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Verso My web-site design company.
Describes our Web page design services. If you want a job making web sites, this is the page for you. If you want me to make you a site, start here.
Severe Tire Damage An Interactive Manifesto
An open letter to Netscape Communications and the WWW community. Please participate if you are a site designer, web master, or web junkie. It looks nice, too.
The Nine-Act Structure Home Page
Story structure for screenwriters and game designers. A large section that will teach you how to use the structure of successful films in any storytelling project.
My consulting services for film and game producers. It explains how I use the Nine-Act Structure to help people tell more realistic stories to today's demanding audiences.
Graphic Design Tips
This popular section has tips for browsers, e-mailers, and designers of web pages. Lots of stuff here!
Type Design and Typography
Learn about the fonts I've designed and how to use them.

Jack of None my obituary in progress.
New! The first known picture of me on the Web is here!
illicit powwows Short stories written for the Web browser in you
I took this story down but put it back up by popular demand.
Speed Gallery A 60-second art gallery
These copyrighted images are designed for a quick tour. It will take you less than a minute. Please be quiet as you enter the gallery. Please do not take these images. Thank you.
What is Worth Doing? A book on environment and human health
Some of the diet pages are up now. I've got short pieces on the protein and calcium myths. See what's good for you!

Spotlight on Women's Issues
This is my new hotlist. I hope you'll want to set a bookmark here. Don't forget to leave through the exit tunnel, then come back to visit the links on this page.
Frank Lloyd Wright His life and his art.
Some information on Frank Lloyd Wright. Eventually, this site will be bigger.

Help and FAQ
What to do if this page isn't working, how I made it, and frequently asked questions about it.
Visitors' Comments
Selected gems from the e-mail I receive. Send me some mail and see if it shows up here!
The High Five Award Page
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This is the way out. At the end, you'll find my High Five Award site of the week and my list of links. Try it, you'll like it.

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