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Sir Stubert also mentioned another report, this time by Ileus, which I looked up.

Deepl helped me to do a translation of that one as well:

"Now I have arrived back home, the driving was quite exhausting - but it was worth it :yes:

The event started with the 1 1/2h presentation of the Nautilus, that was pretty much the same as you know it from the Citizencon (Kraken or Pioneer).

Before that a queue had formed to score a signature from Chris - with so only a few people that went quite well.

Then we were assigned to the tables. You could choose if you want to go to a table where German or English is spoken. Everyone got a pin with an Aegis ship on it. I was at the table "Gladius" for example. At each table there was a quite crisp puzzle or questions to answer, the best 3 have won something. One table won e.g. Jump Point Vol. 1 with signatures from the LA and Frankfurt team.

The food was very tasty, drinks were included in the price. Everything was placed in the middle of the table and you could put down what you liked.

At each table there was also a dev, I would say that the devs at the tables had higher positions. With us it was Eric Kieron Davids. A very sociable and nice guy. Talked all the time with us about what we like to do in the verses and what our favourite ship is etc..

He finds it so great what people always do, they follow it in Spectrum or Twitch. They always try to "think everything over" as well as they can, but as soon as a new version goes live, so many people throw themselves at it - and they often have awesome ideas they didn't have. And they're happy when the game goes along with the nonsense :D

He himself also seems to be extremely enthusiastic about the project, generally you get the impression if you talk a little bit with the Devs.

Brian Chambers said that in a similar way. He's been in the business for so long, but he's still getting a kick out of the stool, how enthusiastic all the backers are - and that's exactly what drives him.

That's why he always wants as many people as possible from his team to be at such events so that they can virtually charge their batteries.

He finds the hype around his person eig. quite wicked, sometimes it is a little "odd", if he is for example with his wife on the road - all in all he is simply a normal person who does his job gladly.

I already have the impression, especially because of what Stu wrote about Hannes Appel, that they are all extremely happy to work on it, because they can also fulfill a dream somewhere. Because they can make a game just the way they want it, with few restrictions. That's certainly great if you can work with it.

They all looked fit and alert, especially CR itself. Only Erin Roberts looked dead tired, then someone told me that he was probably already at the Gamescon or at the Barcitizen there and the evenings were quite long. I think his family was there too.

The average age was quite high, I would say, I belonged with around 30 probably clearly to the lower end :D

All in all a great evening, with everything like-minded to entertain itself was already great "

On a personal note: I met Brian Chambers' wife on several occasions and she's a party machine and funny as hell. If you have he chance to talk to her: Do it! :)

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I had a chance to hang out with Brian at CitizenCon last year. He absolutely is a great guy and has a powerful passion for this game.

That was the one take away that stood out for me the most. All of the people working on this game are very, very excited to be making the game and believe in the project and the vision.

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It should not be so easy to block a jump point permanently with mines. The mines will be expensive and have to be maintained (the components age with time; just like the ships). This will prevent large minefields and a permanent blockade of important locations.

Have they not seen what dedicated Eve alliances will do?

It should not be so easy to block a jump point permanently with mines. The mines will be expensive and have to be maintained (the components age with time; just like the ships). This will prevent large minefields and a permanent blockade of important locations.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - the Terrapin is going to be the go-to onboard ship for the Polaris. A fighter or pair of Arrows won’t be able to accomplish many of the strategic and tactical operations a Terrapin could. You’d be better served, IMO, using Vanguards as the fighter escort.

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It should not be so easy to block a jump point permanently with mines. The mines will be expensive and have to be maintained (the components age with time; just like the ships). This will prevent large minefields and a permanent blockade of important locations.

Have they not seen what dedicated Eve alliances will do?

I will point out that exit from a Jump Point is supposed to be random. In other words blockade at the exit point for an org will be damned hard to do especially if the exit distance from the jump point can be large (and I suspect that since CIG knows of this problem - its been something they've mentioned 3-4 years ago - they can always adjust the random exit point to be even larger to avoid this kind of thing). If anything the blockade will be at the entrance point and mines may not be needed for that!

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Have they not seen what dedicated Eve alliances will do?

It is all about scale.
It will be almost physically impossible to block a jump point.
And then if you were to try you would get the attention of local law enforcement. Don't forget that players make up 10% of the population. It is nothing for CIG to automatically throw larger numbers at any force that is trying to disrupt normal play.
That said, I think they would not try to overtly stop something like this as it is exactly what they want to see. But there would still be a response from local law.

EDIT: Oh and I agree about the Terrapin, however I see the Mercury as a similar need to have ship if you are playing solo or with a small crew.

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I think if I'm reading it right that they don't want to make it so easy that griefer can just go around screwing things up for lolz. if a large dedicated org decided they wanted to blockade something I think it will still be possible to do with these mines, just difficult and they would need to maintain their presence in some ways. I'm fine with that. the more payoff the more difficult it should be to do.

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Why block a jump point when people will simply warp directly to their destination, making it easy to interdict them?

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Because nothing is fixed in space. The planets and moons are orbiting and rotating so you can’t really sit a bunch of mines in a QD path for very long.

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Nothing some skilled mathmeticians can't abuse :)

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And Kerbal Space Program players!

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Aren't jump points between star systems?

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Yes, but it's still an origin point in space and you can draw lines between that area and a hotspot, then set up somewhere along the line and interdict.

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Wait I don't understand exactly what you're talking about here.

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Things that don't even exist in SC yet, like player interdiction and jump points.

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Thanks for the information.

What is the story behind the names of the three moons of Crusader?

From a folk tale (which I haven't read) about two sisters and a brother.

How long does an emperor's term last?

The UEE ruler is called an "imperator", so I can only assume you mean the Xi'an emperor. Until death.

What is the name of the most advanced species without space travel that mankind has encountered?


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It's the Imperator, that word just got translated to emperor

Wie lange dauert eine Amtszeit eines Imperators?

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Imperator is a Latin loan-word in German. The Latin translates to English as emperor, same as the German.

The UEE is modeled off the Roman Empire, hence the Roman title.

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A gift for baba 😉

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I have to agree with the OP and u/NackteElfe.

I really enjoyed the Event and sadly I had to breakup earlier than I wanted to, because of the ride home. But I also could participate on conversations with some Dev's. But I was a little bit too drunk to remember everything the guys tried to explain me. :D

I sat on the "Sentinel" Table with Brian and his Wife. Including "Yogi" who is also a really cool guy, working with VoiP and other Topics. Brians Wife is a really nice Lady. I liked to talk to her. :)
Edit: I also talked to Brian, who also seemed a bit wasted, but he had enough Energy to answer my questions and chill with me outside. He also deserve's an Award for the beeing honest and nice.

Like the other guys already said, the event was worth the visit and the Merch we received is really awesome. Here's a list of the Stuff we received:

- The Bag (Which in my oppinion is the coolest part) It has many subjects in it and enough space for almos 3 Notebooks ^^- In the subjects hidden were:Scarf with Chairmans Club - Location and Date on itPins (1x Star Citizen, 1x Aegis Dynamics)Mousepad like the one you can locate in the shop with those capital Aegis Ships.A well designed Notebook with a good Quality and golden branded Chairmans Club Logo on it.A Pen in a good Quality (Black with golden writing (CC and SC)A Chairmans Club Coin. White/Black/Golden colored

Erin Roberts realy seemed a bit wasted. As I heard from another Concierge I only met as "Udo" ^^ , showed me Pictures of a Meetup with brian, roberts and some other devs, who celebrated just an evening before this event.

My oppinion to the presentation: I was a bit disappointed, that there was nothing shown ingame, as I thought it would happen. Just a 3DS Max and a Powerpoint presentation, isn't what I expected to see. What they have shown was a good progress of how the ex- and interiour of the ship is going to look. It is really similar to the Hammerhead from the Interiour. The only thing i just missed were that they show how the deployment of a drone could work. We've seen the bays on the top and bottom, but not the mechanics on how they walk thru the ship to outside. The Q&A was good and informative.

The Food was OK. I was disappointed that the service people were to busy to realise, some people had no dishes. There wasn't enough potatoes for all. The Meat was good, but I were more into a conversation and almost had no time to eat. :D So overall the portions were really small sized. Like the deserts. Not enough bread for the starters etc. At least there has been enough beer and wine for all. ^^

Some people cosplayed as concierge's with TopHats.. that was a funny and cool thing which added the specific flair for that event.

I had the same impression that the CIG Staff really enjoys the work. They all are cool guys and I heard some funny stories, I don't want to talk about in detail.

On the subject Merch:All I want for years are hoodies and as Brians Wife told me, I had to talk to Sarah who is managing all physical Stuff at CIG. She didn't told me officially, that hoodies are coming, but her voice and gestures suggested, that we will be able to buy hoodies in the near future!! YEEEAYY!! ^^

If I had to rate this event from 1 to 10, I would give it a 7.

Like mentioned. Food was just ok, The presentation was also ok, but the way they have presented this ship to us, was almost like the old ATV Version of the Vulcan. Yes it was exclusive, but as a Subscriber, this is the way of content update I want to see from home. In summary we have seen this ship in 3DS Max for 30 mins. It's ok but not overwhelming.

What I most enjoyed were the conversations, the feeling of beeing a part of something, to talk to backer and devs. Not forgetting to mention the alcohol :D

PS: A cool addition were the Pass which came printed with your Avatar, your Concierge rank and if you belong to an Org the organisation.

Edit: sry for bad german english grammar. :/

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Thank you for another great report. I almost did come, too. But I had to go to birthday party instead. Next time, maybe.

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How could you? Ur friend parties again next year!! ^

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Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa 😅

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My oppinion to the presentation: I was a bit disappointed, that there was nothing shown ingame, as I thought it would happen. Just a 3DS Max and a Powerpoint presentation, isn't what I expected to see. What they have shown was a good progress of how the ex- and interiour of the ship is going to look. It is really similar to the Hammerhead from the Interiour.

I feel like this sums up 80+% of the real-world updates we've gotten on this game. Not much in-game, not many mechanics, mostly prototypes and layout.

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I think i understand why people are so displeased with the current subscription content now. One years worth of sub is about 270 give or take. The information provided by the videos funded by subscribers is... Lacking to say the least. For the same price as a full year of subs people could just buy a ticket to one of these events and get to actually sit and talk to the developers, getting the information first hand on crucial elements of the game development.

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One years worth of sub is about 270 give or take.

You're thinking of the higher level sub (Imperator). Standard sub (Centurion) is around half that.

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Amusingly, there are Concierge that are mad about what Subscribers get.

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I'm concierge and if there are any that actually feel that way, BOO FUCKING HOO for them.

I've never seen one complain about that personally and I suspect they're super rare, with a lot more we wouldn't like about them than just that.

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They're not common. But there have been a couple of threads that popped up on spectrum where they were complaining about Subs getting to test ships for free.

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If you're concierge but to cheap to spent some extra money for that... You're not really concierge. 🤑

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Imagine this type of culture in any other game lol

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Yeah it's the only game where you're ashamed and proud at the same time for spending thousands of dollars for nothing physical 😂

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Gatekeeping concierge

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Concierge concierge

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I hope they were appropriately smacked upside the head

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Plus the money you have to spend to get there.

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That would be 4 years worth of imperator subscription.

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So far two types of mines are planned (Explosive and Gun). It has been suggested that more types will be added.

Pinata mines confirmed :D

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Thank you!

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Ok I'm going to try without cheating:

1) They reflect the personality of the 3 children in a popular story: yela is the cold one, daymar is the impuslive/hotheaded one and cellin ... lol the boring one? That detail idk, but should suffice. The name of the story also escapes me atm. Something 'baba yaga-esque'. Baba's children? Something like that.

2) 5 years

3) Osoians

Sounds like fun, the quiz!

Thanks for all the info!!!

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So nice!!! Love all these crispy little infos :) feel like watching an atv or citizencon round table ❤️

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Interesting, thanks for posting!

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Mines are subject to gravity on planets and moons, so what happens if we drop them above a landing zone? Will they explode on it when hitting the ground? I guess they plan to add defensive turrets that will shoot them mid-air to prevent this.

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Sounds to me like CIG has un(intentionally?) made a de facto bomber. I don't see the difference between dropping an explosive from the bottom of a Hercules or the bottom of a Nautilus.

I hope that's one of the questions in the Q&A.

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Dropping ordinary bombs will certainly be much cheaper. Also mines (as described) need to get close to ship hull in order to detonate, so they may not even explode on contact with surface. Will be fun to discover how these mines will act when purposefully positioned on ground.

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Been saying that since the moment the Minelayer was known to us: A2 is now but one of 2 options for bombing runs :)

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The thrusters will be too weak to counteract the gravitational force of planets. A minefield directly above Lorville does not have to be feared.

Mine thrusters strong enough to reduce the orbital velocity enough to deorbit a mine, but not strong enough to counteract ≈ 1g of acceleration?

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SC is weird like that.

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I mean, you just need enough deltaV and time to deorbit. Thrust output is less relevant.

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Sure, except thrusters in the game are insanely powerful and it seems like they wouldn't have an issue.

Also the CIG discussion said that dropping them out at high speeds was not going to be effective due to the thrusters, which seems to be counterintuitive to the topic. The thrusters are powerful enough to make dropping at high speeds not effective but too weak to counter <1g of acceleration. Also completely ignoring the concept of orbits and not caring about gravitational acceleration.

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I feel like we read that part differently. I think the point is that the thrusters are so weak, it'll be difficult to drop them precisely at high speeds exactly because their thrusters are weak and they will therefore slide a long ways before coming to a stop.

edit: another note, IIRC the thrusters are not their own mini engines. They're fed from the main engine but piped over to the thrusters hence their power. If a mine doesn't have a big ole engine, makes sense their thrust wouldn't be anywhere near a ship's power.

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CR doesn't think in terms of 'Orbital Mechanics', and neither does the gameplay. When they say 'A minefield directly above Lorville' they really mean Directly above Lorville... hovering there on the thrusters.

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    Different guy, different topics?