Selina Ann Martin

As we draw closer to the election date there is once again talk of my resignation from my previous position in Lingua Franca. It has been said that I abused my position to politicize the organization.

At this point, I can only make one thing clear—I have never used any of my positions in any of the organizations I am or was part of to forward any political agenda. I have done my best efforts to make sure that my non-partisan orgs and my political formation would not even have any kind of event partnership, because even in these simple ways I show my respect for my organizations' affiliations or lack thereof.

In all of my seven organizations in which I have almost always been a part of the membership committee (I have been part of the publicity committee as well), the projects that I have headed and initiatives I've been a part of have always been for the best of the organization, its members, applicants, and alumni. I dedicate a huge portion of my life to my organizations -- at times, I even prioritize my orgs over going home to my family, because I want to make sure that I deliver quality work that would benefit my orgs.

I joined Lingua Franca during my first year, first semester. Since I became a member the following semester, I have been part of the Human Resources committee, and I have seen the org struggle as we eventually found it hard to gather our own members and has been difficult to find and maintain applicants.

Last year, I was the former Vice President for Human Resources in LF, and at that time my only goal was to balance out the distribution of the members for the harmony of the organization, thinking that this would be of help in making the organization work better. And although there was mention of political leanings, which I am humble enough to admit was done in bad taste, I must stress that it was only in passing and was never the basis we considered in the organization's member delegation. Moreover, it was the ExeComm who decided on the matter and it was evident in the leadership of the next academic term that it held no influence in the decision of the body. Lingua Franca has always been and always will be an independent organization, free from the dogma of a singular party as seen in the diverse backgrounds of its members.

My decision to resign from the position was made out of respect to its membership, for the peace of mind of everyone involved. I would have wanted to prove myself again and help the organization rebuild its internals, but I was not given this chance because I was surprised that I was just not added nor invited to the org's new group for the new semester.

I am personally saddened to think that an issue that has been settled a year ago is resurfacing once more, because now it suddenly seems that there are still members who have not been satisfied with the action steps I have taken.

I have always been transparent in my work and in my actions. I choose to speak because I am accountable to the public I wish to serve. Lingua Franca has been an integral part of molding me into the student-leader that I am today. No matter the issues that arise now, I will always be thankful for the lessons I learned from the organization.

These I take with me with all humility as we move forward to final stretch of the campaign.