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Alexie, Pilkey books among most 'challenged' of past decade

Objections raised by parents and other community members have ranged from explicit language and depictions of drug use in Alexie's novel to Asher's theme of suicide.

published : 28 Sep 2020

Lockdown turns schoolboy into a novelist in Bihar, writes book on social evils

It took more than 30 days in recalling the sequences of events, people’s plights and pangs caused by many social ill-practices.

published : 27 Sep 2020

'Realpolitik: Exposing India’s Political System' book review - The evolving role of a party worker

It further aims to dissect the working machinery of a party with interviews of party workers from key political parties while documenting their journey.

published : 27 Sep 2020

'Mandu' book review: Love’s music from a timeless era

The book is inspired by the young Sultan Baz Bahadur and the beautiful Roopmati, who are attracted to each other through their common love for classical music.

published : 27 Sep 2020

'Piranesi' book review: From a forgotten nook

Piranesi is a brilliant example of storytelling at its finest. Clarke uses the thoughts and words of one character to tell her tale.

published : 27 Sep 2020

Inside award-winning Tamil author Perumal Murugan’s world

The stark contrast between the two works show the Tamil author’s evolution over a period of three decades.

published : 27 Sep 2020

Two young men propose A New Idea of India and it is arresting!

The duo also channel much energy into the unsettling and illiberal double standards, while making the case for why the role of shaping the society shouldn't be in the hands of the State

published : 26 Sep 2020

Amish Tripathi's 'Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India' getting film adaptation

"Legend of Suheldev", which was published in June this year, is based on the legendary King Suheldev who defeated the army of Ghazi Saiyyad Salar Masud.

published : 25 Sep 2020

Vijay Mallya's son Sid to turn author with book on mental health

The actor-producer, who has been part of films like "Brahman Naman" and "Best Fake Friends", has garnered "over three million views" for the web series.

published : 25 Sep 2020

Map of Me: Teaching entrepreneurship to young minds

Fashion designer Neti Jolly of XOXO only uses scraps of cloth to make Covid masks, loves imparting mask-making skills, and distributes free masks to low-income groups. 

published : 25 Sep 2020

Of pet crocodiles and punny flies

Children’s author Khyrunnisa’s latest book, ‘The Crocodile Who Ate Butter Chicken for Breakfast and Other Stories’ takes kids and adults alike on an adventure

published : 25 Sep 2020

Quest for Restoring Financial Stability in India: More things change more they remain the same

The message at the heart of Acharya's book, even though it is primarily on banking, is that the government's major presence across the so-called Indian system is hurting India.

published : 24 Sep 2020

'A newspaper is an argument on the way to a deadline': Pioneering editor Sir Harold Evans no more

Evans held his own, and more, with the world's elite, but was mindful of his working-class background: a locomotive driver's son, born in Lancashire, England, on June 28, 1928.

published : 24 Sep 2020

'Badhaai Ho' actress Neena Gupta to come out with memoir 'Sach Kahun Toh' in 2021

The memoir, 'Sach Kahun Toh', will chronicle her life -- from her childhood in Delhi's Karol Bagh, and her time at the National School of Drama, to her move to Bombay in the 1980s.

published : 24 Sep 2020

 ‘We are all storytellers’: Author Deepa Kiran

Hyderabad-based storyteller Deepa Kiran talks about bringing contemporary elements into her stories along with her work in science communication

published : 24 Sep 2020