intelligent people drink more alcohol
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In a twist very few people were expecting, a study has revealed a rather odd finding: that individuals who are more intelligent have a tendency to consume more alcohol than those who have lower levels of intelligence.

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In order to understand why this study even hypothesized this in the first place, we have to examine a bit of history.

In the grand scheme of things, drinking alcohol is a practice that is relatively new in the history of everything in the entire world. It was likely not uncommon for the first humans to become drunk, but not through the act of the intentional creation of alcohol.

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Alcoholic drinks were created approximately 10,000 years ago after agriculture became more commonplace.

Therefore, some have theorized that, due to the novelty of alcohol, its consumption may have been a bit of a novelty enjoyed by those with a higher IQ from an evolutionary standpoint.

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The first historical evidence of the production of alcohol can be dated to 6000 BC, where archaeologists uncovered proof of its creation in ancient Mesopotamia.

On the other hand, evidence of the creation of distilled spirits dates to 700 AD from China.

There is a reason to believe that those with high intelligence were those who created, and hence, consumed these beverages.

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We also know of many people deemed highly creative or intelligent in history who are well-known for their drinking habits on top of their genius.

While we cannot definitively say that alcohol can boost creative thinking, we can see a clear link between genius and a tendency to consume alcohol.

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According to the study, smarter kids with higher levels of childhood intelligence are more likely to drink alcohol as adults.

We can attempt to explain or theorize as to why this is the case based on some knowledge of social structure.

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Intelligent individuals may be more mentally busy. They may have a lot of ideas, spend much time engaged in thought, and spend more time pondering.

Alcohol consumptions can lower inhibitions, allowing more interesting thoughts and the freer expression of them during discussions.

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Those who are intelligent may also lead lives that involve more seclusion, as they strive for high goals and dreams.

This can cause stress or anxiety, and many may drink alcohol to help them relieve these feelings.

Unfortunately, research has shown that alcohol cannot actually calm anxiety or stress, but the misconception that it can is still prevalent.

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Despite the findings of the study, we would like to note that there is, as of yet, no concrete evidence besides correlations – which is not causation – that alcohol can provide any mental benefits to the drinker.

Although the study determined that there is a link between them, the actual cause behind it remains unknown.

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What we do know is that high alcohol consumption affects the health and can cause a wide array of psychological and physical issues.

This can include problems with the liver, pancreas, lungs, brain, stomach, and extremities, and it can also put one at higher risk for cancer, infertility, diabetes, and heart troubles.

As such, please remember to drink responsibly!