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Here are where you will most likely find the newest concert dates for the US, until I get more from the production agency! (By the way, the guys are recording a new album as we speak, so you probably won't see them for a while now! Unless, of course, you live in Glasgow...)
A&M; Tour Dates
Christmas Tour Dates
December 26 - Glasgow - Royal Concert Hall
December 27 - Glasgow - Barrowlands
December 29 - London - Kilburn (sp?) National Hall

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(8/3/95-9/26/95), (02/24/96-07/13/96)
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(Also mentioned in the "Swimming With Your Boots On" bootleg and the cool BMG catalog as well as a ton of other stuff. But please, stop me before my ego balloons. )

Okay, so it's only one channel, but hey, it's great background music!

"To the rest we say stay well and go well - but if you ask us what the name means - expect violence." -- Del Amitri

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