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Health News

Recovered Covid patients just can’t stop eating

Obesity is the new after-effect that doctors are noticing in patients who have recovered from Covid-19.

published : 29 Sep 2020

COVID-19 'immunity boosting' products flying off store shelves rapidly, but does it work? Find out

The unpredictability of COVID-19 and the desperation for a vaccine are boons for pharma companies, natural-food manufacturers and plant-based nutrition products whose consumers are in panic.

published : 27 Sep 2020

How often do you wash your hands now?

This act of cleansing turned into an obsession throughout the lockdown till many have become comfortable with the idea that Covid is here to stay for long.

published : 26 Sep 2020

For respiratory health tips and more

September 25 is World Lung Day and”It’s hard to get the right medical information from Google alone. 

published : 26 Sep 2020

Let’s talk female sexual health

Female sexuality and genitalia have rarely been topics for open discussion in India due to our prevalent conservative views on the subject.

published : 26 Sep 2020

Home isolation precautions for COVID-19 patients

 It is important for diabetic patients to keep their blood sugar level in control, say health experts

published : 25 Sep 2020

How to tackle malnutrition and main a healthy BMI

Asha’s new initiatives to treat anaemic, underweight and malnourished women

published : 25 Sep 2020

A film that you can drink

Green tea is known to have medicinal properties that help in reduction of cardio-vascular diseases, prevention of cancer and burning fat.

published : 24 Sep 2020

Not more than four hours of screen time for kids

Increasing use of electronic gadgets, prolonged near work and lack of daylight exposure can result in progression of myopia or near-sightedness in children.

published : 24 Sep 2020

Core of the matter

 The core is not just your abs. It’s a series of muscles, it’s everything minus your limbs. The core is used in almost every movement of the human body.

published : 24 Sep 2020

‘Flax’ that fat

First cultivated in India around 5,000 years ago, the flax plant, she says, has been useful in making linen and oil.

published : 23 Sep 2020

Ditch supplements, try natural foods instead

Nutrients from food are always better than supplements, unless deficient. Supplements can fill the nutrient gap where as natural food offers benefits over dietary supplements.

published : 22 Sep 2020

Finding solutions

That’s the time the research of scientists shows the way which leads to the door of light, of possibilities. And not just the highly contagious virus but other diseases as well.

published : 22 Sep 2020

Patient education platform witnesses 10,000% growth

As per reports by RedSeer, out-patient medical services in India are struggling under the growing pressure, and e-health is the most appropriate solution in the months to come.

published : 22 Sep 2020

COVID-19-triggered mental health cases on the rise, say therapists

What the Foundation found has been confirmed by some of the senior psychiatrists.

published : 20 Sep 2020