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Vengeance...sometimes it's the only way
I return to my world, this dark and rotting place, to cleanse it of the evil which nests in the heart of the land and to restore my family's rightful reign.
Traveling through underground caverns and rain soaked forests, my blood boils at the sights I have beheld... renegade humans killing for food and shelter, goblin hordes marching across the land and mutant beasts enslaving my people through torture and starvation.
By my oath, this evil will end. Their violence shall be met with violence and the blood of my enemies will pool upon the earth. The destroyers of this word will be called to answer for their deeds... and they shall know the vengeance of...

Kyle Blackthorne

A visually stunning excursion into a nightmare world where quick thinking is second only to a quick trigger finger. From the creators of the Lost Vikings comes an epic test of puzzle-solving, quick thinking and even quicker reflexes.
Described as 'Prince of Persia with an attitude' and 'more intense than Flashback', Blackthorne challenges players to run, jump, blast, and think their way through intense logic puzzles to the ultimate showdown between good and evil as Kyle Blackthorne battles to save his home world.
An action experience with an attitude and the quality to back it up. Graphically stunning with outstanding game play and a careful balance of action strategy, Blackthorne is the dark side of the best-selling Prince of Persia. Brooding, dark and often violent, Blackthorne targets players with a world and story that are more than trite rehashings of the same old thing.

Electronic Gaming Monthly, '95 Readers Choice Award
Video games Best of '94
Electronic Games Monthly Editors Choice Gold, '94 (SNES)
Strategy Plus Magazine Arcade game of the Year 1994, Runner-up (SNES)

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment

Blackthorne is now available for IBM compatibles and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

IBM Disk (3 1/2" only) and CD-ROM System Requirements:


Media Systems Product code Price
CD DOS ICD-077-0 $29.95
Floppy DOS IBM-077-3 $29.95
Snes DOS SNE-812-0 $59.95
You can order this product now by calling (800) INTERPLAY
Please mention ordering code "BTW1"

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