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I don't usually like when posts like these start to get inflammatory, so keep it educational. Don't say "you're wrong" but more along the lines of "ok thats cool, but this is how I've learned it"

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You are right. This creates unnecessary "unwinnable" debates. Everyone has their definition and their liking, where limits aren't always the same. The fact is that is doesn't affect anyone one little bit. You like your "type of deephouse"? Yes ? Than perfect! keep listening to that. It doesn't affect nor concern me.

Everyone here has one thing in common : Love for music.

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Genres evolve and definitions change. It feels shitty when something you love gets appropriated by people that don't understand it, but that's part of life. At the end of the day "real" deep house still exists, it just might be a little harder to sift through the stuff that doesn't meet the traditional definition.

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I don't see this new stuff as an "evolution" of deep house though. Maybe it borrows some elements here and there but the Dusky, Hannah Wants type stuff I think has way more in common with tech house or 4x4 garage than the Theo Parrish, Moodymann type sound that (IMO) personifies deep house. It's a mislabeling, not an evolution.

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I meant more that how genres are defined change. Even the term "house music" didn't originally refer specifically to four on the floor electronic music for example.

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idk what you're proposing we discuss? it seems like you're just salty about people using the term "deep house" for songs that you don't consider deep house, which is understandable to an extent but I think you shouldn't get so caught up on genre titles. You sound like you have a solid grasp on what you consider "deep house" so stick with that, you won't ever win the battle of trying to get people to call music by its "correct" genre title.

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I definitely sympathize with the whole "It's just genres, don't get caught up in it" etc. but ultimately it makes it harder to talk about this music and connect with other people who are into that sound. If on the rare occasion I meet someone who says they're into house, and even rarer, deep house, I can't help but get excited. Then we'll show each other tunes, suggest different nights, but then I realize there's no way I could take him/her to see a deep house dj because their idea of deep house is disclosure and dusky. It's a bit of a let down, tbh.

Like the article alludes, I would be a bit bummed if deep heads were stuck in the same predicament as the dubstep heads. I believe a sensible argument could be made that this ambiguity can fuck with how the sound progresses and how those nights can stay commercially viable.

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I've learned to discuss labels more than genres as its much accurate. Genres are too broad now

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That's generally what most DJ's I know do now, but I'm sure you know there's been an explosion in microlabels with kickass sounds. Most of my favorite labels nowadays have less than 5 or 6 releases. You're right though that that approach is way more accurate.

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not sure which article you're referencing, but either way I think what you're describing comes back to my point of "you won't ever win the battle of trying to get people to call music by its "correct" genre title". not everyone cares about music enough to delve into the different sub-genres and understand what specifically defines one artist as deep house versus dubstep versus garage etc etc.

you certainly can (and should!) encourage the people around you to consider different types of music and discuss with them what makes that artist fall into the category they are, but in the end some people are still going to call an artist by whatever term fits for them.

also, this idea of sub-genres and people not knowing the "correct" genre to use is not exclusive to electronic music. as a music fan we can easily distinguish one from the other, but many people simply don't care about music that way.

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So what do you propose? You're calling Dusky house, which makes sense, but that's a very broad description as I'm sure you know. Dusky and Disclosure ARE much deeper than most popular house music...it's only natural

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Point made, and correct you are. But what can you actually do about it?

That's it, end of discussion right there. At most like 50 people will read this post and about 15 will care, that's not mass opinion changing shit.

But again I do agree completely, if it's a little sympathy you're looking for.

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This is a good approach

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Yeah this kids a reeet.

Its deep house bitch get used to it, you ain't changing shit with a reddit post.

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I agree, Deep House was meant to be just that, DEEP, moody, dubby, euphoric, minimal, etc.. etc.. All this cheesy bassline, jacking shit, is just House. You play House music in clubs, Deep House, you play after 3am. My $.02 It's all bullshit sub-genres regardless that I don't get into when talking with friends but I've been around for 15 years now and I get where your coming from.

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Thank you. I dealt with this same thing after dubstep had its commercial turn and its hard not to see a lot of similarities. At the same time, I don't know how much I should be bothered. We will always be here, we will always make and buy these records, we will always be there till after the sun comes up... But sometimes I can't help but think things are harder now.

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are you able provide some tracks that you consider proper deep house? I'm probably guilty of throwing the term around...but I have just never known what's regarded as authentic or not, as it seems its different to everyone!

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This is a fantastic track btw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RRmDW-db6U

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Ok that is an amazing track and I just bought it...but that's not proper deep house.


This is more along the lines of proper deep house. It's jazzy and soul ful. What you posted is more tribal tech house. Deep house usually isn't club music it's saturday morning music

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HNNY - Nothing is on my latest mix! Did you get the wax?

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It's in my wantlist but I don't wanna pay the international shipping. Waiting for a good deal to come up in the states

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Grab it on Groovedis!. That's where I got mine the day it came out and they still have more copies.

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Ordered! with money i do not have

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I think HNNY is one of the best examples of what new deep house is. I've got almost everything he's done, and everyone should check out his "Music for listening" mixes whenever they have the chance. He's got that signature endless loop style, playing with the energy as little as possible, letting the listener's mind engage the track. IMO that's one of the defining factors of deep house.

Check out his latest remix of "Champagne Problems". 22 minutes of bliss.

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I hear ya. I dig the more vintage style deep house as well. This track has a great vibe... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ecTTU4Aih4

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I don't know how to post non-mobile links on my phone, so I'll just post track titles.

I think the classic era of deep house is well defined, and something like Jack J's "Something (On My Mind)" follows that tradition very well. That whole plate could be deep house, I think.

Where some others may disagree with me is when newer sound palettes (more digital sounding) are used to get the same vibe. I posted a Jesse Bru track on this sub that I think captures that same essence, or something like Youandewan's "Anjou".

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Live and let live. The less you worry about what other people are listening to, the more you'll find what you want to listen to

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It's all subjective to some degree, so I wouldn't let it get to you. Labels will incorrectly (sometimes purposely) mis-categorize music and that actually bothers me more.

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You realize deep can mean deep basslines or synths, right?

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Yea. Your point being?

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Well. When you want it to be 'DEEP' a lot of people interpret that as wanting heavy basslines like The Light by Lars Moston.

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The discussion isn't about the interpretations, its about what is actually deep house. I usually allow the interpretations on this sub, but if you're going to have a discussion on what deep house is then the definition of proper deep house is needed

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Yeah, I'm just pointing out to him that by deep people can mean different things.

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There are a lot of good responses here so I'll just leave a short one. Deep house (real deep house) has been around since the beginning of this whole thing. Disco turned into house, which birthed deep house. It was here at the beginning and it will be here at the end. EDM/"deep house" are the big thing right now, but it will pass. It's all a phase, just as dub step was a few years ago and jackin' house was before that. Of course these genres are still around and being played, but they're not in the spotlight making the big bucks anymore.

Real house music is here to stay, so just keep spreading the message.

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Deep house is old-school and non-EDM. Deep house maintains a beat and a feeling and allows the DJ to do the driving. It's dark, deep, and low. It's not build->drop oriented. It's meant to get deeper each time you bring the beat back. New Deep House, or Future House, or Shallow House, or Fidget Bassline, takes inspiration from old-school Deep House, but applies newer EDM rules and techniques. Giving it the usual audible cues new-age DJs listen for when mixing EDM-house.

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Use Shallow House instead!

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I only listen to derp house