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Tech News

World’s first social drinking platform 'Booozie' from Hyderabad?

Founders Vivekanand and Susovan say they have applied for the necessary permissions to operate in the city and will start after that

published : 23 Sep 2020

TikTok rival Chingari claims 30 million downloads in 3 months

As a result of the partnership, all Chingari users in India, other Saarc nations, and in the Middle East will get access to the music collection of T-Series.

published : 21 Sep 2020

Owners of PR & Communications firm for architects 'One Digital', two sides of the same coin

Dwarka-based Himani and Nishit on running two ventures and each bringing their A-game to the table in work and love

published : 20 Sep 2020

Best Tools to Draw with on iPad

Be it a design professional, a seasoned artist or a beginner, this app can make all the difference to your artwork.

published : 20 Sep 2020

Lange & Söhne celebrates 175 years of Saxonian precision watchmaking

Limited to 175 pieces, the 1815 Thin Honeygold is a timelessly elegant two-hand watch with a white enamel dial inspired by Lange pocket watches. 

published : 20 Sep 2020

This start-up is making the world come alive with AR

iBoson Innovations has developed an application which enables sharing of all sorts of knowledge and information in a creative way

published : 19 Sep 2020

Chennai likely to be home to Apple’s 2nd largest contract manufacturer

After Foxconn, Tamil Nadu is all set to attract Apple’s second largest contract manufacturer for iPhone, Pegatron.

published : 17 Sep 2020

This app helps riders dodge deadly potholes

The app, which gauges size and depth of potholes is developed by a Gurugram-based firm

published : 16 Sep 2020

Snapdeal turns to robots to make contactless deliveries amid COVID-19

In collaboration with autonomous mobility start-up Ottonomy IO, Snapdeal has successfully tested last-mile delivery using robots in select locations of Delhi-NCR.

published : 15 Sep 2020

This Class 8 student’s chatting app has over 30,000 users across globe

With his pocket money, Dheeraj bought a computer.

published : 15 Sep 2020

A love letter to theme Hospital

In Two Point Hospital, you are an administrator who’s tasked with constructing and operating a number of hospitals in various regions of Two Point County.

published : 13 Sep 2020

I am once again asking you…to uninstall that online multiplayer

I am ashamed to admit that I used to play the mobile version everyday (1.5 years clean now), till I realised that you can’t get good at this beyond a point.

published : 13 Sep 2020

COVID-19 impact: The age of antiviral apparel

A slew of textile and garment options that help combat the coronavirus

published : 13 Sep 2020

These 8 apps will help you lead a more sustainable life

What we eat, or wear, or even the way we travel, everything has an impact on the world we live in.

published : 13 Sep 2020

Improving road trips with AI

This platform uses artificial intelligence to document road trips, and has introduced seven new features and 41 enhancements features.

published : 12 Sep 2020