WorldsAway is a program that produces animated on-line communities. WorldsAway adds graphics to real-time, text-based, person-to-person communication. WorldsAway users can create and control their own on-line animated identities -- called avatars -- and take part in a variety of in-world events and activities. WorldsAway worlds are built on a distributed object-oriented technology which allows for a limitless addition of both users and WorldsAway regions.


The Dreamscape is the first world produced using WorldsAway technology. The Dreamscape is available to CompuServe members from 150 countries worldwide to meet, interact and participate in building a virtual community.


CompuServe is the largest worldwide provider of consumer on-line services. With currently 3.5 million subscribers, CompuServe is adding 100,000 new members each month. WorldsAway’s Dreamscape software is available for download on CompuServe via the WorldsAway Community Forum, and for sale in the CompuServe store. (In addition, all WorldsAway software is available for download from the WorldsAway Web Page.) Dreamscape members will be billed at CompuServe's current rates. Under the standard plan with a monthly membership fee of $9.95, users receive five free hours of access to most of CompuServe's services, including the Dreamscape. Additional hours are billed at $2.95 per hour. The Super Value Club offers users a CompuServe membership for a $24.95 fee for 20 hours free connect time each month. Each additional hour is $1.95.


Fujitsu Software Corporation was established in June of 1996 to develop and market products that extend, enhance and facilitate person-to-person interaction. WorldsAway is a product of the Corporation’s Multimedia division. Fujitsu Limited, the parent company of Fujitsu Software Corporation, is a $36 billion worldwide leader in computers, telecommunications, semiconductors and electronic devices.

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