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Ravi Shankar


Ravi Shankar
Bollywood dons won’t Rhea-lise their mistake

The human sacrifice of a 28-year-old actress on the altar of poll politics wouldn’t have been possible if Bollywood had risen up as one.

13 Sep 2020

Logging in to Freedom of Opinion

Democracy is the offspring of public opinion. Politics is the midwife.

06 Sep 2020

The great Indian TV debate

Live State of the Nation Talk Show in a well-known TV studio. The anchor is engaged in an animated discussion with various members of the audience. 

30 Aug 2020

How PM Narendra Modi's bhoomi pujan look defines important landmarks in his life

In the Age of Modi, the look changes but the man is permanent, omniscient and omnipotent. His binary, Rahul Gandhi, needs a shave.

16 Aug 2020

Ode to the god who made Ayodhya possible

Bajrang Bali reflects the universal soul which is the epitome of the perfect man.

09 Aug 2020

Don’t blame government for your weakness

Governance is the art of preserving democracy through compromise and accommodation without diluting the interests of the ruling party.

02 Aug 2020

Democracy’s tough love to end crime

The simulacrum of law and order does both. It amplifies khaki as the omnipotent agent of fear among the general population.

19 Jul 2020

From Galwan Valley standoff to Trump's H-1B visa ban: Here's why politicians talk too much but say very little

With the virus prowling like a vengeful cop searching for mask-less rioters, politicians are quarantined in the blue world of Twitterhetoric.

12 Jul 2020

A masquerade of habit in times of peril

The mask is both protection and prevarication—to hide the identity of a spy, a thief, a murderer or an illicit lover. Shamans use it to impersonate god.

05 Jul 2020

Bollywood isn’t all black and white

Exploitation of the helpless is a recurrent theme in cinema.

21 Jun 2020

Learn from the beast in dominion of despair

Three centuries later, all the king’s men—wise, clever and stupid—are trying to figure out the nature of the viral beast.

14 Jun 2020

There goes the neighbourhood

All policy is a reflection of national culture. Indians as a lot are a self-satisfied variety, smug in their cultural superiority over other countries but easy to take offence.

31 May 2020

Aarogya Setu app: Surveillance in times of coronavirus

The duty of governance is to oversee the great apparatus of democracy, not to monitor the participants.

17 May 2020

More Than Hundred Years of Solitude

Journeys have banal connotations while an odyssey is invariably a journey of vast proportions, loaded with hope, tragedy and homecoming.

10 May 2020

Calling all secular Muslims

Politics is the art of meeting great expectations by creating and protecting institutions.

26 Apr 2020