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New PowerBook Family
Addressing the needs of customers in small offices, home offices, business and education, Apple announced the Macintosh PowerBook 1400 series, combining 117MHz PowerPC speed with a removable CD-ROM drive and expansion options.

New Color Solutions
Apple launches the Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS and introduces the Color PhotoGrade Print Kit for the Apple Color StyleWriter 2500.

Performa News
Check out the new Performa 6360 and the 6400/200 Video Editing Edition, plus big savings on other Performa models. See the whole product line and the latest price reductions in the new Performa Website.

"Now We Surf the Net"
AppleTalk technology networked the Kansas State Legislature 300 Macintosh, Power Macintosh and PowerBook computers which replaced the non-memory, electric typewriters they formerly used.

Strong Apple Results
Tight operating expenses and strong education and business sales led Apple Wednesday to announce a $25 million profit in the quarter ending Sep. 27.

Apple Ships System 7.5.5
Apple releases U.S. English System 7.5.5 Update, which improves reliability and performance of the Mac OS. For more details, go to the Mac OS Web site or the press announcement.

Faster GeoPort
Apple announced a new version of the GeoPort Telecom Adapter Kit, increasing modem speed to 28.8 Kbps and adding enhancements for easier faxing, phoning and personal business management. GeoPort & Express Modem Updater 3.0 is now available from Apple Software Updates.

Chat with Guy
Apple Fellow Guy Kawasaki, the legendary hardware and software evangelist, will reveal the future of Macintosh as he sees it in a "Developers and the Mac" chat Tuesday, Oct. 22, 5-6 pm PT.

Cost of Color
What does a color laserprint cost? Here's a handy chart you can use to calculate the per-page cost of using an Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600.


TIME for Teachers

K-12 teachers across America are invited to participate in a curriculum software competition sponsored by Apple and TIME magazine. Win a trip for two to Washington, DC, worth more than $5,000.

Homework Indeed
New theme for Apple's FOCUS: section is "Bring Learning Home." Find out how results of Apple's nearly 20-year partnership with teachers and educational institutions can benefit you and what's happening with Performa computers and special software bundles.

Software & Hardware Galore
The Mac OS Software & Hardware Guide lists the hottest software and hardware products from retail stores, product catalogs, online and directly from the publisher. Includes some shareware and freeware.

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