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See what makes our Performas... well, perform! The New Generation of Macintosh Performas FOCUS: Bring Learning Home - Kids with Special Needs

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New PowerBook Family
Addressing the needs of customers in small offices, home offices, business and education, Apple announced the Macintosh PowerBook 1400 series, combining 117MHz PowerPC speed with a removable CD-ROM drive and expansion options.

Performa News
Check out the new Performa 6360 and the 6400/200 Video Editing Edition, plus big savings on other Performa models. See the whole product line and the latest price reductions in the new Performa Website.

New Color Solutions
Apple launches the Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS and introduces the Color PhotoGrade Print Kit for the Apple Color StyleWriter 2500.

US Surgery Saves
"We selected Macintosh for its superior user interface, ease of connectivity to Ethernet networks and the VAX, and its rapid, straightforward development environment," says United States Surgical Corporation, which saved thousands of hours with a Mac-based labeling system.

Strong Apple Results
Tight operating expenses and strong education and business sales led Apple Wednesday to announce a $25 million profit in the quarter ending Sep. 27.

Apple Ships System 7.5.5
Apple releases U.S. English System 7.5.5 Update, which improves reliability and performance of the Mac OS. For more details, go to the Mac OS Web site or the press announcement.

Faster GeoPort
Apple announced a new version of the GeoPort Telecom Adapter Kit, increasing modem speed to 28.8 Kbps and adding enhancements for easier faxing, phoning and personal business management. GeoPort & Express Modem Updater 3.0 is now available from Apple Software Updates.

Snap Your Desktop
Need a picture of your computer screen? Hold down the shift and command keys simultaneously and hit the number 3 to save the image to your startup disk as "Picture 1" (subsequent pictures are serially numbered).

Where to Buy
Find convenient US sources for Apple computers and peripherals for your home, school, or business, from Tucson to Tucumcari, Tehachapee to Tonopah. The map & magnifying glass icon in the left bar of this page will always take you there.


Free Hosting + $20

New registered users of Claris Home Page get up to six months free Website hosting from HoloNet. Users of competitive Web authoring products also qualify for a $20 rebate through Oct. 31 from Claris, so hurry.

Special Solutions
Apple's FOCUS: section continues to show how you can Bring Learning Home with a new article on "Enabling Kids With Special Needs."

Software & Hardware Galore
The Mac OS Software & Hardware Guide lists the hottest software and hardware products from retail stores, product catalogs, online and directly from the publisher. Includes some shareware and freeware.

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