the ‘new normal’ open up fresh opportunities for entrepreneurs.

    Read the excerpts here

  • 07:38

    Virology institute launches Russia's second Covid-19 vaccine human trial

    A Russian state virology institute has started human trials of the country's second potential COVID-19 vaccine, injecting the first of five volunteers with a dose on July 27, the RIA news agency reported on Tuesday. The individual was feeling fine, the agency reported.

    The next volunteer in the trial by the Vector virology institute in Siberia would receive an injection on July 30, RIA cited consumer safety watchdog Rospotrebnadzor as saying.

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  • 21:03

    Experimental Covid-19 vaccine is put to its biggest test

    The biggest test yet of an experimental Covid-19vaccinehas got underway with the first of some 30,000 Americans rolling up their sleeves to receive shots created by the US government as part of the all-out global race to stop the outbreak. (PTI)

  • 21:02

    Pfizer will not charge developed countries less than US for similar vaccine order

    Drugmaker Pfizer Inc said on Tuesday no country in the developed world will get a lower price for its experimental Covid-19vaccinethan the United States if those countries make similar volume commitments. (Reuters)

  • 17:44

    Pfizer profit falls 32% as global trial of COVID-19 vaccine candidate begins

    Pfizer Inc reported a 32% fall in second-quarter profit on Tuesday due to a dip in demand for some of its drugs from the COVID-19 pandemic and from rising competition, as the company and partner began a global study into avaccinecandidate to fight the health crisis.

  • 11:28

    Coronavirus: Here is how the Oxford vaccine works

    Popularly called the Oxford Vaccine, because it has been developed by the Oxford University, the shot is actually called AZD1222. The vaccine is an adaptation of a common cold virus found in chimpanzees - the adenovirus viral vector (ChAdOx1) vaccine. There is an addition of glycoprotein, a genetic material found in the SARS-CoV-2.

    Read more

  • 08:01

    Moderna, Pfizer start decisive Covid-19 vaccine trials, eye year-end launches

    The trials, both announced on Monday, are the first late-stage studies supported by the Trump administration's effort to speed development of measures against the novel coronavirus, adding to hope that an effective vaccine will help end the pandemic.Both vaccine candidates rely on a new technology that allows for faster development and manufacturing than traditional vaccine production methods but does not have an extensive track record.

    Read more

  • 07:02

    As the global race for coronavirus vaccine continues, closer to home, the human clinical trial of indigenously developed Covaxin, a possible vaccine against the novel coronavirus, began at an institute in Odisha on Monday, a senior official said.The much-awaited trial of BBV152 Covid-19 vaccine or Covaxin commenced at the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital, one of the 12 centres selected by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for conducting phase one and two of the process.

  • 07:00

    Experimental Covid-19 vaccine is put to its biggest test

    Experimental Covid-19 vaccine is put to its biggest test The biggest test yet of an experimental Covid-19 vaccine got underway Monday with the first of some 30,000 Americans rolling up their sleeves to receive shots created by the US government as part of the all-out global race to stop the outbreak.

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  • 06:57

    DH Deciphers | What is herd immunity? When will India achieve it?

    One of the most talked-about weapons in humanity's fight against Covid-19 is herd immunity. And this weapon has become all the more crucial in India where multiple rounds of lockdown have failed to flatten the curve and we do not know when the pandemic will run its course. But what exactly is herd immunity, how does it work and when will India get there? Let's find out...

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  • 06:55

    Vaccine alliance eyes range of prices for Covid-19 shots, says $40 would be maximum

    Coordinators of a global coronavirus vaccines funding scheme are looking at a wide range of potential prices for Covid-19 shots, with a reported $40 per dose price tag the "highest number" in that range, one of the co-leads of the project said on Monday.

    Read more

  • 21:24

    DBT readies five sites for final phase of Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trials: Secretary

    Five sites across the country are ready for the third and final phase of human trials of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Secretary Renu Swarup said on Monday.

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  • 17:04

    Emergent signs $174 mn deal to make AstraZeneca's potential Covid-19 vaccine

    Emergent BioSolutions Inc said on Monday it signed a $174 million agreement with AstraZeneca to develop and manufacture the British drugmaker's Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

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  • 13:31

    Will reserve enough Covid-19 vaccine doses for Parsis: Adar Poonawalla

    "More than enough" doses of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca will be reserved for the Parsi community, Adar Poonawalla, chief executive officer of the vaccine's local manufacturer Serum Institute of India (SII), has said.

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  • 13:33

    All you need to know about protein redesigned in lab that may enhance coronavirus vaccine production

    The entire world waits with bated breath for a vaccine amid the devastations of coronavirus pandemic. Scientists all over the world are firing all their cylinders to find a cure for this deadly virus. In such a scenario, Scientists have redesigned a key protein from the novel coronavirus which it uses to enter and infect human cells, an innovation that may lead to much faster and more stable production of vaccines against Covid-19.

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  • 13:35

    Indigenous Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin shows 'encouraging' results in trials

    The phase-I human clinical trial of India's first indigenously-developed Covid-19 vaccine candidate, Covaxin, has shown "encouraging" results, according to the principal investigator of the vaccine trial team.

    "First part of phase-1 of vaccine trial (Covaxin) has been completed. 50 people across India were administered the vaccine and the results were encouraging. Six people were administered vaccine on Saturday under the second part of phase-1," Dr Savita Verma, principal investigator of the vaccine trial team, told news agencyANI.

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  • 12:37

    Serum Institute of India, the world's largest vaccine manufacturer by volume, has partnered with biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to manufacture the experimental Covid-19 vaccine developed by the University of Oxford.

  • 12:36

    India has fantastic 'vaccine capability'; will be crucial in Covid-19 fight: UK envoy

    India has a fantastic "vaccine capability" and it would play a crucial role in the partnerships the UK is building on Covid-19 vaccine development and manufacturing, the new British High Commissioner said on Thursday.

    British High Commissioner Philip Barton also said India is "really important" to the UK in meeting the Covid-19 challenges and getting through the pandemic.

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