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Review News

'Kiss the Ground' Netflix documentary shows an effective solution to climate change

Kiss the Ground is unwavering in its focus on this primal and intimate relationship between man and earth, that has gradually grown exploitative.

published : 23 Sep 2020

'Halahal' movie review: A sharp but charmless mystery thriller

Written by Zeishan Quadri and directed by Randeep Jha, Halahal concerns itself with the medical entrance fraud in North India.

published : 22 Sep 2020

'Young Wallander' review: An intense jigsaw puzzle

With Netflix’s Young Wallander, we get a modern update on the good old murder mystery.

published : 20 Sep 2020

'Time Enna Boss' review: Is it a sitcom if you cannot sit through the comedy?

This means that the premise doesn’t just have people who are of different types; they are of different times and land at Bala’s (Bharath) apartment, specifically his toilet.

published : 19 Sep 2020

'Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare' review: Shiny but scattered

The ‘Greater’ in Greater Noida is subjective. Dreams, for one, are in perpetual transit in that odd city.

published : 19 Sep 2020

'Criminals Season 2' review: Engaging conversations powered by top-notch performances

Written by George Kay, directed by Jim Field Smith, Criminal is a window into the verbal tussle between hard-boiled investigators and immovable suspects, as one tries to break the other’s resilience

published : 19 Sep 2020

'The Devil All the Time' review: Devil takes centre stage in this dark, twisted thriller

Antonio Campos’ The Devil All the Time is the journey of characters who are stuck in the crevasses caused by the severance of good and evil.

published : 19 Sep 2020

'Masaba Masaba' series review: Not quite the showstopper

The new Netflix show Masaba Masaba’s premise is a fictional world, where the designer and her actress mother, Neena Gupta, play themselves.

published : 13 Sep 2020

'The Social Dilemma' documentary review: Insightful, interesting and illuminating

This Netflix docu-drama fills in details to what was earlier just a dark, ominous silhouette that somehow stalks our lives without us realising

published : 12 Sep 2020

'Tiki-Taka' review: Parambrata Chatterjee’s simplistic, pleasant, football comedy

A chirpy taxi driver, Raju (Parambrata), drops Khelechhi off at the wrong address. When Khelechhi gets his bearings the next morning, he’s in deep waters.

published : 12 Sep 2020

'Cargo' review: A sedate but uplifting sojourn in novel territory

It is, after all, the only thing that is inevitable in all our lives. Unlike science, religions have multiple answers.

published : 10 Sep 2020

'Hostages' review: A twisted thriller that just about works

As the city unwittingly prepares for the minister’s funeral, Prithvi and team head out for Nepal. However, they are ambushed on the highway and take refuge in a dilapidated house.

published : 10 Sep 2020

'Atkan Chatkan' review: An enjoyable ode to music

We’re still a fortnight away from Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare, in which time one can catch the snackily-called Atkan Chatkan.

published : 07 Sep 2020

'Atkan Chatkan' movie review: Percussive sounds and big dreams

Atkan Chatkan literally refers to a kind of children’s game, but it made me think of everything from Haldiram flavours to naming traditions in northern households.

published : 06 Sep 2020

'Unknown Origins' review: An ode to superheroes

Directed by David Galan Galindo - the man behind the comic series the film is based on- it wears the superhero film stereotype with pride.

published : 06 Sep 2020