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Alright tumblr, I no longer wish to keep these babies to myself. Enjoy these snazzy phone backgrounds.

No I dont know the dimensions. I made them for my phone/my friends phone, if it doesnt fit yours it just wasn’t meant to be.

Fun fact: the frog background was on my phone while the screen was being fixed for like a full week and I’m still proud that the Sprint store employees had to stare at it.

deadass dont get why every generation has kids that are like “i was born in the wrong  generation :(” like bro!!!!! you have all the music/shows you love are already released! fashion? thrift shops or online sellers! sure it sucks you dont get to share the hype with everyone but like nothing is stopping you! go listen to your favorite 70s rock and fucking make your hair 75% hairspray and 5% a comb you lost while teasing it, go look like a colorful neon mess you  80s synthwave fiend! go older, listen to doo wop and wear poodle skirts if you feel like it! hell even more recent! go party like its 2005 and be the scene teen you were too young to be when it was hip! nothing is stopping you from enjoying what you like! you can have all the shit you want with more access to it and less shitty people!

80s vibes + country club + heathers rainbow quartzes = the rad rainbow club