Delphi's Snap Judgement finds personality, useful information
and ease of navigation as they review Fallon McElligott's Web site.

ADVERTISING AGE Names Fallon McElligott Agency Of The Year.

Welcome to the Fallon McElligott Web Site.

A couple of years ago, most of us here at Fallon McElligott had never heard of the Web. Today, we keep a couple of T1 lines packed with traffic and we're working on getting a T3.

It's kind of remarkable, considering we're a company better known for creating some of the most memorable advertising in the world. But then, who ever said that creativity was limited to the printed page or the TV screen. Or for that matter, the digital monitor.

And that's why this site has been so important to us. It's a place where you can discover what we're all about, get a look at our work and meet some of the people who work here. And perhaps discover that you'd like to work here, too.


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