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pair Networks offers a variety of user accounts, designed to fit a variety of needs for publishing on the World Wide Web. All of our accounts provide access to our high-speed Web servers; they vary only in capacity and added features. Every account has many free features, and a wide variety of add-on features, such as enhanced disk and traffic allowances, and a Secure Server, are available to meet special needs.

For special projects, you may want to consider QuickServe or a dedicated server. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Note: we do not offer dial-up access.

Brief Overview

Account Type Features Setup Fee Monthly Fee
FTP Account Update files by remote FTP
5Mb quota, 50Mb/day traffic, no shell login, no CGI
$5 $4.95
Basic Account Interactive Login for Web maintenance & e-mail
5Mb quota, 50Mb/day traffic, no CGI
$10 $8.95
Advanced Account Interactive Login for Web maintenance & e-mail
15Mb quota, 150Mb/day traffic, system CGI
$15 $16.95
Webmaster Account Interactive Login for Web maintenance & e-mail
25Mb quota, 250Mb/day traffic, CGI
$20 $28.95

FTP Account

Our FTP Account allows you to access our servers by FTP only (but your Web site is still visible from anywhere). It provides the same capacity as the Basic Account, but does not allow shell logins to the servers. A POP mailbox and/or simple forwarding is provided for Note that this is the type of account that many of our competitors are selling for $20/month. If you'll be doing a reasonable amount of maintenance or design, consider an account with full interactive login (shell via Telnet) for only $4/month more.
$5 setup, $4.95/month
5Mb quota, 50Mb/day traffic, no CGI, no shell login

Basic Account

Our Basic Account improves the FTP Account by allowing shell logins to our servers. This provides much greater control over your files, along with other benefits such as a full development environment. Your e-mail can be read from the shell or via POP.
$10 setup, $8.95/month
5Mb quota, 50Mb/day traffic, no CGI, shell login

Advanced Account

The Advanced Account improves on the Basic Account with a larger quota and bandwidth allowance. Access to commonplace CGI scripts pre-installed on the system is included. Details of the standard CGI scripts are available in our Support Forum.
$15 setup, $16.95/month
15Mb quota, 150Mb/day traffic, system CGI, shell login

Webmaster Account

The Webmaster Account is a genuine bargain for serious Web developers. Significantly increased quota and bandwidth are included, along with full access to CGI (subject only to security restrictions to prevent compromise of or severe overloading of the servers).
$20 setup, $28.95/month
25Mb quota, 250Mb/day traffic, CGI, shell login

Virtual and Vanity Domains

For true virtual hosting, a very popular add-on feature for our accounts is the use of a Virtual or Vanity Domain. The cost for this option is only $25 setup and $1/month.


A wide variety of add-ons are available with any account at pair Networks. These add-ons include Virtual and Vanity Domains, use of our Secure Server, with more coming soon.

Prepay Discounts

You may elect to prepay monthly fees, at the following discounts:

Prepay Period Discount %
3 months 4% during October (2% otherwise)
6 months 8% during October (4% otherwise)
12 months 16% during October (8% otherwise)

We offer bonuses for referrals or resale, as well as for transferring and/or mirroring your established services from other providers. Just ask us!

We have a standard discount for non-profit organizations and students - 25% off of our Setup Fees (excluding InterNIC fees, of course).

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