This video was just filmed this morning in Nancy Pelosi’s district.

Now, when you watch this I want you to remember that this woman has been in her position representing this district for 33-years and this is still how it looks.

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Pelosi, who pretends to care about blacks and minorities is a slum lord.

She has no problem living in her massive mansion with her $34K refrigerator and $14 ice cream while the poor minorities live like they’re in a 3rd-world country just down the road.

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If this isn’t a “Let them eat. cake (and ice cream)” moment, I don’t know what is…

When will people wake up and see the game that’s being played on them?

Here’s Nancy’s house:

Now, get a load of her district. It’s shocking and sad – but this is how she wants a huge chunk of her voters, drugged up, clueless, and in a state of perpetual victimhood.


You can watch the video below:

It should be a crime how these Democrats enslave and abuse their constituents.

I pray one day these people will wake up and stop voting for their own doom.


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