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Version 4.0.3
Last Updated: May 24, 1996
Copyright 1996, Myra Wong.

This document is a directory of all known music-related mailing lists. These mailing lists are generally for the discussion via e-mail of a specific music artist or music group, or music topic.

After nearly six months of inactivity, the LoMML has been thoroughly updated and HTMLized for interactive use via the World Wide Web. Thanks to all the individuals who have continued to send in updated entries especially Humphrey Clerx, and thanks to Kevin Mort who HTMLized last year's versions. List managers may submit URLs for artist, list and personal WWW home pages to be linked to the HTML version of the LoMML.




PART 0. Administrative Stuff

New/Changed/Deleted entries marked with an asterisk are changes made after the last released version (v4.0) of this document.

PART 1. Artists/Groups: A - I

     [CHANGED] A-Ha
     [CHANGED] Auteurs, The
         [NEW] B-52'S
         [NEW]*Beat Farmers
         [NEW] Ben Folds Five
         [NEW] Cetera, Peter
     [CHANGED] Camper Van Beethoven
     [CHANGED] Chapman, Tracy
         [NEW] Charlatans, The
         [NEW] Chumbawamba
     [CHANGED] Chicago
         [NEW]*Clark, Anne
     [CHANGED] Costello, Elvis
         [NEW] Course Of Empire
         [NEW] Curve
         [NEW]*Dandy Warhols, The
     [CHANGED] Dennis, Cathy
     [CHANGED] Deth Specula
         [NEW] Dharmas, The
 [CHANGED/NEW] Dream Theater
     [CHANGED] Eternal
     [CHANGED]*Etheridge, Melissa-Information
     [CHANGED]*Etheridge, Melissa
         [NEW] Extreme
         [NEW] Failure
     [CHANGED]*Ferrick, Melissa
         [NEW] Gin Blossoms
         [NEW] Go West
         [NEW] Hagen, Nina
         [NEW] Hair Shirt
     [CHANGED] Harding, John Wesley
     [CHANGED] Harry, Deborah
         [NEW] Hatfield, Juliana
     [CHANGED] Hendrix, Jimi
         [NEW] High Lonesome, The
         [NEW] Himmelman, Peter
         [NEW] Hine, Rupert
     [CHANGED] Hitchcock, Robyn
         [NEW] Hole
         [NEW] Horowitz, Vladmir
         [NEW] Incognito
     [CHANGED] Innocence Mission, The
PART 2. Artists/Groups: J - Z
         [NEW] Jade Warrior
     [CHANGED] Jane's Addiction
     [CHANGED] Karklins, Ingrid
         [NEW] KISS
     [CHANGED] Legendary Pink Dots
         [NEW] Legere, Phoebe
     [CHANGED] Level 42
     [CHANGED] Loud Family
         [NEW]*Love And Rockets
     [CHANGED] Marillion/Fish
         [NEW] Master/Slave Relationship
         [NEW] McCain, Edwin
     [CHANGED] McKennitt, Loreena
         [NEW]*Meat Loaf
         [NEW] Medeski Martin & Wood
         [NEW] Mighty Might Bosstones
         [NEW]*Moore, Gary
         [NEW] My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
     [DELETED] Nirvana (Heart Shaped Mail Box)
         [NEW] Nirvana and Hole
         [NEW] Phillips, Shawn
         [NEW] Pickles, Dicky
     [CHANGED]*Pink Floyd
     [CHANGED] The Police
     [CHANGED] Pop Will Eat Itself
         [NEW] Porcupine Tree
     [CHANGED] Posies, The
     [DELETED] Prince
         [NEW] Psychic TV
     [CHANGED] Rolling Stones
     [CHANGED] Rusted Root
         [NEW] Saint Etienne
         [NEW] Slash's Snakepit
         [NEW] Slowdive & Mojave 3
         [NEW] Smashing Pumpkins
         [NEW] Smith, Patti
     [CHANGED] Southside Johnny and the Ashbury Jukes
         [NEW] Stabbing Westward
     [CHANGED] Sweet, Matthew
     [CHANGED] Tears For Fears
         [NEW] Tagyerit
     [CHANGED]*Taylor, Steve
     [CHANGED] Tool
     [CHANGED] U2
     [CHANGED]*Van Halen
     [CHANGED]*Violent Femmes
     [CHANGED] Weezer
     [CHANGED]*Weller, Paul/The Jam/The Style Council
         [NEW]*Wilder, Webb
     [CHANGED] Wright, Chely
     [DELETED] Zorn, John

PART 3. Miscellaneous Topics

     [DELETED] Accordians (see Squeezeboxes)
         [NEW] African Music
         [NEW] Alternative/Modern Rock
         [NEW]*British Computer Music
         [NEW] Cape Breton Music
     [CHANGED] Chapman Stick
         [NEW] Children's Music
         [NEW] Classical Music (Moderated)
         [NEW] Electronic Music
         [NEW] Flute Playing
         [NEW] Grunge
         [NEW] Independent Groups
         [NEW] Musica
     [CHANGED] Progressive Rock Musicians Network
     [CHANGED] QuadraVerb
         [NEW] Reggae
         [NEW] Sacred Harp/Shape-Note Singing
         [NEW] Scandinavian Indie
         [NEW] Songwriters
     [DELETED] Sonic Verse Music Magazine
         [NEW] Squeezeboxes
         [NEW] Uilleann Pipe
     [DELETED]*Television Music Guide
         [NEW] Underground Music
         [NEW] Women in Music
         [NEW]*World Music


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This list compiled and maintained by Myra Wong. Please send all additions, corrections and updates to <mkwong@egbt.org>. New entries MUST be submitted in the specified format (see below). It is the responsibility of list managers to submit and update entries for their mailing lists. Descriptions should be kept to a bare minimum due to the size of this file.


     Subject: subscribe
     Message Body: subscribe listname Your Name
     Description of List/Comments
  Mngr: Name <e-mail address>


This list is in alphabetical order according to each music artist's last name, a group's name (Parts 1 & 2), or mailing list topic (Part 3).

  - If a list's name differs from the list topic, it is noted in ().

  - The second line of each entry is the e-mail address where you send your
    subscribe requests.

  - Many lists are automated and require exact commands.  Put the text listed
    on the "Subject:" and "Message Body:" lines in the subject line or in the
    body of your e-mail message as indicated.  Substitute in the appropriate
    information for "your-email-address" or "your name" (use your real first
    and last name).  Square brackets [] means the information is optional,
    usually for subscribing under a different e-mail address.

  - Some mailing lists have both immediate/bounce and digest formats.  Use
    the appropriate subscribe address or command.  A digest is a single
    e-mail message of all of a list's messages/postings over a certain
    period of time (daily/weekly/monthly).

  - Some entries include a description of the content and format of the list.

  - The last part of each entry is the e-mail address of the list manager;
    e-mail them at this address only if you are having trouble with the first
    subscribing/request address.

  - If the subscribe address is the same as the list manager's address,
    the last line is omitted.  The list manager's name appears next to the
    subscribe address.



::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 10CC/MINESTRONE/GODLEY&CREME capnbizr@interaccess.com (TJ Thurston) Message Body: subscribe Minestrone email-address your name The list discusses current information about the band 10cc and all related bands (Godley & Creme) and solo efforts, as well as sharing historical information. 10,000 MANIACS majordomo@egr.uri.edu Message Body: subscribe 10k_maniacs [email address] Mngr: Noah White <noah@egr.uri.edu> 2 UNLIMITED delaney@acy.digex.net A manually run mailing list. Weekly newsletter and news flashes. 808 STATE - see ZTT ABDUL, PAULA majordomo@csn.net Message Body: SUBSCRIBE PABDUL-L Discussions relating to Paula Abdul, her music, choreography, dancing, tour information, chart activity, etc. Mngr: Archie Medrano <amedrano@ucsd.edu>, Dan Zirin <zar@sundog.caltech.edu> ABDUL, PAULA straightup-request@southwind.net Mngr: Ken Sims <ksims@southwind.net> AEROSMITH aerosmith-fans-request@dartmouth.edu Message Body: subscribe aerosmith-fans AFGHAN WHIGS (Congregation) majordomo@iglou.com Message Body: subscribe congregation Mngr: Todd Bullis <tmorgan@iglou.com> A-HA majordomo@lists.best.com Message Body: subscribe a-ha your-email-address For Digest Version: subscribe a-ha-digest your-email-address Discussion of the Norweigan Rock Group "a-ha". Mngr: Peter W. Losher <plosher@wwiv.com> ALICE IN CHAINS (Angry Chair) angrychr@halcyon.com Subject: Subscribe Specify standard format *or* weekly digest format in message body. Mngr: Khadejah Dein <KhadejahJ@aol.com> ALL ABOUT EVE aae-info@thechurch.ebay.sun.com Message Body: subscribe Discussion of the group All About Eve, and their related solo projects. ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND listserv@netspace.org Message Body: SUBSCRIBE ALLMAN An unmoderated mailing list devoted to the Allman Brothers Band and solo efforts by band members Mngr: Eric Budke <budke@netspace.org> ALPHAVILLE (Utopia) listproc@tribble.uvsc.edu Message Body: subscribe ytopia Your Name This list exists for the discussion of the music and films of Alphaville and Marian Gold. It is the official Alphaville mailing-list, with regular input from the band's management. Mngr: Steve Blackwell <2cv@itsnet.com> AMOS, TORI (really-deep-thoughts) really-deep-thoughts-request@gradient.cis.upenn.edu rdt-request@gradient.cis.upenn.edu The list is available in a 24 hour digest format only. The purpose of the list is to discuss and disseminate information on Tori Amos and her music, and anything else that seems related or likely to be of interest to other Tori fans. Mngr: Anthony Kosky <really-deep-thoughts-owner@gradient.cis.upenn.edu> or <rdt-owner@gradient.cis.upenn.edu> AN APRIL MARCH astarling@octrf.on.ca (Andrew Starling) Discussion of the band An April March. No auto sub/unsub software. List available in Digest format only. ANDERSON BRUFORD WAKEMAN HOWE - see YES AQUARIUM RESCUE UNIT (ARU.net) listproc@netspace.org Message Body: subscribe aru your name We have created a discussion group for (Colonel Bruce Hampton, Ret &) The Aquarium Rescue Unit just for you. Topics for discussion include (but are not limited to) recent show reviews and setlists, tape trading, the new album, side projects including Fiji Mariners and the whereabouts of one Matt Mundy. Co-administrators: Jonathan Epstein <jepstein@titan.ucs.umass.edu>, Steven Butts <buttsste@student.msu.edu> ART OF NOISE - see ZTT AUTEURS, THE auteurs-request@niweb.com Subject:subscribe The Auteurs, Baader Meinhof and other related stuff. Mngr: Stephen Rushe <stephen@music.niweb.com> B-52'S (Whammy) majordomo@majordomo.law.emory.edu Subject: subscribe Message Body: subscribe whammy This is the B-52's most excellent mailing list. Mngr: Andrew Brendan (abrendan@mindspring.com) BALL, MICHAEL majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe michael-ball Mngr: Melinda Dawn Hart <aurora@world.std.com> BANGLES majordomo@hers.com Message Body: SUBSCRIBE BANGLES Message Body: SUBSCRIBE BANGLES-DIGEST List moderator: Jen Leona Jiblet Croft <jiblet@his.com> BASIA basia-request@jane.tiac.net Message Body: subscribe Discussion of Basia (Trzetrzelewska) and early Matt Bianco. Mngr: Jeff Wasilko <jeffw@jane.tiac.net> BEACH BOYS, THE smile-approval@smile.sbi.com Mngr: Michael L. Urbanski BEAT FARMERS, THE kdrew@nd.edu (Ken Drew) Message Body: subscribe BFer <Your Name> The list is a small yet vocal list containing info on the BFer and ALL related spin off projects (since C. Dick's death in Nov. 1995) BEE GEES listproc@cc.umanitoba.ca Message Body: subscribe Bee-Gees your name A worldwide forum for the exchange of discussion and information concerning the music of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb - the Bee Gees. Mngrs: Grant Walters <grant_walters@cc.umanitoba.ca> BEL CANTO dewy-fields-request@ifi.uio.no Discussion about the Norwegian band Bel Canto and related artists. Mngr: Kjetil Torgrim Homme <kjetilho@ifi.uio.no> BELOVED majordomo@phoenix.oulu.fi Message Body: subscribe beloved email_address BENATAR, PAT majordomo@southwind.net Message Body: subscribe Benatar-L Message Body: subscribe Benatar-L-Digest List server of the Pat Benatar Online Fan Club for discussion of Pat Benatar and the band. Manager: Joe Cross <jcross@southwind.net> BEN FOLDS FIVE maynard@oeonline.com (Frank Maynard) Subject: Subscribe Message body: Subscribe Ben Folds Five List your-email-address BIANCO, MATT majordomo@rrz.uni-koeln.de Message Body: subscribe matt-b Your-Email-Address This list covers the 10 years of musical excellency of Mark Reilly and Mark Fisher, known as Matt Bianco. BIG COUNTRY bc-request@specklec.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de Message Body: subscribe We are talking about everything concerning Big Country. Mngr: Markus Schoeller <ms@specklec.mpifr-bonn.mpg.de> BJORK/SUGARCUBES/ICELANDIC MUSIC (blue-eyed-pop) listserv@morgan.ucs.mun.ca Message Body: subscribe blue-eyed-pop Your Name Also available in digest form, add: set blue-eyed-pop mail digest Mngr: Gord Locke <blue-eyed-pop-request@morgan.ucs.mun.ca> BLACK ATMOSPHERE, NINTH CIRCLE, FEAR OF DOLLS ey273@cleveland.freenet.edu (Greg Forschler) or fear@rain.kcls.lib.wa.us These are three 'dark' underground bands from Seattle, WA - currently sharing one list. This is not an automated list. BLACK HAPPY dmj@alpha.sunquest.com (Don Jennings) A monthly newsletter that comes out at the beginning of every month, with all the latest news and tour dates about the band, Black Happy. BLACK SABBATH sabbath-request@fa.disney.com The list covers Black Sabbath and, to a limited extent, its former members. The list is only available in a digest form. To subscribe you need to send your name as well as your address. Mngr: Michael Sullivan <sullivan@fa.disney.com> BLONDIE - see Deborah Harry & Blondie BLOODLINE BLOODeMAIL@aol.com Subject Line: SUBSCRIBE An Internet forum for fans of BLOODLINE Mngr: Kirk Anderson <KirkA@aol.com> BLUES TRAVELER blues-traveler-request@cs.umd.edu Mngr: Dabe Murphy <dabe@cs.umd.edu> BOBO IN WHITE WOODEN HOUSES (White-House) white-house-request@wupper.de Subject: subscribe Discussion of the German band. Mngr: Klaus Kluge <klaus@inphobos.wupper.de> BOBS, THE (Friends of The Bobs) Majordomo@lists.best.com Message Body: subscribe netfobs Mngr: Eric Thompson <owner-netfobs@lists.best.com> BOILED IN LEAD (Leadheads) leadheads-request@apocalypse.org Discussion and announcements for the Minneapolis-based rock'n'reel band. Mgmt: Drew Miller <72133.3263@compuserve.com> BOINGO / DANNY ELFMAN (The O'Boingo Electronic Newsletter (OBEN)) OBEN@boingo.com Subject: Subscribe OBEN This list is not (yet) automated; subscriptions are processed every 4-6 weeks. The OBEN is a periodic electronic newsletter for Tender Lumplings and Mystic Knights who would like timely and accurate information regarding Boingo (formerly Oingo Boingo), also Danny Elfman and the (new) Mystics of the West. It is officially recognized and supported by Boingo Promotions. Mngr: Eric L. Neumann <elnppr@rit.edu> or <BoingoNews@aol.com> BOLTON, MICHAEL (Boltonlist) ai411@yfn.ysu.edu (Lu Ann Johnson) The list is an electronic discussion of Michael Bolton and his music. Mngrs: Bev Woolf <bwoolf@pro-woolf.clark.net> BON JOVI (The Jersey Syndicate) BJLISTSUB@aol.com Discussion list for the music of Bon Jovi and a source for information about the band. Currently available as a daily digest, but may soon be moving to the bounce format Mngr: Melanie Brown <Melanie725@aol.com> or <rsambora@jade.mv.com> BON JOVI (Wanted...Bon Jovi) ktrappe@indiana.edu (Kevin L. Trappe) An Internet discussion group for the fans of Bon Jovi. Include the word "Subscribe" and your email address in your request. BOOK OF LOVE (Lullaby) majordomo@tcp.com Message Body: subscribe lullaby Mngr: Jim Lick <majordomo-owner@tcp.com> BOO RADLEYS, THE boo@downton.demon.co.uk Message Body: subscribe boo The Boo Radleys are an indie pop group based in the UK. This list gives the latest news and gossip, discusses and informs other members of 'little-known' tracks and acts as an information feed. Mngr: Christian Downton <christian@downton.demon.co.uk> BOY GEORGE/CULTURE CLUB/JESUS LOVE YOU (Kissing To Be Clever) Kissing-to-be-Clever-request@umich.edu OR KTBC-request@umich.edu Subject: SUBSCRIBE Message Body: subscribe your name The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss and disseminate information about Boy George, his music, or anything else you might happen to consider relevant or of interest to other fans. Such information may cover his solo years his years with Culture Club or Jesus Loves You. Mngr: Sherri Slotman <Kissing-to-be-Clever-request@umich.edu> BRAGG, BILLY majordomo@fish.com Message Body: subscribe billy-bragg For the discussion of all things billy. Mngr: Dan Farmer <zen@fish.com> BROWN, GREG majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe gbrown-l For digest format: subscribe gbrown-l-digest This list is for the discussion of Greg Brown's song writing and performances. Mngr: Ron Mura <rmura@world.std.com> BUCKLEY, JEFF (The JEFF BUCKLEY Mailing List) buckley@mordor.com To subscribe type "subscribe" in header or body -- manually processed. Dedicated to discussion of Jeff Buckley and his music. Mngr: CaRoL E. Mariconda <rcmaric@mordor.com> BUCKLEY, TIM (the tim buckley mailing list) buckley@interactive.net Subject or Message Body: subscribe Dedicated to discussion of the late great singer/songwriter Tim Buckley and his music. Mngr: CaRoL E. Mariconda <rcmaric@mordor.com> BUSH, KATE (love-hounds) love-hounds-request@uunet.uu.net love-hounds is also available as rec.music.gaffa (moderated newsgroup) Mngr: Bill Wisner <wisner@uunet.uu.net> BYRDS richruss@gate.net (Richard Russell) Subject: Subscribe Weekly digest. CAGE, JOHN majordomo@bga.com Message Body: subscribe silence [email_address] This list is for discussions of the music, philosophies, writings, art, life, influences, and influence of the late John Cage. The list includes a wide range of members, ranging from those who have recently read or heard of him for the first time to experts on his work. It is not connected in any way with the John Cage estate. Mngr: Joseph Zitt <jzitt@humansystems.com> CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN (Campervan-Etc) campervan-etc-request@mando.engr.sgi.com Message Body: subscribe campervan-etc Dedicated to the discussion of everything pertaining to the now defunct group Camper Van Beethoven, including related bands such as Cracker and Monks of Doom. Distributed in both "bounce" and "digest" lists. Mngr: John Relph <relph@sgi.com> CANDLEBOX sharma@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca (Pragya) Subject: Candlebox! CARPENTER, MARY CHAPIN (MCCIFC) ua700@ciao.trail.bc.ca Subject: subscribe MCCIFC your-email-address The MCCIFC will be run in a newsletter format, which will be distributed to members who request this service. Initially, the newsletter will be sent out bi-monthly (once every two months) starting in January, 1995, and this might become monthly if it is deemed necessary. Pres: Alfred P Lam <as476@freenet.carleton.ca> CARPENTERS, THE schmidt_r@swosu.edu (Randy Schmidt) Subject: subscribe Message Body: subscribe Newville Ave <and a short personal bio> Very new list of fans of The Carpenters. This list is run manually! CAREY, MARIAH (Vision) majordomo@southwind.net Message Body: subscribe mariah-news CATHERINE WHEEL (Strange Fruit) fruit-request@gdb.org Message Body: subscribe your-email-address your name I am not a listserv; I login to add users/answer questions usually once a day during the work week, so I will get back to you ASAP. Admin: Patty Haley <fruitreq@gdb.org> CAVE, NICK (goodson) goodson-request@geog.leeds.ac.uk Discussion of the musical (and other) careers of Nick Cave. Mngr: Oliver Duke-Williams <oliver@geog.leeds.ac.uk> CERTAIN RATIO, A - see Factory CETERA, PETER majordomo@io.com Message Body: subscribe cetera Message Body: subscribe cetera-digest Mngr: John Jackson <beolynx@io.com> CHAPMAN, TRACY (The Tracy Chapman Internet Fan Club) tracy-chapman-request@julie.vf.pond.com Message Body: subscribe tracy-chapman An unmoderated forum to exchange news about this artist, to discuss her music and anything else related to her. Mngr: Christian Gleissner <cngleiss@cip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de> Julia Anne Case <julie@julie.vf.pond.com> CHARLATANS, THE (Then) then-request@lysator.liu.se Subject: subscribe The Digest version of the "Normal" UK group The Charlatans mailing list. Mgr: Erik Soderstrom <chief@lysator.liu.se> CHERRY, NENEH ghuliani@remus.rutgers.edu (Sefan) Message Body: SUB NENEH CHICAGO wfl@multipro.com (Bill Langston) CHUMBAWAMBA (CHUMBA-L) listserv@madrab.demon.co.uk Message Body: SUBSCRIBE CHUMBA-L Your Name For fan discussion of the rock/pop group Chumbawamba. Mngr: Joel Rowbottom <bibble@madrab.demon.co.uk> CHURCH, THE (Seance) seance-info@thechurch.EBay.Sun.COM Mngr: Morten Skjefte <morten.skjefte@Sun.COM> CLAPTON, ERIC (Slowhand) slowhand-request@daacdev1.stx.com Daily digest. Mngr: <slowhand-owner@daacdev1.stx.com> CLARK, ANNE aclark-request@tfbbs.tvinet.com Subject: subscribe Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Thomas Ziegler <onalarm@tvinet.com> CLARKE, VINCENT majordomo@tcp.com Message Body: subscribe vincent-clarke Discussion of the works of Vincent Clarke, including Erasure, Assembly, and Yaz. Mngr: Jim Lick <majordomo-owner@tcp.com> COCKBURN, BRUCE (humans) majordomo@fish.com Message Body: subscribe humans Mngr: Dan Farmer <zen@fish.com> COLE, LLOYD/LLOYD COLE AND THE COMMOTIONS majordomo@lists.best.com Message Body: subscribe badvibes-list Mngr: Ethan Straffin <drumz@best.com> COLE, PAULA (harbinger) harbinger-request@webcom.com Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Jason Greshes <jgreshes@netaxs.com> CONCRETE BLONDE little-conversations-request@dover.cerf.net Subject: subscribe For more help and a list of files to send, try Subject: help Mngr: Robert Earl <rearl@nic.cerf.net> CONNELLS, THE (Boylan Heights) jipson_art@msmail.muohio.edu Discussion of the North Carolina band "The Connells." Digest only. Mngr: Art Jipson <jipson_art@msmail.muohio.edu> COPELAND, STEWART - see The Police COSTELLO, ELVIS costello-l-request@rain.org Subject: subscribe Discussions on the music, lyrics, and work of Elvis Costello. Mngr: Geoff Parker <geoff@rain.org> COUNTING CROWS, THE counting-crows-request@ariel.com Mngr: Alan <Alan.Stein@ariel.com> COURSE OF EMPIRE (http://pobox.com/~leer/coe/list.htmlINITIATION) Majordomo@pobox.com Message Body: subscribe initiation This list is for discussion of the band Course of Empire. Mngr: leer@pobox.com CRACKER - see Camper Van Beethoven CRANBERRIES, THE majordomo@ocf.berkeley.edu Message Body: subscribe cranberry-saw-us your-email-address This is a bounce format discussion list of the amazing irish band The Cranberries. Mngr: Eugene Takaaki Shindo <sting@uclink.berkeley.edu> CRANES listserv@busop.cit.wayne.edu Message Body: subscribe cranes Mngr: <carl@busop.cit.wayne.edu> CROSBY, STILLS AND NASH (lee-shore) majordomo@blender.digital.com.au Message Body: subscribe lee-shore Message Body: subscribe lee-shore-digest Mngr: Mick Anderson <micka@jolt.mpx.com.au> CROWDED HOUSE (Tongue In The Mail) listproc@listproc.wsu.edu Message Body: subscribe ch your name Message Body: subscribe ch-digest your name Mngrs: <ch-adm@listproc.wsu.edu> CULTURE CLUB - see Boy George CURE, THE (Babble) MODERATED DIGEST babble-m-request@anthrax.ecst.csuchico.edu Mngr: Nancy Everson <owner-babble-m@anthrax.ecst.csuchico.edu> CURE, THE (Babble) UNMODERATED babble-request@anthrax.ecst.csuchico.edu Mngr: Nancy Everson <owner-babble@anthrax.ecst.csuchico.edu> CURVE majordomo@stack.urc.tue.nl Message Body: subscribe curve Mngr: Conrad Sauerwald <curve-owner@stack.urc.tue.nl> DANDY WARHOLS, THE(dandysrule) majordomo@northwest.com Message Body: subscribe dandysrule <your e-mail address> Official mailing list for the Portland, Oregon based band. Mngr: Kali <n9582246@cc.wwu.edu> DEEE-LITE Majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe deee-lite DEF LEPPARD (LepNet) lepnet-request@bga.com LepNet is an unmoderated mailing list dedicated to discussions about the rock band Def Leppard. List Admin: Denece L. Gerlach <lepnet-owner@bga.com> DENNIS, CATHY cathyden-request@keme.co.uk A list dedicated to discussion of English singer, Cathy Dennis. All form of discussion is permitted, provided its related to Cathy! List owner: Steve Brown <steve@keme.co.uk> DENTISTS, THE mail@dentists.demon.co.uk DENVER, JOHN (Rocky Mountain High) emily@sky.net (Emily Parris) Rocky Mountain High is a monthly newsletter about John Denver and his music. Subscriptions are handled manually. DETH SPECULA majordomo@deth.com Message Body: subscribe specula-fans Mngr: jon r. luini <falcon@deth.com> DHARMAS, THE (DHARMA-L) listserv@madrab.demon.co.uk Message Body: SUBSCRIBE DHARMA-L Your Name For fan discussion of the rock/pop group The Dharmas. Mngr: Joel Rowbottom <bibble@madrab.demon.co.uk> DISAPPEAR FEAR majordomo@fish.com Message Body: subscribe fear Mngr: Dan Farmer <zen@fish.com> DOKKEN/LYNCH MOB (Breaking the Chains) kirsten@pa.uky.edu or kirsten@mik.uky.edu (Kirsten DeNoyelles) BTC is a weekly mailinglist about the musicians that were formerly in Dokken and Lynch Mob. The issues contain recent news, tour dates, and release dates about the bands, as well as George Lynch guitar tab and discussion. DREAM THEATER (Ytsejam) ytsejam-request@ax.com Subject: asdf Message Body: subscribe ytsejam Your Name This is a high volume (~1800 lines/day) digest. For lower volume, try Voices or Metropolis. Mngr: Ryan Skadberg/Jason Hough <ytse jam-owner@ax.com> DREAM THEATER (Metropolis) metropolis-request@arastar.com Subject: asdf Message Body: subscribe metropolis Your Name This is an announcement-only, very-low-volume mailing list. Mngr: Ken Bibb <metropolis-ow ner@arastar.com> DREAM THEATER(Voices) voices-request@arastar.com Subject: asdf Message Body: subscribe voices Your Name This is a moderated, lower-volume discussion list which will start Mid-May. Mngr: Ken Bibb <voices-manager@ arastar.com> DURAN DURAN (Tiger-List) tiger-digest-request@indyramp.com This list is devoted to the discussion of Duran Duran, its members, spinoff acts, and the cultural phenomena that Duran Duran spearheaded in the early 80s to the present. Mngr: Robert Novak <rnovak@indyramp.com> DURUTTI COLUMN durutti-list-request@apollo.hp.com Low-volume interest list for material related to Vini Reilly's group. List management is not automated; mail is not digestified. Mngr: Rob Stanzel <rps@apollo.hp.com> DYLAN, BOB (HWY61-L) LISTSERV@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU Subject: Subscribe Message Body: SUBSCRIBE HWY61-L your name EASTON, SHEENA ghuliani@remus.rutgers.edu (Sefan) Message Body: SUB SHEENA DIGEST Message Body: SUB SHEENA REGULAR MAIL EATMAN, HEATHER CARSEAT@aol.com Subject: subscribe to mailing list ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN/IAN MCCULLOCH/ELECTRAFIXION (seven-seas) seven-seas-request@webcom.com Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Jason Greshes <jgreshes@netaxs.com> EDEN RETREAD eden-retread-info@klinzhai.iuma.com Mngr: jon r. luini <falcon@iuma.com> ELASTICA (stutter) stutter-request@webcom.com Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Jason Greshes <jgreshes@netaxs.com> ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA elo-list-request@andrew.cmu.edu Mngr: Derrick J. Brashear <db74@andrew.cmu.edu> ELECTRONIC - see New Order ELOY majordomo@cs.uwp.edu Message Body: eloy Message Body: eloy-digest A forum for discussions about the German band Eloy. Mngr: Dave Datta <datta@cs.uwp.edu> EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER arnold@iii.net (John Arnold) ELP Digest is a free, electronic publication that is "published" approximately every 2 or 3 weeks. It contains news and discussion about Emerson, Lake & Palmer: the group and the individuals. ENIGMA listserv@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au Message Body: subscribe enigma your name or Message Body: subscribe enigma-digest your name Mngr: Gavin Stok <gps@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au> ENO, BRIAN Eno-L-Request@noc.pue.udlap.mx A list devoted To Brian Eno and people related to him (Jon Hassell, Harold Budd, Roger Eno, etc.). Mngr: Alexander Rubli <rubli@noc.pue.udlap.mx> ENYA majordomo@cs.colorado.edu Message Body: subscribe enya Discussion of the music of Enya and Clannad. Mngr: Tim Hunter <tim@boulder.colorado.edu> ERASURE - see Clarke, Vincent ERIC'S TRIP majordomo@bronze.interlog.com Message Body: subscribe ET_etc your-email-address Discussion of Canadian Independent music and the band Eric's Trip. Mngr: Mitch Hastings <hastinga@tuns.ca> ESTEFAN, GLORIA/MIAMI SOUND MACHINE (Conga) conga-request@tango.rahul.net Bounce mail only - digest mail available in the near future. Mngr: Roy Sette <kl7@rahul.net> ETERNAL eternal-request@keme.co.uk Subject: subscribe Dedicated to the discussion of the UK R&B group Eternal plus ex-member Louise, including tour dates, new albums, and any other loosely related discussion. Mngr: Steve Brown <steve@keme.co.uk> ETHERIDGE, MELISSA (MLE-INFO) LISTSERV@VM1.MCGILL.CA Message Body: SUBSCRIBE MLE-INFO Your Name A fully moderated information service for Melissa Etheridge. No discussions may be posted here. Please include your full, real name. (It can be changed after you subscribe.) Mngr: David Johnson <OWNER-MLE-INFO@VM1.MCGILL.CA> ETHERIDGE, MELISSA (MLETHER) LISTSERV@VM1.MCGILL.CA Message Body: SUBSCRIBE MLETHER Your Name A discussion list dedicated to that wonderful recording artist Melissa Etheridge. Please include your full, real name. (It can be changed after you subscribe.) Mngr: David Johnson <OWNER-MLETHER@VM1.MCGILL.CA> EXTREME (Netgraffitti) jkramer@monmouth.com (Jason Kramer) Subject: SUSCRIBE Message Body: subscribe Netgraffitti Your Name In this list members discuss Extreme and their music. FAILURE (Small Crimes) listproc@u.washington.edu message body: subscribe failure Your Name Automated list about the band Failure. Mngr: Steve Reed <punchy@u.washington.edu> FAITH NO MORE/MR. BUNGLE (Caca Volante) majordomo@tower.techwood.org Message Body: subscribe cv or Message Body: subscribe cv-digest Mngr: Craig A. Johnson <caj@tower.techwood.org> FALL, THE listproc@gibbs.oit.unc.edu Message Body: subscribe fall your name Mngr: David Beus <dlbeus@gibbs.oit.unc.edu> FEAR OF DOLLS - see Black Atmosphere FERRICK, MELISSA LISTSERV@VM1.MCGILL.CA Body: SUBSCRIBE FERRICK Your Name A discussion list dedicated to Melissa Ferrick. Please include your full, real name. (It can be changed after you subscribe.) Mngr: David Johnson <OWNER-FERRICK@VM1.MCGILL.CA> FERRY, BRYAN/ROXY MUSIC (avalon) avalon-request@webcom.com Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Jason Greshes <jgreshes@netaxs.com> FISH - see Marillion FIXX, THE theFixx-request@pesto.eng.sun.com Discussion about the music of The Fixx. Mngr: Jeff Dinkins <jdinkins@Eng.Sun.COM> FLU, THE flu-list-request@unixg.ubc.ca The Flu, an indie chaotic guitar-pop band from Vancouver, Canada, in the Midnight Oil/Crowded House/Elvis Costello/Who mold. Mngr/Drummer: Derek K. Miller <dkmiller@unixg.ubc.ca> FOGELBERG, DAN (Fogelberglist) ai411@yfn.ysu.edu (Lu Ann Johnson) The list is an electronic discussion of Dan Fogelberg and his music. Mngrs: Bev Woolf <bwoolf@pro-woolf.clark.net> FORDHAM, JULIA (Falling Forward) maillist@banana.demon.co.uk Subject: SIGNON ff This list is for the discussion of the music of British singer/songwriter Julia Fordham. Mngr: Kevin F. Quinn <jflist@banana.demon.co.uk> FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - see ZTT FRIDAY, GAVIN/VIRGIN PRUNES majordomo@pobox.com Message Body: subscribe heaven Message Body: subscribe heaven-digest FRIPP, ROBERT/KING CRIMSON (elephant-talk) elephant-talk-request@arastar.com Subscribers in the Americas, please contact Ken Bibb at the above address. toby@cs.man.ac.uk (Toby Howard) Subscribers NOT in the Americas, please contact Toby Howard at the above address. FUZZBOX fuzzy-ramblings-request@dover.cerf.net Mngr: Robert Earl <rearl@nic.cerf.net> GABRIEL, PETER majordomo@ccsdec1.ufsia.ac.be Message Body: subscribe gabriel [email_address] end Mngr: Geert Peeraer <CCS.PEERAER.G@alpha.ufsia.ac.be> GALAXIE 500 galaxie-request@aald.demon.co.uk Message Body: ADD Your-Email-Address For discussion and debate relating to Galaxie 500 and Luna and indeed anything else of related interest. Admin: Andy Aldridge <andy@aald.demon.co.uk> GENESIS (Paperlate) paperlate-request@ansto.gov.au Message Body: subscribe paperlate your-email-address Daily digest, Message Body: subscribe paperlate-digest your-email-address Discussion of the band Genesis and all of its related spinoff solo projects. Current and former members, as well as significant spinoffs like Brand X, are all discussed. Mngr: Sue Town <slt@atom.ansto.gov.au> GERMANO, LISA (sycophant) sycophant-request@webcom.com Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Jason Greshes <jgreshes@netaxs.com> GIBSON, DEBBIE (Between the Lines) BtL@BtL.org Monthly or more frequent informative newsletter, and optional supplemental discussion mailing list. Moderators: Myra Wong <mkwong@btl.org>, Felix Ng <fng@btl.org> GIN BLOSSOMS (the strangers you call friends) majordomo@raven.dorm.virginia.edu Message body: subscribe gb [e-mail address] Mngr: Alex Huguelet <huguelet@butler.edu> GOD STREET WINE (finewine) listserv@netspace.org Message Body: subscribe finewine your name Mngr: Budke <budke@netspace.org> GOULD, GLENN majordomo@email.rutgers.edu Message Body: subscribe f_minor your-email-address This mailing list is for the discussion of the recordings, broadcasts and philosophy of the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould. Mngr: Mary Jo Watts <mwatts@rci.rutgers.edu> GOV'T MULE MULEemail@aol.com Subject Line: SUBSCRIBE An Internet forum for fans of GOV'T MULE: Matt Abts on drums, Warren Haynes on lead vocals and guitar, Allen Woody on bass Mngr: Kirk Anderson <KirkA@aol.com> GO WEST gowest-request@worldmachine.com Subject: subscribe The Go West Digest Mailing List, gowest, exists for the discussion and fan-dom of the British musical group Go West. Subscribers of the list receive formatted digest "issues" with loads of interesting and important information about the band. Mngr: Eric J. Hansen <eric@worldmachine.com> GRANT, AMY (Amy Response Team) art-request@ipc.uni-tuebingen.de Subject: subscribe Note: ART is a 2 way listserver. All posts to the Amy Grant newsgroup are mirrored by the ART server to all ART subscribers. Articles posted directly to the ART server will also be mirrored to other ART subscribers AND posted via a gateway to the newsgroup. Mngrs: Andreas Haug <ajh@ipc.uni-tuebingen.de> Pradeep Bhatia <pbhatia@bnr.ca> GRATEFUL DEAD (High Volume) Dead-Flames-Request@gdead.berkeley.edu Message Body: subscribe dead-flames The mail volume is high on this list. For a more concise and informative-oriented list, see GRATEFUL DEAD (Info., etc.). Mngr: Eric J. Simon <simon@xtal0.harvard.edu> GRATEFUL DEAD (Info.,etc.) Dead-Heads-Request@gdead.berkeley.edu This list provides a lower mail volume ratio and more informative information. For more indepth discussion, see GRATEFUL DEAD (High Volume). Mngr: Mark Kraitchman <kraitch@eecs.berkeley.edu> GREEN DAY greenchs@indirect.com Subject: SUBSCRIBE GREENDAY GRIFFITH, NANCI (Nanci) majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe nanci email-address name For the moderated digest: Message Body: subscribe nanci-digest email-address name Mngr: Mark Ferguson <ferg@world.std.com> GUNS 'N' ROSES majordomo@teleport.com Message Body: subscribe gnr Mngr: <gnr-approval@teleport.com> HAGEN, NINA (Ekstasy) lists@creighton.edu Message Body: subscribe ekstasy-l Devoted to the Love Of Nina Hagen and discussion about the Queen Mother Of Punk and her music, activities, and appearances... Mngr: Geoffrey Ekstasy <ekstasy@vulture.creighton.edu> HAIR SHIRT korgel@seas.ucla.edu Message Body: subscribe A manually operated mailing list telling about upcoming events. HAMMILL, PETER/VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR (pH7) ph7-request@arastar.com Subject: asdf Message Body: subscribe ph7 your name Mngr: Ken Bibb <ph7-owner@arastar.com> HAPPY MONDAYS - see Factory HARDING, JOHN WESLEY (Weslist) weslist-request@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Chris Inglesi <cii@world.std.com> HARPER, ROY majordomo@bilpin.co.uk Message Body: subscribe stormcock Discussion on Roy's music and similar musicians. Early gig and release information. Roy's management are active participants. Mngr: Paul Davison <pd@bilpin.co.uk> HARRY, DEBORAH & BLONDIE (DHBIS) majordomo@primenet.com Subject: subscribe Message Body: subscribe dhbis A list dedicated to Deborah Harry and Blondie. Mngr: Louis A Bustamante <lab@primenet.com> HATFIELD, JULIANA/BLACK BABIES (juliana) listproc@mcfeeley.cc.utexas.edu Message Body: subscribe juliana your name A mailing list for the discussion of the works of the singer and songwriter Juliana Hatfield and her former band, the Blake Babies. Mngr: Wei Yeh <slowdog@mail.utexas.edu> HAWKINS, SOPHIE B. whaler-request@indyramp.com Lightly moderated list discusses the music and career of Sophie B Hawkins. Mngr: Robert Novak <rnovak@indyramp.com> HAYES, MARTIN 100561.2726@compuserve.com To receive information regarding this Green Linnet Irish fiddle player send email. HEDGES, MICHAEL (Taproot) mailserv@desire.wright.edu Message Body: subscribe taproot Facilitator: Dave Stuart <dstuart@desire.wright.edu> HENDRIX, JIMI (hey-joe) hey-joe-request@inslab.uky.edu Subject: subscribe hey-joe your-email-address Discussion of Jimi Hendrix, his influences, and those he has influenced. Mngr: Joel Abbott <abbott@inslab.uky.edu> HIATT, JOHN (Shot of Rhythm) shot-of-rhythm-request@chinacat.unicom.com Shot-of-Rhythm is an unmoderated, unedited mailing list which discusses the music of singer/songwriter John Hiatt. Membership is open to all with in interest in JH's work. Mngr: Chip Rosenthal <shot-of-rhythm-request@chinacat.unicom.com> HIGH LONESOME, THE(HIGH_LONESOME_ANNOUNCE) majordomo@io.com Message Body: SUBSCRIBE HIGH_LONESOME_ANNOUNCE HIGH_LONESOME_ANNOUNCE is a moderated mailing list created to disseminate information about upcoming gigs, appearances, releases, web page updates, etc. for the rock band, The High Lonesome. Mngr: The High Lonesome <thl@io.com> HIGHWAYMEN listserv@indycms.iupui.edu OR listserv@indycms.bitnet Message Body: SUBSCRIBE HIWAYMEN name The new mailinglist dedicated to the Highwaymen - Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash & Kris Kristofferson. Mngr: Steve Peck <speck@indycms.iupui.edu> HILJAISET LEVYT (Hiljaiset Levyt Digest) jju@prodax.fi (Jukka Junttila) Hiljaiset Levyt is an indie punk/guitarrock label from Finland. List covers all that's happening in Hiljaiset Levyt: Bands (Jalla Jalla, Lowdown Shakin' Chills, Juggling Jugulars, Wolfmen, Nightingales, etc.) new releases, tour dates, etc. + information about other cool finnish indiemusic. HIMMELMAN, PETER (Gematria) majordomo@lists.getnet.com Message Body: subscribe gematria [email address] Gematria is for the discussion of Peter Himmelman; his music, concert dates, web sites and more. We welcome you to join. Mngr: Dennis Sacks <dsacks@getnet.com> HINE, RUPERT RupertHineFans-request@pesto.eng.sun.com Discussions of musician/producer Rupert Hine. Mngr: Jeff Dinkins (jeff@Eng.Sun.Com) HITCHCOCK, ROBYN/SOFT BOYS (Fegmaniax) fegmaniax-request@ecto.org Forum for news and discussion of Robyn Hitchcock and related bands. Mngr: woj <woj@remus.rutgers.edu> HOLDSWORTH, ALLAN (Atavachron) atavachron-request@msuacad.morehead-st.edu Atavachron is a moderated list dedicated to discussion of the works and projects of jazz guitarist Allan Holdsworth. Any discussion related to Allan or his music (past, present or future) is welcomed. Listmembers maintain contact with Allan and his management, so tour dates and other time-sensitive information is available. Mngr: Jeff Preston <preston@msuacad.morehead-st.edu> HOLE (Love List) manningd@esuvm1.emporia.edu (James Manning) Subject: Hole Message Body: subscribe LOVE <your e-address> Forum for discussing the rock group Hole. HOLE - also see Nirvana and Hole HOLLY COLE TRIO hct-admin@calum.csclub.uwaterloo.ca (Chris Camfield) A non-automated list dedicated to discussion of the Holly Cole Trio, a Canadian jazz trio characterized by borrowing songs from other traditions (such as country) and remaking them in their own style. HOROWITZ, VLADMIR c5016694@hkbu.edu.hk. This mailing list is the discussion on the great pianist, Vladmir Horowitz, whether it is his recordings, his approach to music and any other thing of his. HOTHOUSE FLOWERS yaboss@cc.bellcore.com (Alyse Leibowitz) Message Body: subscribe your-email-address A discussion of the Hothouse Flowers' music and related things. HUNTER-MOTT majordomo@pobox.com Message Body: subscribe hunter-mott Message Body: subscribe hunter-mott digest The activities of Ian Hunter, Mott The Hoople and related artists. List owner: Rory Musil <musil@primenet.com> ICEHOUSE majordomo@massey.ac.nz Message Body: subscribe icehouse-list Mngr: Brent Foster <B.R.Foster@massey.ac.nz> INCOGNITO incognito-request@worldmachine.com Subject: subscribe The Incognito Digest Mailing List exists for the discussion and fan-dom of the musical group Incognito. Subscribers of the list receive formatted digest "issues" with loads of interesting and important information about the band. Mngr: Eric J. Hansen <eric@worldmachine.com> INDIGO GIRLS listserv@netspace.org Message Body: subscribe indigo-girls your name Discussion of the music of the Indigo Girls and related artists. Mngr: Jude Shabry <hey_jude@brown.edu> INFORMATION SOCIETY automailer@magellan.creighton.edu Message Body: subscribe insoc-list your-email-address Mngr: Brad Will <duke@phoenix.creighton.edu> INNOCENCE MISSION, THE majordomo@ecto.org Message Body: subscribe IM your-email-address List moderator: Heather Myers <hcmyers@paonline.com> or <heather923@aol.com> List technical manager: Greg Bossert <bossert@clairsearch.ecto.org> INXS inxs-list-request@iastate.edu Discussion of INXS, an Australian pop/rock band. Simple mail reflector, no digest or automation. Mngr: Jason Braddy <jlbraddy@iastate.edu> IQ (It All Posts Here) nmd@newton.npl.co.uk (Neil Durant) The list is all run manually, so just plain english requests will do. The list runs in a digest format, with issues of the digest coming out every couple of days. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: JACKOPIERCE majordomo@kspace.com Message Body: SUBSCRIBE JP YOUR-EMAIL-ADDRESS Mngr: <editors@kspace.com> JACKSON, JANET list@xs4all.nl Message Body: subscribe Janet your-email-address Mngr: Ricardo Kustner <hammer1@xs4all.nl> JACKSON, JOE majordomo@primenet.com Message Body: subscribe joe-jackson Mngr: Brad Waddell <bradw@aztec.asu.edu> JACKSON, MICHAEL (Michael Jackson Net Fan Club) mjj@fred.net Subject: subscribe Subject: subscribe Digest JADE WARRIOR majordomo@iq.3do.com Message body: subscribe jade-warrior Discussions concerning the British rock/world/new-age/progressive group Jade Warrior, and related topics. Mngr: Dave Platt <dplatt@3do.com> JAMES (One Hand Clapping) lrussink@drew.drew.edu The purpose of this list is the discussion of the band James, their music, tourdates, rumors--anything even loosely related to the group. JANE'S ADDICTION janes-addiction-request@inslab.uky.edu Subject: subscribe janes-addiction your-email-address Discussion of anything related to the defunct band Jane's Addiction and the former members' current projects (Porno for Pyros, Deconstruction, and yes, even the Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.). Mngr: Joel Abbott <abbott@inslab.uky.edu> JAPAN - see Sylvian, David JARRE jarre-request@cs.uwp.edu (Dave Datta) A forum for discussions about music of the Jarre family. Primary discussion is of Jean-Michel and artists that work with him. The discussions are not moderated, but the discussions have some small relation to Jarre. The list is available as a daily digest and reflector. JAZZ BUTCHER CONSPIRACY, THE jbc-list-request@pasture.ecn.purdue.edu The band themselves participate, non-virtually. Mngr: David Whittemore <del@ecn.purdue.edu> JEFFERSON AIRPLANE/JEFFERSON STARSHIP/HOT TUNA/JEFFERSON STARSHIP-THE NEXT GENERATION listserv@netspace.org Subject: subscribe 2400fulton Mngr: Jeff Zahnen <number6@grove.ufl.edu> JESUS JONES magazine@cs.rmit.edu.au Subject: subscribe Mngr: Jason Lee <jbl@cs.rmit.edu.au> JESUS & MARY CHAIN majordomo@macel.st.hmc.edu Message Body: subscribe jamc Message Body: subscribe jamc-digest Mngr: Karl Stuber <21329ks@cl.msu.edu> JETHRO TULL (The St. Cleve Chronicle) JTull-Request@remus.rutgers.edu Mngr: Dave Steiner <steiner@remus.rutgers.edu> JEWEL jewel-request@jane.tiac.net Message Body: subscribe Discussion of alternative/folk artist Jewel Kilcher. Mngr: Jeff Wasilko <jewel-request@jane.tiac.net> or <jeffw@jane.tiac.net> JOEL, BILLY joel-request@chaos.bsu.edu (instant version) joel-digest-request@chaos.bsu.edu (for digest version) Subject: Subscribe Message Body: SUBSCRIBE email-address For more information, send a message to joel-request@chaos.bsu.edu with the subject "help" or "info". List Administrators: Reid Fishler <redhead@chaos.bsu.edu> Chael Hall <nowhere@chaos.bsu.edu> JOHN, ELTON the-22nd-row-request@uiuc.edu Subject: subscribe Mngr: Jim McKay <jjmckey@uiuc.edu> JONES, HOWARD blackwst@uvsc.edu Message Body: subscribe Howard Jones This list exists for the discussion of the music of Howard Jones. Also used to help fans collect rare Jones singles, etc. JOURNEY Journey-L-Request@wkuvx1.wku.edu Message Body: Subscribe Journey-L your name Mngr: <goathunter@alpha.wku.edu> JOY DIVISION - see New Order JUDYBATS, THE lserv@psg.com Message Body: subscribe judybats [email-address] Mngr: Dave Sill <dave@sacam.oren.ortn.edu> KADISON, JOSHUA (painted-desert) painted-desert-request@indyramp.com Subject: subscribe Mngr: Myra Wong <mkwong@egbt.org>, Robert Novak <rnovak@indyramp.com> KAHN, BRENDA EggOnDrugs@aol.com Write there or to me and ask to be added. Mngr: <MikeJE@aol.com> KANSAS (The People of the South Wind) kansas-request@traveller.com The People of the South Wind is a mailing list for discussing Kansas (the band, not the state :)). Mngr: Ryan Waldron <rew@traveller.com> KARKLINS, INGRID & BACKBONE (Passion) majordomo@guava.futuris.net Message body: Subscribe passion The preliminary purpose of the Passion List is finding our listeners -- our cohorts in this undefinable but undeniable musical passion. To create a link among us. And then, open an intelligent, passionate, honest and perhaps slightly odd dialogue about music and other observations of the microcosms and macrocosms of the world of ours. K.D.LANG majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe k-d-lang KELLY, PAUL (oph) majordomo@fox-in.socs.uts.edu.au Message Body: SUBSCRIBE OPH OPH is a list for discussion of the Australian singer/songwriter Paul Kelly and related topics. Mngr: Eva Zsigri <ezsigri@st.nepean.uws.edu.au> KENTON, STAN (Kenton.List) server@acc.rwu.edu Message Body: SUBSCRIBE KENTON.LIST your name Discussion of the music of Stan Kenton and his alumni. Listowner: Tony Agostinelli <TONYA@acc.rwu.edu> KING CRIMSON - see Fripp, Robert KING'S X kx-mgr@rfleming.demon.co.uk Subject: Subscribe Mailing list for the music group King's X. This is a moderated, digest style mailing list. It is full of discussion, critique, news, chat about the band. Some of the band subscribe to it too. This list is run by a human so please note: No listserv etc. commands. KINKS, THE otten@quark.umd.edu (Neil Ottenstein) Subject: SUBSCRIBE Discussion about The Kinks and related subjects. KISS (The KISS Army Mailing List) MXserver@WKUVX1.WKU.EDU Mesage Body: subscribe KISSARMY Your Name KLF, THE (Trancentral) majordomo@xmission.com Message Body: subscribe klf or Message Body: subscribe klf-digest This list is for the discussion of music performed or produced by Bill Drummond and/or Jimmy Cauty. This includes the KLF (formerly the JAMS and The Timelords, now known as The K Foundation) as well as directlyrelated projects such as Brilliant, Disco 2000, Space, and any of the dozens of other groups that have been touched by the hands of Drummond, Cauty, and company. It is *not* for the discussion of The Orb. Mngr: Lazlo Nibble <lazlo@xmission.com> KRAFTWERK kraftwerk-request@cs.uwp.edu(Dave Datta) A forum for discussions about the German band, Kraftwerk and other related German Electronic artists. The discussions are not moderated. The list is available as a daily digest and reflector. LAM, SANDY listserv@NETCOM.COM Message Body: subscribe sandy-l your-email-address This list is set up for all Sandy Lam fans to exchange ideas and news about this talented artist. Mngr: <sleepy@netcom.com> LAUPER, CYNDI (she bop) shebop-request@law.emory.edu Mngr: Stuart Myerburg <labspm@emoryu1.cc.emory.edu> LED ZEPPLIN (Digital Grafitti) listserv@cornell.edu Message Body: subscribe zeppelin-l your_name Mngr: Matt Hill <mlh1@cornell.edu> LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (Cloud-Zero) cloud-zero-request@clas.suffolk.edu Subject: subscribe [e-mail address] (no message body required) Discussion of music and influences of Edward Ka-Spel, Legendary Pink Dots, Tear Garden, MIMIR, and other spinoffs and collaborations. Mngr: Alan Ezust <cloud-zero-owner@clas.suffolk.edu> LEGERE, PHOEBE/4 NURSES OF THE APOCALYPSE/PUNK superbytch@aol.com Message Body: subscribe Phoebe Legere/4 Nurses Wet Nurse Newsletter/tour dates, lyrics, weird photos. Mngr: Joan Lenin <superbytch@aol.com> LEMONHEADS (Hate Your Friends) majordomo@canuck.com Message Body: subscribe hyf Mngr: Alyssa Kent <firebug@canuck.com> LETTERS TO CLEO cleo@world.std.com Write a letter....say hello and ask to be put on the list. Letters to Cleo mail is moderated and is distributed in a digest format. Mngr: Ricky Rickles <ricklesr@ariad.com> LEVEL 42 level42-request@worldmachine.com Subject: subscribe The Level 42 Digest Mailing List exists for the discussion and fan-dom of the British musical group Level 42. Subscribers of the list receive formatted digest "issues" with loads of interesting and important information about the world's *best* Brit funk band! Mngr: Eric J. Hansen <eric@worldmachine.com> LIGHTHOUSE (Beacon) lighthouse@qmusic.com The mailing list beacon provides information about the latest goings-on with the revival of the legendary Canadian band "Lighthouse" who were well known in the late 60's and early 70's. Mngr: Donald Quan <dq@qmusic.com> LITTLE FEAT hoyhoy@ultranet.com Subject: subscribe hoyhoy your name An unmoderated mailing list about the band Little Feat and their music. Mngr: Red Miller <fmiller@it.berklee.edu> +LIVE+ (Straight Outta York) live-request@mediafive.yyz.com The official Live mailing list. Please send your name with your request. We are not an automated listserv so don't treat us like one! Mngr: List Manager <live-mgr@mediafive.yyz.com> +LIVE+ too (Iris: The Proudly Unofficial Live Mailing List) listserv@core-dump.async.vt.edu Message Body: subscribe live For help using the listserv software, send email containing "help" to the same address. Mngr: Andy "speed-racer" Wagliardo <awagliar@vt.edu> LOUD FAMILY (loud-fans) majordomo@lists.getnet.com Message Body: subscribe loud-fans This list is for Loud Family and Game Theory fans to discuss Scott Miller and Company; anything is fair game. It also contains official announcements from the group. Mngr: Dennis Sacks <dsacks@getnet.com> LOVE AND ROCKETS (Love Rox) majordomo@ic.net Message Body: subscribe loverox Your Name <e-mail address> Discussion of Love and Rockets and related artists/bands Mngr: Steve Rogers <loverox@mrrogers.recordings.com> LUNA - see Galaxie 500 LUSH (starlust) listserv@xs4all.nl Message Body: subscribe starlust your-email-address Starlust is completely dedicated to the works of LUSH. Mngr: Cyril <owner-starlust@xs4all.nl> LYNCH MOB - see Dokken MACCOLL, KIRSTY brtk@musicb.mcgill.ca (Adam) Simply email an introduction message stating your address. MADONNA madonna-request@umich.edu Reflector; List volume is high! madonna-digest-request@umich.edu Mngr: Jim Simpson <freyjs@umich.edu> MAHLER, GUSTAV mahler-l-request@webcom.com Message Body: subscribe Gustav Mahler, late romantic composer. Mngr: Jason Greshes <jgreshes@netaxs.com> MANIC STREET PREACHERS t.bowden@qub.ac.uk (Tony Bowden) Message Body: subscribe manics MARILLION/FISH (Freaks) freaks-request@ax.com Subject: asdf Message Body: subscribe freaks Your Name Discussion of Marillion/Fish/related groups and projects. Mngr: Jeroen Schipper <freaks-owner@ax.com> MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS gzverev@rpc.glas.apc.org (Gleb G. Zverev) Discussion about Martha And The Muffins (8 albums, 6 of them not yet available on CD) List moderated. MASSE, JULIE majordomo@wimsey.com Message Body: subscribe juliemasse-liste (Note: French spelling of liste) Ces listes de correspondance sont de nature multilingue. Emploie n'importe quelle langue dans laquelle tu te sens confortable. These are MULTILINGUAL mailing lists. Use any language you feel comfortable with. But also remember you may be limiting your audience to that language. Mngr: Raymond Hustad <Fan-Julie@Musique.org> MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP msrlist@aol.com To discuss master/slave relationships and related topics including Debbie Jaffe's musical entity. Mngr: Deborah Jaffe <cybertzara@aol.com> McCAIN, EDWIN(SOLITUDE) Majordomo@pobox.com Message Body: subscribe solitude This is the discussion group for the Edwin McCain band. Mngr: Justin Sonfield <justin@pobox.com> MCGUINN, ROGER richruss@gate.net (Richard Russell) Subject: Subscribe This is a digestified list, which means you will at one message each weekday containing all of the messages sent to it. MCKEE, MARIA/LONE JUSTICE (Little Diva) mckeefan-request@nic.iii.net Message Body: subscribe mckeefan your-email-address "Little Diva" is for discussion of Maria McKee, Lone Justice and related topics. The list is low volume and bounce mode only. Mngr: Ken Bourbeau <bourbeau@kenmoto1.iii.net> MCKENNITT, LOREENA (The Old Ways) old-ways-request@lists.mindspring.com This is a discussion list about Celtic harpist/singer/songwriter Loreena McKennitt. It's availble in both bounce and digest formats. To subscribe, send email with your email address, and specify which option you prefer. Mngr: Christian Walters <cwalters@mindspring.com> MCLACHLAN, SARAH listserv@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au Message Body: SUB fumbling-towards-ecstasy Your Name Mngr: Stacey Wacknov <staceyw@casbah.acns.nwu.edu> MEAT LOAF majordomo@1webplaza.com Message Body: subscribe meat-loaf your email address Mngr: Susan Hlavacek MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD (MMW) listserv@netspace.org Message Body: subscribe mmw Your Name For discussion of MMW and related bands. Mngr: Brian Whitman <bwhitman@netspace.org> MELLENCAMP, JOHN (Human Wheels) da2x+request@andrew.cmu.edu The digest comes out weekly, on Monday nights. Just send me a short message to subscribe. Mngr: David Ambrose <da2x@andrew.cmu.edu> MEN WITHOUT HATS (hats) hats-request@cs.uwp.edu (Dave Datta) A forum for discussions about the Montreal band Men Without Hats. The discussions are not moderated but they should have something to to with the band or ex-band members. The list is available as a daily digest and reflector. METALLICA (MetallicA Digest) metallica-request@thinkage.on.ca (Ken Dykes) Processed manually by human, do not expect instant gratification. Only available in digest format. This is NOT the official fan-club. MIAMI SOUND MACHINE - see Estefan, Gloria MIDNIGHT OIL (Powderworks) majordomo@cs.colorado.edu Message Body: subscribe powderworks Discussion of the music and politics of Midnight Oil. Mngr: Tim Hunter <tim@boulder.colorado.edu> MIGHTY MIGHT BOSSTONES (MIGHTYLIST) Majordomo@pobox.com Message Body: subscribe mightylist The MightyList is an unmoderated discussion group about those bad boys from Beantown -- The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. This list is an unmoderated free-for-all for discussion of all Bosstone related topics. Mngr: <xcom@panix.com> MINOGUE, KYLIE poulet@shell.portal.com OR paulb@cs.uq.oz.au (Paul Burnim) This list also discusses Dannii Minogue and Stock Aitken Waterman artists. MISFITS msk4m@watt.seas.virginia.edu (Mark Kennedy) This mailing list is devoted to the music of the Misfits and related bands such as Samhain, Danzig, and the Undead. It comes out in digest form twice a week. MOIST erinb@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca (Erin Brennand) Subject: MOIST ME Message body: Subscribe [e-mail address] MONKEES, THE majordomo@primenet.com Message Body: subscribe monkees end Mngr: Brad Waddell <bradw@aztec.asu.edu> MONKS OF DOOM - see Camper Van Beethoven MOODY BLUES, THE lost-chords-request@mit.edu The list is currently unmoderated, and no digest form is available. Traffic is 20-30 messages per day. If someone wants to offer a digest version of the list, it would be much appreciated. Also, if someone wants to take the list over, that would be appreciated, too. MOORE, GARY gaz@sn.no (Ole-Johan Backman) Subject: GAZ - Subscribe Devoted to Gary Moore and his music. Place to discuss Gary Moore. Issues released each 5 weeks. Digest format with manual handling. MORISSETTE, ALANIS (Nails) nails-request@tamos.gmu.edu nails-digest-request@tamos.gmu.edu Subject: subscribe Mngr: Chris Nelson <AMowner@tamos.gmu.edu> or <cnelson@tamos.gmu.edu> MORRISON, VAN majordomo@fish.com Message Body: subscribe van Mngr: Dan Farmer <zen@fish.com> MORRISSEY, BILL majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe birches This list is for the discussion of Bill Morrissey's song writing, performances, and novel. Mngr: Ron Mura <rmura@world.std.com> MORSE, STEVE/DIXIE DREGS blickstein@dregs.enet.dec.com This is an interest list for fans of Steve Morse. The mailings come out in quasi-digest form every 2 to 4 weeks. MOTT THE HOOPLE - see Hunter-Mott MR. BUNGLE - see Faith No More MUDKATS, THE mudkats-info@klinzhai.iuma.com Mngr: jon r. luini <falcon@iuma.com> MY BLOODY VALENTINE majordomo@sunshine.io.com Message Body: subscribe mbv Mngr: <zeek@sunshine.io.com> MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT majordomo@i1.net Message Body: subscribe tkk [email address] Mngr: Xian Zombie <fydor@i1.net> MYSTERY JONES mystery-jones-request@media.mit.edu Extremely low traffic -- information (upcoming shows, etc.) and discussion about the innovative Boston-based band. To subscribe, send email (requests handled manually). Mngr: Keith Martin <kdm@media.mit.edu> NED'S ATOMIC DUSTBIN neds-request@halcyon.com Subject: Subscribe Ned's Atomic Dustbin and related topics. Mngr: Khadejah Dein <KhadejahJ@aol.com> NEREID CLUSTER zap@armory.com Mngr: Ford Prefect <zap@armory.com> NEWELL, MARTIN (Jangly) jangly-request@mando.engr.sgi.com The mailing list for Martin Newell and other jangling bands. Mngr: John Relph <relph@sgi.com> NEW MODEL ARMY (NMA) nma-request@mando.engr.sgi.com The mailing list for the discussion of the music and recordings of New Model Army, Joolz, and friends. Mngr: John Relph <relph@engr.sgi.com> NEW ORDER (ceremony) ceremony-request@niagara.edu THE place to be for New Order, Joy Division, and its various offshoots. Group maintains large ftp area with pix, lyrics, discographies, etc. Mngr: Richard P. Kernin <rpk@frontios.niagara.edu> NEWTON-JOHN, OLIVIA onj-request@anima.demon.co.uk Message Body: subscribe soulkiss <your name> Mngr: Richard Mudhar <richard@anima.demon.co.uk> N.I.L.8 nil8@cencom.net Subject: subscribe Midwest (U.S.) cornfed pooprock on FUSE records (chicago) along with the Blue Meanies, Busker Soundcheck, Wesley Willis Fiasco, and Shat with national distribution from FEEDBACK. Combines punk ('cause it sucks), space (like between your toes) and hell ('cause hell is kinda funky) with industrial undertones. "... a lot more consistent than many so-called big name alternative bands I can think of." ~Jello Biafra Mngr: shaggy <nil8@cencom.net> NINTH CIRCLE - see Black Atmosphere Lily@Digital.net NIRVANA (Teenage Angst) bfahey@netc.net.au (Neil Fahey) Subject: Subscribe TAML Message Body: your-email-address A list for discussion of the grunge/punk rock band Nirvana. Moderated digest form. Not automated. NIRVANA / HOLE (The Marigold-BabyD@LL Mailing List) marygold-babydoll-request@mailhost.wildstar.com Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Marigold <bcoffelt@spider.lloyd.com> NITZER EBB nitzer-ebb-request@iastate.edu Message body: subscribe [e-mail address] Mngr: Chris Rode <crode@iastate.edu> N.K.O.T.B. subscribe@nkotb.com Keep Keepin' On...an online NKOTB fan club. Mngr: Amy <amy@nkotb.com> NORTHSIDE - see Factory NOTARTHOMAS, JAMIE listserv@cornell.edu Message Body: subscribe jamie-l your name Discussion of Jamie Notarthomas, an acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter. Mngr: Jeffrey Anbinder <jta1@cornell.edu> NOVA, HEATHER epdouden@cs.vu.nl (Ewout Pieter den Ouden) NUMAN, GARY (Numanews) numan-request@cs.uwp.edu This list is for the discussion of any topic related to Gary Numan and related artists. The list is available only as a weekly digest. Mngr: Dave Datta <datta@cs.uwp.edu> NITS Bert.Wylin@kulak.ac.be To subscribe, just send a small note including your email-address. This is a bounce format discussion list of the great Dutch band the NITS. Welcome. Mngr: Bert Wylin <Bert.Wylin@kulak.ac.be> OCHS, PHIL (no-more-songs) majordomo@cs.pdx.edu Message Body: subscribe no-more-songs O'CONNOR, SINEAD majordomo@server.postmodern.com Message Body: subscribe jitr For digest version, Message Body: subscribe jitr-digest For add'l info send a message to jitr-request@server.postmodern.com (this is an auto-reply server with info only) Archive to be maintained at ftp.postmodern.com (currently inactive) Mngr: Michael C. Berch <mcb@postmodern.com> OLDFIELD, MIKE majordomo@damp.apana.org.au Message Body: subscribe oldfield Mngr: AnnMarie Scott <annmarie@damp.apana.org.au> ONO, YOKO (Ono-Net) LISTSERV@VM1.SPCS.UMN.EDU Message Body: SUBSCRIBE ONO-NET YOUR NAME Dedicated to discussion, among Ono's fans, concerning her art, music writings and life. Mngr: Brian Chaffin <chaff002@maroon.tc.umn.edu> ORB, THE (Cumulonimbus) majordomo@xmission.com Message Body: subscribe orb or Message Body: subscribe orb-digest This list is for the discussion of music performed or produced by Alex Paterson and Kristian ("Thrash") Weston. This includes the Orb as well as directly-related projects such as System 7 (known as 777 in the United States) Fortran 5, and any of the dozens of other groups that have been touched by the hands of Paterson, Weston, and company. It is *not* for the discussion of The KLF. Mngr: Lazlo Nibble <lazlo@xmission.com> ORBITAL majordomo@xmission.com Message Body: subscribe orbital or Message Body: subscribe orbital-digest ORCHESTRAL MANOUEVRES IN THE DARK (OMD) omd-request@cs.uwp.edu A forum for discussions about the band Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark. The discussions are not moderated but they should have something to to with the band or ex-band members. The list is available as a daily digest and reflector. Mngr: Dave Datta <omd-request@cs.uwp.edu> OTHER TWO, THE - see New Order OYSTER BAND, THE (oysters) oysters-request@blowfish.taligent.com Mngr: Christophe Pettus <cep@taligent.com> PARKER, GRAHAM majordomo@primenet.com Message Body: subscribe graham-parker end Mngr: Brad Waddell <bradw@aztec.asu.edu> PEARL JAM (Oceans) oceans-request@tamos.gmu.edu oceans-digest-request@tamos.gmu.edu Subject: subscribe Oceans is a list created for the discussion of Pearl Jam and related discussion. This list creates a lot of mail (we will have roughly 1,000 by the end of 1995) so we recommend the DIGEST format!!! Mngr: Chris Nelson <pjowner@tamos.gmu.ed> or <cnelson@tamos.gmu.edu> PET SHOP BOYS (Introspective) majordomo@tcp.com Message Body: subscribe introspective Mngr: Jim Lick <majordomo-owner@tcp.com> PHAIR, LIZ listproc@phantom.com PHILLIPS, SAM p9490086@qub.ac.uk Message Body: Subscribe SAM For discussion of Sam Phillips (ex Leslie Phillips) as well as her husband T-Bone Burnett, and other related artists. Mngr: Tony Bowden <p9490086@qub.ac.uk> PHILLIPS, SHAWN (Early Morning Hours) early-morning-hours-request@dip1.ee.uct.ac.za Subject: subscribe Mngr: Arlo Hennings <henni005@maroon.tc.umn.edu> PHISH phish-info-request@phish.net Type "subscribe" in the message to recieve information on the band such as tour dates, set lists, and other such things. PINK FLOYD (Echoes) echoes-request@fawnya.tcsi.com For and about things related to Pink Floyd, including present and past members. Religious arguments, e.g. Dave vs. Roger, strongly discouraged. We've been labelled "erudite" at times. Mngr: h.w. neff aka "bear" <bear@tcsi.com> PICKLES, DICKY jiffypop@mail.ibcco.com (Richard T.C. Pickles) Subject: Dicky Pickles Message Body: subscribe mailing list and/or fan club your-email-address PJ HARVEY majordomo@homer.louisville.edu Message Body: subscribe pjh-digest [your name] Mngr: Jason A. Dour <jadour01@homer.louisville.edu> POI DOG PONDERING (Poi-Pounders) poi-pounders-request@mando.engr.sgi.com Poi-Pounders is a mailing list for the discussion of the music and recordings of Poi Dog Pondering. Poi-Pounders is distributed in both "reflector" and "digest" formats. Mngr: John Relph <relph@engr.sgi.com> POLICE, THE police-request@xmission.com police-digest-request@xmission.com Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Nathan Miller <miller@xmission.com> POP WILL EAT ITSELF (PWEInation) listproc@anthrax.ecst.csuchico.edu Message Body: subscribe pwei-l Your Name This list exists to further discussion of the band Pop Will Eat Itself and related musical projects such as Wild and Wandering, Golden Claw Musics and others. Mngr: Mr. Orange <pberry@ecst.csuchico.edu> PORCUPINE TREE delerium@mail.bogo.uk (Ivor Trueman) Subject: subscribe porcupine tree Message Body: subscribe porcupine tree <your name> A mailing list/discussion group for Porcupine Tree, a UK band who have been described as an updated Pink Floyd/King Crimson amalgam with Ozric Tentacles overtones. The mailing list is run by their UK record label and we regularly publish information on new releases, gigs etc. POSIES, THE (Dear 23) majordomo@citadel.slumberland.com Subject: subscribe Message Body: subscribe dear23 Your Name Discussion of the Posies and related groups like Big Star and the Minus Five. Mngr: Wendi Dunlap <listadmin@citadel.slumberland.com> or <litlnemo@slumberland.com> PRETENDERS majordomo@hers.com Message Body: SUBSCRIBE PRETEND-L Message Body: SUBSCRIBE PRETEND-L-DIGEST List moderator: Jen Leona Jiblet Croft <jiblet@his.com> PRINCE SWAP LIST, THE (PSL) spth0001@frank.mtsu.edu Subject: SUB PSL Message Body: email address your name The prince Swap List is a monthly catalog that is available for free to all subscribers and fans. The catalog features posts from subscribers featuring information on trading Prince related items with them. PROPAGANDA - see ZTT PSYCHIC TV majordomo@island.net Message Body: subscribe psychic-tv For the discussion of musics and philosophies of Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle, Genesis P-Orridge, and Thee Process. Mngr: Brother Bali <mbali@island.net> PSYCHODOTS (Psycho Depot) gk764@cleveland.Freenet.Edu Discussion of the Cincinnati area band the Psychodots. Mgmt: Mike Brown <gk764@cleveland.Freenet.Edu> QUEEN (QMS) majordomo@stat.lsa.umich.edu Message Body: subscribe qms Or Message Body: subscribe qms-digest This group is intended not only to discuss the rock group Queen, but also as a source of information about the band: discographies, lyrics, current status, band member's solo projects, etc. Mngr: Kathy Madison <klm@umich.edu> QUEENSRYCHE (Screaming in Digital) Qryche@ios.com A hand-edited weekly digest about all things Queensryche. REEVES, RONNA jevers@delphi.com (Jim Evers) Weekly distributed informational digest containing up-to-date Tour Info; TV/Radio Appearances; Fan Discussion; plus LOTS more! Ronna receives ALL Issues. REPLACEMENTS, THE (The //Skyway\\) majordomo@oasis.novia.net Message Body: subscribe skyway A digest-only list about the Replacements, Paul Westerberg, and all related solo projects. Mngr: Matthew Tomich <matt@novia.net> RESIDENTS (Smelly Tongues) epiphany@eznet.net (Dr. Fritz Rotwang) A manually moderated digest to discuss their music and art. Send email asking to subscribe. REVENGE - see New Order RHODES, HAPPY (ecto) majordomo@ns1.rutgers.edu Message Body: subscribe ecto or Message Body: subscribe ecto-digest Both loose mail and digest are available. Mngr: Jessica Koeppel <jessica@noc.rutgers.edu> RISE ROBOTS RISE (The Robotics Institute) MDB@cunyvms1.gc.cuny.edu (Scott M. Barnhill) subject: subscribe RRR ROBINSON, TOM (castaway) castaway@world.std.com Subject: SUBSCRIBE ROLLING STONES (Undercover) majordomo@pobox.com Message Body: subscribe undercover Message Body: subscribe undercover-digest Undercover is an unmoderated mailing list for the discussion of the Rolling Stones, rumours, reviews, gossip, facts, bootlegs, books, videos, solo material and so on. Mngr: Steve Portigal <stevep@rahul.net> ROXETTE owner-Roxette@eiunix.tuwien.ac.at (Martin Schoenhacker) Discussion of Roxette, and the members Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson. This is not an automated list, so don't expect an answer within two minutes (although is has happened) -- requests will be handled as soon as time permits, i.e. usually the next working day. There is also a "Digest" version available for subscription. RUNDGREN, TODD awizard-request@planning.EBay.Sun.COM Mngr: Ed Grieze <ed.grieze@EBay.Sun.COM> RUSH (The National Midnight Star) rush-request@syrinx.umd.edu Mailing list for the music group Rush. Mngr: <rush-mgr@syrinx.umd.edu> RUSTED ROOT listproc@envirolink.org Message Body: subscribe rust-tribe Your Name Mngr: Jesse Lackey <jesse@eye.com> SAINT ETIENNE (avenue) avenue-request@suburbia.net Subject: subscribe Message Body: subscribe avenue Discussion of the English group Saint Etienne. Mngr: Mark Dorset <colaboy@cola.net> SALONGA, LEA majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe lea-salonga Mngr: Erin Blair <eblair@nermal.santarosa.edu> SAMPLES, THE (Underwater People) samples-request@nyx.cs.du.edu Underwater People has been created with the purpose of discussing The Samples as well as sharing any new information that we get. Mngr: Noah Cole <NCOLE@macalstr.edu> SAVANNAH'S CRYIN' kdaw@yorkcol.edu Message Body: add list your-email-address Listings of show dates, album information, special concert events, and discussion of the group's acoustic/pop style. Mngr: Keith Daw <kdaw@marvin.yorkcol.edu> SCORPIONS (The Zoo) listproc@u.washington.edu Message Body: subscribe thezoo your name Discussion of the German rock group Scorpions and related projects. Mngrs: Gilbert Morton <ggm2977@tntech.edu> Gary Moore <magritte@u.washington.edu> SEAL - see ZTT SECTION 25 - see Factory SEPULTURA (Infected Voice) sepultura@cougar.vut.edu.au Subject: ADD ME Message Body: your-email-address Mngr: Mark <sepultura@cougar.vut.edu.au> SIBERRY, JANE (siblings) siblings-request@smoe.org Message Body: subscribe No e-mail address or name should be included. Mngr: Brian Gerstel <gerstel@underground.irhe.upenn.edu> SILVERCHAIR erinb@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca (Erin) Message Body: subscribe silverchair [your email address] Mnrg: Athena <athena@access.awinc.com> SIMPLE MINDS (New Gold Dream) new-gold-dream-request@dfw.net Subject: SUBSCRIBE You should receive a welcoming letter to indicate that you are on the list. The list discusses subjects concerning the band, Simple Minds. If you have any questions, please send them to the above address as well. Mngr: <melissa@dfw.net> SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES (SATB-L) Listserv@brownvm.brown.edu Listserv@brownvm.bitnet Message Body: SUB SATB-L your name SATB-L is the mailing list dedicated to the discussion of the band, Siouxsie & the Banshees and their members and side projects such as The Creatures and The Glove. All are welcomed to join the list. The subject will be ignored. List owner: Marshall Vale <Marshall_Vale@brown.edu> SISTERS OF MERCY (Dominion) dominion-request@ohm.york.ac.uk Subject: subscribe The list is primarily for discussion of The Sisters Of Mercy. This means in practice any of the works of Andrew Eldritch and also other bands appearing on the Merciful Release lable. It is NOT a forum for discussion of The Mission. Mngr: Pete French aka -bat. <pete@ohm.york.ac.uk> SKINNY PUPPY (smothered-hope) smothered-hope-request@mrfrostie.ecst.csuchico.edu Subject: subscribe List operator: <smothered-hope-owner@mrfrostie.ecst.csuchico.edu> or <lockjaw@ecst.csuchico.edu> SKIPTOE skiptoe@lexen.atl.ga.us Message Body: Subscribe Skiptoe your-email-address Mngr: Danny Carwile <danny@lexen.atl.ga.us> SLADE slade-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu OR slade-request@a3.xs4all.nl Message Body: subscribe slade your name your-email-address The British glamrock group. Cum on feel the noize! Mngrs: Robert Novak <rnovak@indyramp.com>, Adri Verhoef <a3@a3.xs4all.nl> SLASH'S SNAKEPIT (The Soma City Ward) spykert@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca (Simon Speichert) Subject: SnakList Message Body: subscribe SnakList The Unofficial Slash's Snakepit Info List!! Postings are weekly. SLOWDIVE & MOJAVE 3 (Avalyn) avalyn-request@lysator.liu.se Subject: subscribe Message Body: specify "Normal" or "Digest" version. Discussion of the UK groups Slowdive and Mojave 3. Mngr: Erik Soderstrom <chief@lysator.liu.se> SMASHING PUMPKINS (Listessa) listproc@cc.umanitoba.ca Message Body: sub smashing-pumpkins Your Name SMITH, MARGOT margot-list-request@xymox.apana.org.au Mngr: Anthony Horan <anthony@xymox.apana.org.au> SMITH, PATTI majordomo@eskimo.com Message Body: subscribe babel-list your-email-address Mngr: Caryn Rose <clr@eskimo.com> SMITHEREENS Smithereens-request@hookup.net For discussion of the American rock quartet the Smithereens (Pat DiNizio, Dennis Diken, Mike Mesaros, Jim Babjak). Any aspect of the band's music, videos, performance, graphic design, interests, fandom, hairstyles, wardrobe, etc., is fair game. Mngr: Joe Clark <owner-Smithereens@hookup.net> OR <joeclark@scilink.org> SMITHS, THE / MORRISSEY (Bigmouth) majordomo@langmuir.EECS.Berkeley.EDU Message Body: subscribe bigmouth Mngr: Payam Mirrashidi <payam@langmuir.EECS.Berkeley.EDU> SNIDER, TODD listserv@tamu.edu Message Body: SUBSCRIBE T-SNIDER Mngr: Kirk Lockhart <mango@tam2000.tamu.edu> SONDHEIM, STEPHEN majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe sondheim SOUP OR GROVER soupnet@iii.net Subject: subscribe SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY AND THE ASBURY JUKES majordomo@ici.net Subject: Subscribe Message Body: subscribe Southside your-email-address This is a digest-format mailing list for fans of Southside Johnny. Some of the band members plan to participate in the discussions. Mngr: Debbie May <dmay@ici.net> SPIN DOCTORS spins-request@world.std.com An unmoderated digest devoted to the discussion of the Spin Doctors. Mngr: Bruce Willner <lorax@world.std.com> SPOONS, THE listproc@skatter.usask.ca Message Body: subscribe spoons your name Include a Subject: heading. If any other text is included (like a signature or correspondence) you will (probably) be subscribed, but you will also receive an error message telling you there was an unrecognized command. The SPOONS mailing list was created to provide information about the Canadian pop/rock group "Spoons", featuring Gordon Depp and Sandy Horne. Mngr: Skeeter Abell-Smith <skeeter@skatter.usask.ca> SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE (Lucky Town) luckytown-request@netcom.com (Kevin Kinder) Message Body: subscribe luckytown LuckyTown is a digest-format mailing list for fans of the music of Bruce Springsteen. STABBING WESTWARD majordomo@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu Message Body: subscribe stabwest Mngr: Shannon Silverman <silverma@students.uiuc.edu> STACEY Q (we-connect) we-connect-request@indyramp.com Subject: subscribe Mngr: Myra Wong <mkwong@egbt.org>, Robert Novak <rnovak@indyramp.com> STATUS QUO status-quo-request@sonitech.com Subject: subscribe Message Body: subscribe yourname This list carries unmoderated discussion of the British boogie band Status Quo. List admin: Alex Gitlin <heep@sonitech.com> STEELY DAN steely-dan-request@uiuc.edu Subject: subscribe Mngr: <jjmckay@uiuc.edu> STEWART, AL majordomo@fish.com Message Body: subscribe al-stewart or Message Body: subscribe al-stewart-digest This list is for discussion of the songwriter/singer/musician/producer/historian Al Stewart. Mngr: Dan Farmer <zen@fish.com> STEWART, ROD (Storyteller) rodfans@kenmoto1.iii.net "Storyteller" is for discussion of the music of Rod Stewart past and present as well as the many musicians he has played with over the years including, but not limited to, Jeff Beck and Ron Wood. No special commands are required as the digest is compiled manually. Mngr: Ken Bourbeau <bourbeau@kenmoto1.iii.net> STING - see The Police STOCK AITKEN WATERMAN - see Kylie Minogue STONE ROSES, THE Majordomo@best.com Message Body: subscribe roses-list This list is for discussing the UK band The Stone Roses, their music, concerts, tour dates, etc. Mngr: Eric Thompson <owner-roses-list@best.com> STYX majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe styx Mngr: <eliz@world.std.com> SUBBACULTCHA listserv@cs.mcgill.ca Message Body: subscribe subbacultcha [email-address] Mailing list for Belly, The Breeders, Frank Black, The Pixies, Throwing Muses, Kristen Hersh. SUGAR/BOB MOULD/HUSKER DU majordomo@csua.berkeley.edu Message Body: subscribe sugar [your-email-address] Mngr: Stevie Collins <owner-sugar@csua.berkeley.edu> SUGARCUBES - see Bjork SUMMERS, ANDY - see The Police SUNDAYS, THE (Arithmetic) arithmetic-request@uclink.berkeley.edu Subject: SUBSCRIBE If you want the digest version, also put "DIGEST ME" in the subject. Arithmetic is the electronic mailing list dedicated to the intelligent discussion of the British band, The Sundays. Mngr: Cynthia C. Y. Tsao <ccytsao@uclink.berkeley.edu> SUN RA listserv@hearn.bitnet Message Body: subscribe saturn [your name] A list devoted to continuing discussion of the late bandleader, philosopher, and jazz pioneer Sun Ra. Mngr: <saturn-request@hearn.bitnet> SUPERCHUNK packagethf@aol.com (David Krinksy) A band from Chapel Hill, NC on merge Records. SWEET, MATTHEW matthew-sweet-request@edmonds.home.cs.ubc.ca This mailing list is for the discussion of Matthew Sweet and his music. Pretty much any subject having to do with his solo projects, or his work with other bands such as the Golden Palominos is fair game. Mngr: <owner-matthew-sweet@edmonds.home.cs.ubc.ca> SYLVIAN, DAVID / JAPAN sylvian-request@arastar.com Subject: asdf Message Body: subscribe sylvian Your Name Covers the works of Japan, David Sylvian, solo projects of other former members, and related artists. Mngr: Ken Bibb <sylvian-owner@arastar.com> TAGYERIT tagyerit@bcn.net Subject: Subscribe TagYerit is an indie band playing "quirk rock". The list provides updates on TagYerit's interviews & ongoing projects. TALKING HEADS listproc@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu Message Body: subscribe talking-heads your name Mngr: Cole Robison <milo@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu> TANGERINE DREAM tadream-request@cs.uwp.edu (Dave Datta) A forum for discussions about the German electronic band Tangerine Dream and related artists. The discussions are not moderated, but the discussions have some small relation to Tangerine Dream (solo works and instrumentation discussions are welcome). The list is available as a daily digest and reflector. TAYLOR, STEVE steve-taylor-request@edmonds.home.cs.ubc.ca Discussion of Steve Taylor, his music, lyrics, also concert announcements and reports, and side threads on other ministries he may be involved in. Mngr: <owner-steve-taylor@edmonds.home.cs.ubc.ca> TEARS FOR FEARS tears4-fears-request@inslab.uky.edu Subject: subscribe tears4-fears your-email-address Discussion of the bands Tears for Fears and The Graduate. Mngr: Joel Abbott <abbott@inslab.uky.edu> THE THE thethexxx@aol.com THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS majordom@super.org Message Body: subscribe [insta-]they-might-be your-email-address Mngr: Micah Anderson <they-might-be-owner@gnu.ai.mit.edu> or <they-might-be-owner@super.org> THOMPSON, RICHARD listserver@listserver.njit.edu Message Body: subscribe r-thompson in the body of the message. Mngr: Brian White <brw@hertz.njit.edu> THOMPSON TWINS/BABBLE blackwst@uvsc.edu Message Body: subscribe Thompson Twins This list exists for the discussion of Thompson Twins and Babble Music. TIFFANY tiffany-request@indyramp.com This list discusses the music and career of Tiffany Darwisch, and collection of items related to her. Mngr: Robert Novak <rnovak@indyramp.com> TLC majordomo@access.mbnet.mb.ca Message Body: subscribe tlc-list your email address Mngr: Allison Louie <alouie@mbnet.mb.ca> TLC MaldenTV@world.std.com (James Jackson) TOAD THE WET SPROCKET listproc@sprocket.silverplatter.com Message Body: subscribe Toad Your name TOOL (TOOL-LIST) Majordomo@pobox.com Message Body: subscribe tool-list It's about the band Tool. TORN, DAVID (Door X) pcole@sseyod.demon.co.uk (Pete Cole) TOWER OF POWER majordomo@cv.ruu.nl Message Body: subscribe top [email-address] A forum for discussing anything about the group Tower of Power, or any solo works by the band's members. Mngr: Ger Timmens <owner-top@cv.ruu.nl> TRAGICALLY HIP, THE listmanager@hookup.net Message Body: subscribe tragically-hip your name Mngr: <thehip@hookup.net> U2, (Wire) u2-list-request@inslab.uky.edu Subject: subscribe u2-list your-email-address Discussion of the band U2 and other projects in which the members of U2 are involved. Mngr: Joel Abbott <abbott@inslab.uky.edu> URGE OVERKILL (Mood Control) mood-control@psyche.dircon.co.uk Subject: subscribe Mngr: Jeremy Ashcroft <jeremy.ashcroft@almac.co.uk> VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - see Hammill, Peter VANGELIS (Direct) direct-request@celtech.com Discussion of the work of Vangelis. There are both daily digest and bounce modes. Please state your preference when subscribing. Mngr: Keith Gregoire <keith@celtech.com> VAN HALEN majordomo@lists.fdt.net Message Body: subscribe vanhalen your-email-address or Message Body: subscribe vanhalen-digest your-email-address VAUGHAN, STEVIE RAY (Texas Flood) Majordomo@dmu.ac.uk Message Body: subscribe texasflood [email address] or Message Body: subscribe texasflood-digest [email address] This mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of issues relating to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Mngr: Andy Humberston <iah@dmu.ac.uk> VEGA, SUZANNE (Undertow) undertow-request@law.emory.edu Mngr: Stuart Myerburg <labspm@emoryu1.cc.emory.edu> VIGILANTES OF LOVE listserv@NETCOM.COM subscribe vol-list your-email-address The Vigilantes of Love mailing list is for discussion of music made by Athens, GA, musician Bill Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love. VIOLENT FEMMES (ROCK!!!!!) bfahey@netc.net.au (Neil Fahey) Subject: SUBSCRIBE ROCKML Message Body: your name, your e-mail adress List for discussion about the band The Violent Femmes. Moderated digest form. Non-automated. WAINWRIGHT, LOUDON III majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe loudon For digest format: subscribe loudon-digest This list is for the discussion of Loudon's art--mainly his music, but his acting endeavors are fair game too. Mngr: Ron Mura <rmura@world.std.com> WAITS, TOM (Rain Dogs) listserv@ucsd.edu Discussion of Tom Waits' music and other works. Mngr: Matthew Maxwell <mmaxwell@ucsd.edu> WARSAW - see New Order WEDDING PRESENT majordomo@nemesis.berkeley.edu Message Body: subscribe weddoes your-email-address Mngr: Chris Ullsperger <ullsperg@mendel.berkeley.edu> WEEN knvo@maristb.marist.edu (Neil Kelly) WEEZER weezer-rules-request@inslab.uky.edu Subject: subscribe weezer-rules your-email address Discussion of the band Weezer and other projects in which the members of Weezer are involved. Mngr: Joel Abbott <abbott@inslab.uky.edu> WELLER, PAUL/STYLE COUNCIL/THE JAM (splinters) Majordomo@pobox.com Message Body: subscribe splinters Mnrg: Amanda Siegels asiegels@claven.gsb.columbia.edu WHITE, BRYAN m_c_008d@frank.mtsu.edu (Cindy Wolfe) A new up and coming swiftly rising young country music star. WHO, THE majordomo@cisco.com Message Body: subscribe thewho Mngr: Paul M. Moriarty <thewho-owner@cisco.com> WILDER, ALEC (awilder) awilder@cressida.cs.trinity.edu Message Body: subscribe awilder your name List dedicated to discussions of the life and work of the American composer, Alec Wilder Mngr: Ron Prather <rprather@trinity.edu> WILDER, WEBB MXserver@WKUVX1.WKU.EDU Message Body: SUBSCRIBE WebbWilder-L Your Name Webb Wilder is an electrifying artist and his adoring public hangs out on this list- check it out. Mngr: Ken Drew <kdrew@nd.edu> WILLIAMS, DAR Majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe dar-list-digest Mngr: Mark Ferguson <ferg@world.std.com> WINWOOD, STEVE/TRAFFIC/SPENCER DAVIS GROUP/BLIND FAITH (Smiling Phases) bobbieg@azstarnet.com (Bobbie Gay) Subject: subscribe A forum for comments and questions concerning Winwood, Traffic, Blind Faith, Spencer Davis Group, and any and all session work. WIRE (Wire Service) lubertdas@delphi.com Current information on WIR/WIRE and the Colin Newman, Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis solo projects. WONDER STUFF, THE malasky@ecn.purdue.edu (Curtis Malasky) To subscribe, send mail to the above address & info on our mailing list, FTP archive, and projects will be sent to you. WRIGHT, CHELY chelyfan-request@grendel.partyline.net Subject: subscribe chelyfan For Info and discussion of Country Music Singer Chely Wright and her music. Mngr: bill bowman <bill@grendel.partyline.net> or <wbowman@mail.win.org> XTC (Chalkhills) chalkhills-request@mando.engr.sgi.com Chalkhills is a mailing list for the discussion of the music and recordings of XTC (the band). Chalkhills is moderated and is distributed in a digest format. Mngr: John Relph <relph@engr.sgi.com> YELLO majordomo@cs.uwp.edu Message Body: subscribe yello or Message Body: subscribe yello-digest Mngr: Cliff Tuel <cliff@pdh.com> YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA majordomo@indiana.edu Message Body: subscribe jwgrote_ymo Tthis list will contain YMO and YMO-related communication (hosono/ sakamoto/takahashi solo projects, related genres) and will not be moderated. Mngr: <jwgrote@silver.ucs.indiana.edu> YES (Notes From The Edge) nfte@sol.cms.uncwil.edu Discussion of Yes, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe and related musicians. Editor: Jeff Hunnicutt <hunnicutt@vxc.ocis.uncwil.edu> Associate Editor: Mike Tiano <miketi@microsoft.com> YO LA TENGO tim@vestek.com (Tim McGinnis) For discussion of the band, yo la tengo, and related side-projects. YOUNG, NEIL majordomo@fish.com Message Body: SUBSCRIBE RUST Mngr: Dan Farmer <zen@fish.com> ZAP MAMA dave@tyrell.net (Dave Bales) Subject: SUBSCRIBE ZAPMAMA Zap Mama is an open, unmoderated discussion and information list for the 'World music' group of the same name. Zap Mama is a group comprised of five women based out of Brussels, Belgium. The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for their world-wide base of listeners. ZERO zero-request@rock.net Message Body: subscribe zero userid ZZ TOP zztop-request@cabana.ncsa.uiuc.edu Message Body: subscribe This mailing list is for fans of the blues rock band from Texas, ZZ Top. Topics of discussion include concert information, rumors, press releases and reviews, and more. Mngr: Peter Zurich <pzurich@uiuc.edu> :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 4AD RECORD LABEL (4AD-L) listserv@american.edu Message body: subscribe 4AD-L Your Name An unofficial mailing list devoted to the 4AD record label and the bands now or formerly on it, such as Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, the Pixies, the Breeders, Throwing Muses, etc. Other music of a similar nature (generally swirly / ethereal / noisy) is also fair game for discussion. Mngr: Jim Jones <jimj@clark.net> ACCOUSTIC JUNCTION aj-request@rock.net Subject: subscribe This is a lite list, which is not available in a digest. AFRICAN MUSIC (AFRIMUSE) LISTSERV@IUBVM.INDIANA.EDU Message Body: SUB AFRIMUSE Your Name Afrimuse is an unmoderated list that welcomes all discussions about music and the performing arts of Sub-Saharan Africa and the African diaspora. Mngr: Frank Gunderson <fgunders@indiana.edu> ALTERNATIVE MUSIC (Consumable) gajarsky@pilot.njin.net (bob) Consumable covers that loosely fitting world known as alternative music. Each issue (sent out every 2-3 weeks) contains reviews, news, interviews and some tour dates. Some artists reviewed in the last few months (8/94) in Consumable include Barenaked Ladies,Blur Consolidated, Erasure, Helmet, Killing Joke, Morrissey, Nine Inch Nails, Pop Will Eat Itself, 1980's compilations and periodically non-alternative artists such as Basia and John Mellencamp. ALTERNATIVE/MODERN ROCK jredmon@hpux.mesd.k12.or.us Subject: SUBCRIBE Personal top 50 modern rock/alternative songs and CD reviews. Mngr: Jess Redmon <jess123@teleport.com> AMBIENT MUSIC ambient-request@hyperreal.com ambient-digest-request@hyperreal.com Message Body: subscribe Covers ambient artists like Brian Eno, the Orb, Steve Hillage, etc. Mngr: <ambient-owner@hyperreal.com> AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB firefly@world.std.com List admin: Paul Austin <praustin@world.std.com> ANARCHOPUNK/PEACEPUNK (anok4u2-list) listserver@mail.ganesa.com Message Body: subscribe anok4u2-list YourName Devoted to the discussion of anarchopunk or peacepunk bands such as The Subhumans, Rudimentary Peni, Zounds, Citizen Fish, Crass, Conflict, etc. Mngr: Pat Brenner <patb@ganesa.com> ANDEAN/LATIN FOLK MUSIC (Andean Music Mailing List) majordomo@lvande.us.net Message Body: subscribe andino Dedicated to the discussion of Andean/Latin Folk Music and culture, including technique, announcements, instruments, sources, discographies, and related "chit-chat". List owner: <owner-andino@lvande.us.net> ANZENCHITAI anchi_regis@laputa.EBay.Sun.COM Subject: subscribe anchi Your-Email-Address AOR MUSIC (Striktly For Konissuers) thecompany@aol.com The topic is AOR music (bands like Journey, Survivor, Bon Jovi, etc.). ACID-JAZZ listserv@ucsd.edu Message Body: subscribe acid-jazz username This is a mailing list discussing the new musical style which fuses jazz, funk and hip-hop. Mngr: Gregory Beuthin <gregbb@uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu> BAGPIPES bagpipe-request@cs.dartmouth.edu Mngr: Wayne Cripps <wbc@cs.dartmouth.edu> BARBERSHOP LISTSERV@ADMIN.HUMBERC.ON.CA Message Body: SUBSCRIBE BBSHOP The list is for discussion of barbershop singing and the activities of organizations devoted to barbershop singing such as the SPEBSQSA, Sweet Adelines, and Harmony Inc. The list is available in both Digest and regular list forms. A moderated subset is also available. BASS (The Bottom Line) majordomo@magpie.com Message Body: SUBSCRIBE BASS-DIGEST your.email.address Discussion of all aspects of both electric and acoustic bass. The Bottom Line is a large volume list in digest format only. Mngr: Steve Manes <manes@magpie.com> BLUEGRASS & OLD-TIME COUNTRY MUSIC (BGRASS-L) listserv@ukcc.uky.edu Message Body: SUBSCRIBE BGRASS-L your name BGRASS-L is devoted to bluegrass and old-time country music. A daily digest option is available and suggested for this active group (1500 lines/day). Mngr: Frank Godbey <uka016@ukcc.uky.edu> BLUES MUSIC listserv@brownvm.brown.edu Message Body: SUB BLUES-L your name BOOKS, MUSIC (Music Books Plus) info@nor.com Message Body: Subscribe - Music Books Plus Monthly newsletter on news books and videos on music, songwriting, recording, audio, video, multimedia, lighting and computers. BRASS brass-request@geomag.gly.fsu.edu A group for brass musicians; Music, technique, etc. Mngr: Ted Zateslo <zateslo@geomag.gly.fsu.edu> BREAKBEAT MUSIC (Breaks) majordomo@xmission.com Message Body: subscribe breaks or for the digest version, Message Body: subscribe breaks-digest Breaks is the World Wide Web site and Internet mailing list dedicated to discussions, chat, news and information on breakbeat music. This encompasses the whole group of different breakbeat styles from old-skool happy hardcore to jungle, hardstep and darkside. Mngr: <dom@intanet.com> BRITISH COMPUTER MUSIC (brit-comp-music) mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk Message Body: subscribe brit-comp-music Your Name This mailing list is for the British computer music research community community to exchange information, conference/seminar announcements, job offers, and any other matters of interest at the national level. Mngr: Douglas Nunn <brit-comp-music-request@mailbase.ac.uk> CAPE BRETON MUSIC (CB-Music) CB-Music@chatsubo.com Subject: subscribe Those with a liking for Gaelic/Celtic music, fiddle music, "old tyme" music will be familiar with traditional Cape Breton music. The CB-Music list will be concerned with the traditional but also the current very active music scene in Cape Breton including grunge, blues, classical, neo-traditional and everything in between. The list will discuss all aspects of the current (past and future) music scene in Cape Breton including performers, performances, history, discology/musicology, venues and CB music as the primary natural and sustainable resource for the CB economy. Mngr: Jamie Foulds <webmaster@chatsubo.com> Michael Gurstein, Ph.D. <Mgurst@sparc.uccb.ns.ca> CELTIC MUSIC (Celtic Houston Digest) majordomo@chron.com Message Body: subscribe celtic-houston-digest Celtic Houston offers a discussion of Celtic traditional and contemporary folk music as being performed and recorded in Houston, Texas, by local and touring acts. CELTIC MUSIC CALENDARS majordomo@celtic.stanford.edu Message Body: info lists A set of lists, one for each US state and Canadian province. Each has a single posting each month, listing upcoming celtic music events in each state/province. Mngr: Gerard Manning <schedule@celtic.stanford.edu> CHAPMAN STICK (R) Touch-Playable Musical Instrument listserv@netcom.com Message Body: subscribe stickwire-L Stickwire is an email discussion group of musicians who use the two-handed tapping method on fretboard instruments including The Stick, bass and guitar. CHICAGO IMPROVISED MUSIC (chi-improv) chi-improv@listmac.acns.nwu.edu Subject: subscribe For the discussion of new improvised music created in or with ties to the city of Chicago, including, but not limited to members of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, Ken Vandermark, Jim O'Rourke, Gene Coleman, etc. Mngr: Joe Germuska <j-germuska@nwu.edu> CHILDREN'S MUSIC childrens-music-request@cowboy.net Subject: subscribe Message Body: subscribe childrens-music [your email address] This is a forum for children's music professionals and enthusiasts. Mngr: Monty Harper <monty@cowboy.net> CHORALIST listproc@lists.colorado.edu Message Body: subscribe Choralist your name Choralist is intended to be a communication mechanism for the exchange of information and ideas between practicing choral conductors. It is open to anyone, but is specifically oriented towards the choral conducting professional. Mngr: James D. Feiszli <jfeiszli@silver.sdsmt.edu> David B. Topping <agdbt@asuvm.inre.asu.edu> CLASSICAL MUSIC listserv@brownvm.brown.edu List for the discussion of classical music. Listowner: Catherine Yang <cyang@brownvm.brown.edu> CLASSICAL MUSIC (Moderated) listserv@home.ease.lsoft.com Message Body: SUBSCRIBE CLASSICAL your name The Moderated Classical Music Mailing List has been set up to be a place where classical music enthusiasts can discuss music, musicians, composers, composition, instruments, performance, music history, recordings and all topics even remotely related to classical music from all periods. Mngr: Dave Lampson <lampson@crl.com> COMMUNITY MUSIC majordomo@mpd.tandem.com Message Body: subscribe community-music Digest, Message Body: subscribe community-music-digest. This group discusses issues relating to community ("volunteer") bands and orchestras. Among topics that may be covered are music selection, conductor searches, funding, personnel retention, etc. Mngr: Ron Boerger <ron@mpd.tandem.com> COUNTRY MUSIC MAISER@rmgate.pop.indiana.edu Message Body: SUB COUNTRY-L This list is intended to foster the discussion of country music of all types. Discussion of bluegrass and gospel is not discouraged, but subscribers will be reminded specific lists exist for those discussions. Mngr: Larry Stephens <LVS@rmgate.pop.indiana.edu> CREATIVE MUSICIANS COALITION (CMC) majordomo@cs.uwp.edu Message Body: subscribe cmc DALSEGNO martinez@mhs.mendocino.k12.ca.us (Jack Leung) Subject: include "Dal Segno/Jack Leung" Download music - standard midi files and/or Finale 3. files for MAC DIGITAL GUITAR pvallado@waynesworld.ucsd.edu Music Technology for Stringed Instruments. Send mail to Mngr to subscribe. Mngr: Paolo Valladolid <pvallado@waynesworld.ucsd.edu> DO-IT-YOURSELF MUSIC (Gayoob's DiY Digest) gajoob@utw.com Gajoob is 'a weekly listing of do-it-yourself music recording and publishing info, distrubuted via Internet every Tuesday evening. DOUBLEREED-L listserv@acc.wuacc.edu Message Body: subscribe doublereed-l your name List owner: Ronn Boyd <zzboyr@acc.wuacc.edu> DREAMPOP-L (Dreampop) LISTSERV@NETCOM.COM Message Body: subscribe DREAMPOP-L DREAMPOP-L is an open, unmoderated discussion list for anyone interested in this type of music. As a point of reference, bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, The Boo Radleys, Swervedriver, Lush, Pale Saints, Lilys, Catherine Wheel and Spiritualized are a sampling of the sounds that are discussed. The topic is not limited to these bands and open-minded ideas and insightful opinions are highly encouraged although "flaming" should be kept to private e-mail. Owner: Jason Schmit <jschmit@netcom.com> or <jason@mtndew.com> DRUM drum-request@brandx.Rain.COM drum-digest-request@brandx.Rain.COM Message Body: subscribe [your email address] For discussion of anything related to drums and percussion. You can sign up for either the regular list (you get the messages as they're sent) or digest (compiled once daily). Mngr: Jeff Lewis <lewie@brandx.Rain.COM> EDUCATION (MUSIC-ED) LISTSERV@VM1.SPCS.UMN.EDU Message body: SUBSCRIBE MUSIC-ED your name A list for discussions of Music Education encompassing pre-school to collegiate learners. Low volume list. EDUCATION, UNIVERSITY-LEVEL (CTI-Music) mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk Message Body: join cti-music your name A discussion list for people involved in university-level Music education. It is run by the CTI Centre for Music which is a UK centre working on the use of computers to assist teaching in universities. Mngr: Lisa Whistlecroft <CTImusic@lancaster.ac.uk> ELECTRONIC DREAMS (emdreams) emdreams-request@cs.uwp.edu A discussion list for members of the Electronic Dreams Organization, emdreams is a forum for discussions about Electronic Music and musicians. "emdreams" (proper lowercase "e") is the official Internet list forum for Electronic Dreams, an international organization of folx who love E-music. You are required to become a member of Electronic Dreams before you can be a part of emdreams. Email elana@netcom.com for the Electronic Dreams information kit, and specify whether you want the ASCII version or the (much better) snail version. The list is available as a daily digest and reflector. Mngr: Dave Datta <emdreams-request@cs.uwp.edu> ELECTRONIC MUSIC (EMUSIC-L) LISTSERV@AMERICAN.EDU Message Body: SUBSCRIBE EMUSIC-L Your Name This list is intended to serve those interested in discussions of Electronic Music and all attendant topics. Conversation is welcome and encouraged on topics of Emusic composition, criticism, technology, and technique. Timbral research, MIDI programming, sly tricks for old machines, reviews of new toys are all dear to our hearts. Announcements of events and help wanted are fine. Ads for commercial products are not. Mngr: Joe McMahon <mcmahon@clark.net> ENSONIQ(R) DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor dp4@OAK.Oakland.Edu Message Body: subscribe The DP/4 mailing list was created for users, owners, and others interested in the ENSONIQ(R) DP/4 Parallel Effects Processor. This list is not associated with ENSONIQ in any way, nor is it endorsed by ENSONIQ. With that said, I encourage anyone's participation, including the folks at ENSONIQ that keep bringing us great music gear Mngr: Jeff Marraccini <jeff@oakland.edu> ENSONIQ(R) EPS/ASR/TS samplers eps-request@OAK.Oakland.Edu OR eps-digest-request@OAK.Oakland.Edu Message Body: subscribe The EPS mailing list has been created for users, owners, and others interested in ENSONIQ(R)'s line of samplers: the EPS (a.k.a. EPS Classic), EPS-16+, ASR-10, TS series, and friends. This list is not associated with ENSONIQ in any way, nor is it endorsed by ENSONIQ. With that said, I encourage anyone's participation, including the folks at ENSONIQ that keep bringing us great music gear. Mngr: Jeff Marraccini <jeff@oakland.edu> EPULSE listserv@netcom.com Message Body: subscribe epulse-l EPULSE is the weekly, truly musically omnivorous free email zine from the editors of PULSE! and CLASSICAL PULSE! magazines, published by Tower Records/Video. News, interviews, reviews and lots of stuff that doesn't rhyme with confuse, like the "epulse8," an annotated guide to what's on the stereos, VCRs and web browsers of the Pulse! staff. Epulse has its own staff of writers, though some issues do offer sneak peeks into upcoming issues of Pulse! and Classical Pulse! Mngr: Marc Weidenbaum <mrcwdnbm@netcom.com, pulsemag@netcom.com> EXOTICA majordomo@xmission.com Message Body: subscribe exotica Or for the digest, Message Body: subscribe exotica-digest Discussion of exotic and unusual recordings from the 1950s and 1960s. Mngr: Lazlo Nibble <lazlo@xmission.com> FACTORY COMMUNICATIONS (factory) factory-request@niagara.edu Discussion and intelligence related to the (former) label Factory. All bands on the label discussed. A comprehensive Factory discography is maintained by <dennis@transcom.brisnet.org.au>. Bands/Topics include: Happy Mondays, Durutti Column, New Order, Northside, Wendys, A Certain Ratio, Section 25, Quando Quango, Joy Division, Factory Classical, Peter Saville, etc. Mngr: Richard P. Kernin (rpk@frontios.niagara.edu) FILM MUSIC listserv@iubvm.ucs.indiana.edu Message Body: SUBSCRIBE FILMUS-L Your name Discussion of dramatic music for film and television. Mngrs: H. Stephen Wright <c60hsw1@mvs.cso.niu.edu> Ralph Papakhian <papakhi@iubvm.ucs.indiana.edu> FLUTE flute-m-request@unixg.ubc.ca This a mailing list to facilitate the discussion of the flute. Appropriate topics include: flute playing, players, and flute music. Owner: Cara Camcastle <camcastl@unixg.ubc.ca> FLUTE PLAYING (FLUTE) LISTSERV@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU Message Body: SUB FLUTE Your Name FLUTE is an unmoderated mailing list devoted to flute related matters. All topics related to both professional and amateur flute playing will be warmly accepted. Flute players, teachers, students, makers, repair technicians, and anyone with an interest in the flute are encouraged to participate. Mngr: Larry Krantz <lwk@uniserve.com> FOLK MUSIC, NEW AMERICAN listserv@nysernet.org Message Body: SUBSCRIBE FOLK_MUSIC Your Name Folk_music is a moderated discussion list dealing with the music of the recent wave of american singer/songwriters. List traffic consists of tour schedules, reviews, album release info and other information on artists like Shawn Colvin, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, David Wilcox, Christine Lavin, Darden Smith, Cheryl Wheeler, John Gorka, Ani DiFranco, Dar Williams, Ellis Paul, Catie Curtis, Electric Bonzai Band, Tom Kimmel, James Mee Maria Sangiolo, Buddy Mondlock, Nanci Griffith, Jim Infantino, Barbara Kessler, Dave's True Story, Suzanne Vega and many others. List Moderator: Alan Rowoth <alanr@nysernet.org> FRENCH MUSIC (Chanter) majordomo@wimsey.com Message Body: subscribe chanter-liste (Note: French spelling of liste) This list is for discussion and information on all french language groupes and singers. Groups such as MC Solaar, RudeLuck, Offenbach, Les B.B. Les Colocs, Singers such as Roch Voisine, Francis Cabrel, Patricia Kaas, Vanessa Paradis, Celine Dion and hundreds more. Ces listes de correspondance sont de nature multilingue. Emploie n'importe quelle langue dans laquelle tu te sens confortable. These are MULTILINGUAL mailing lists. Use any language you feel comfortable with. But also remember you may be limiting your audience to that language. Mngr: Raymond Hustad <FanClubs@Musique.org> FRENCH SINGERS, FEMALE (Chanteuse) majordomo@wimsey.com Message Body: subscribe chanteuse-liste (Note: french spelling of liste) This list is for discussion and information on such french stars as Celine Dion, Patricia Kaas, Axelle Red, Liane Foly, Julie Masse, Mitsou, Laurence Jalbert, Kathleen, Vanessa Paradis, Edith Piaf, Ginnette Reno, Francd D'Amour, Helene, and hundreds more. Ces listes de correspondance sont de nature multilingue. Emploie n'importe quelle langue dans laquelle tu te sens confortable. These are MULTILINGUAL mailing lists. Use any language you feel comfortable with. But also remember you may be limiting your audience to that language. Mngr: Raymond Hustad <FanClubs@Musique.org> FRENCH SINGERS, MALE (Chanteur) majordomo@wimsey.com Message Body: subscribe chanteur-liste (Note: French spelling of liste) This list is for discussion and information on french singers such as Roch Voisine, Francis Cabrel, Richard Seguin, Patrick Bruel, Daniel Belanger, Eric Lapointe and hundreds more from around the world. Ces listes de correspondance sont de nature multilingue. Emploie n'importe quelle langue dans laquelle tu te sens confortable. These are MULTILINGUAL mailing lists. Use any language you feel comfortable with. But also remember you may be limiting your audience to that language. Mngr: Raymond Hustad <FanClubs@Musique.org> GARAGE-PSYCH-BOMP RECORDS (Bomp-L) listserv@netcom.com Message Body: subscribe bomp-l your name Bomp-L focuses on the American indie label BOMP! Records - the oldest surviving indie label in the world (we're 21 years old now). Topics include not just Bomp releases, but any surfadelic garagepunk from the 50's and 60's through today. Mngr: Chris Barrus <kallista@netcom.com> GOSPEL MUSIC MAISER@rmgate.pop.indiana.edu Message Body: subscribe GOSPEL-L A list to foster discussion about gospel music, especially southen gospel in the tradition of the Oak Ridge Boys, the Stamps, and other similar groups. Mngr: Larry Stephens <LVS@rmgate.pop.indiana.edu> GRUNGE (GRUNGE-L) LISTSERV@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU Message Body: SUBSCRIBE GRUNGE-L Your Name Grunge Rock Discussion List. Mngr: Blaine Thompson <phredo@fortnet.org> HAMMER DULCIMERS hammerd@mcs.com Playing and discussing hammer dulcimer, cymbaloms, yanq qin and related instruments. To subscribe, send a request in any format to the address moderator will sort them out. Mngr: Bill Paulson <w.b.paulson@att.com> HAMMOND ORGAN hammond-request@zk3.dec.com The list is populated by hardcore fanatics/users of Hammond organs and their clones. This forum has a fairly low volume high density content of technical exchange. The Hammond interest list is a simple mail alias. There are no digests, summaries, or automated facilities of any kind available. Mngr: Mark Longo <longo@zk3.dec.com> HANDBELLS Handbell-L@ringer.jpl.nasa.gov Subject: SUBSCRIBE This list discusses playing and directing choirs of English Handbells. Mngr: Jason Tiller <jtiller@ringer.jpl.nasa.gov> HARDROCK listproc@lists.colorado.edu Message Body: subscribe hardrock your name The hardrock mailing list covers all things hardrock, from commercial to alternative to progressive, known and unknown, big and small. Digest format, issues come out every 3 days or so. Does NOT cover thrash/death/speed metal, etc. Owner: Phil Wilson <wilsonp@ucsu.colorado.edu> HARD ROCK/HEAVY METAL, WOMEN OF (ladykillerz) ladykillerz-request@arastar.com Subject: asdf Message Body: subscribe ladykillerz Your Name Some of the bands discussed here include Rock Goddess (my fave ladykillerz), Ann Boleyn (Hellion), Doro Pesch (Warlock), Fanny, Femme Fatale, Fiona, Girlschool, Heart, Holly Knight, Lee Aaron, Lisa Dal Bello, Lisa Dominique (Marino the Band), Lita Ford, Mother's Finest, Pandora Peroxide (just kidding), Pat Benatar, Reckless, Shakin' Street, Tane (Tahnee) Cain, The Runaways, and maybe even Y Kant Tori Read. We will try to avoid discussing the "Great" Kat :) Mngr: Ken Bibb <ladykillerz-owner@arastar.com> HARMONICA MXserver@WKUVX1.WKU.EDU Message Body: subscribe HARP-L your name HARPSICHORDS AND RELATED TOPICS (HPSCHD-L) listserv@albany.edu or LISTSERV@ALBANY.BITNET Message Body: SUBSCRIBE HPSCHD-L your name HPSCHD-L is devoted to early stringed keyboard instruments: harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos, virginals, and all similar instruments except the modern piano. The list is an open forum for all topics related to these instruments, including their theory and principles of construction, decoration, and history and evolution from their earliest beginnings through modern times. Other topics for discussion include performers on these instruments, performance practice, literature, pedagogy, care and ownership. We may also stray to include ads of instruments/music/ recordings for sale or wanted, discussion of performances or recordings, and musical editions. Owners: Dave Kelzenberg <dkelzenb@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu> Ben Chi <BEC@ALBANY> or <bec@albany.edu> HEARTS OF SPACE, MUSIC FROM (playlist) playlist-request@hos.com Message Body: subscribe playlist is a one-way distribution list for weekly playlists from the syndicated U.S. radio program, Music from the Hearts of Space. It occasionally carries information about new HOS recordings, concert dates for HOS artists, etc. Mngr: Eric S. Theise <verve@hos.com> HILJAISET LEVYT (Hiljaiset Levyt Digest) jju@prodax.fi (Jukka Junttila) Hiljaiset Levyt is an indie punk/guitarrock label from Finland. List covers all that's happening in Hiljaiset Levyt: Bands (Jalla Jalla, Lowdown Shakin' Chills, Juggling Jugulars, Wolfmen, Nightingales, etc.) new releases, tour dates, etc. + information about other cool finnish indiemusic. HORDE majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: SUBSCRIBE HORDE [email_address] An unmoderated mailing list devoted to the discussion of artists who have performed on the HORDE tour and others with similar musical style. Mngr: Bruce Willner <lorax@world.std.com> HORNS (International Horn Society maillist) majordomo@spock.nlu.edu Message Body: SUBSCRIBE HORN This Internet discussion group is administered in the name of the International Horn Society, and its purpose is to provide a forum for electronic conversation about all things relating to the (French) horn: repertoire, teachers and students, pedagogy, workshop and festival announcements, alternate fingerings, the nasty business about whether stopping raises or lowers pitch, horn players versus conductors, horn humor and anecdotes, instrumental repair and technology, scholarly reports, orchestra or band music, chamber ensembles, relations with other brass instruments, or anything else the subscribers may want to take on. Although the initial list was sponsored by the International Horn Society, list membership is open to all interested. List admin: Dr. Gary Greene <MUGREENE@MERLIN.NLU.EDU> IMPULSE MUSIC JOURNAL impulse@dsigroup.com Subject: SUBSCRIBE IMPULSE INDEPENDENT GROUPS (INDIE-BRASIL) listproc@ufba.br Message Body: subscribe indie-brasil your name INDIE-BRASIL is a discussion list about independent groups (from Brazil or not), alternative rock, indie-labels, magazines, radios, etc. If you are interested in cyberculture, music, internet impact, unusual sites and groups like My Bloody Valentine, Durutti Column, Mercury Rev, Rollerskate Skinny, Sonic Youth, Sebadoh, Th'Faith Healers, etc, come to us!!! Mngr: Messias Guimaraes Bandeira <messias@ufba.br> INDEPENDENT LABELS (sick-n-tired-l) majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe sick-n-tired-l your-email-address Low-traffic list including discussion of independent label bands and related topics, a bi-weekly e-zine Tasty Thread, and weekly updates of new indie releases. Mngr: Kathleen Billus <kbillus@world.std.com> INDEPENDENT MUSIC (Indie-List) grumpy@access.digex.net The Indie-List digest is a weekly/bi-weekly discussion/zine concerned with Independent Music, from Eggs and TeenBeat to Matador and hometaping. Each issue includes reviews written by the readers, discussion of live shows and other indie-music issues. When subscribing, recall that there is no automated list-processor, this is a human-thing. Bonus points will be awarded for politeness. Sample issues from Eric (below). Co-editors: Eric Sinclair <esinclai@indiana.edu>, Anne Zender <azender@indiana.edu> List admin: Sean Murphy <grumpy@access.digex.net> INTELLIGENT DANCE MUSIC idm-request@hyperreal.com Message Body: subscribe Covers the new breed of dance music as exhibited by bands like Future Sound of London, the Aphex Twin, and labels like Warp and Astralwerks. Mngr: <idm-owner@hyperreal.com> INTERHIT RECORDS Interhit@aol.com Subject: subscribe Message Body: subscribe interhit This is a bi-weekly update and discussion list based on Los Angeles dance label Interhit Records. Subjects include Interhit artists: Jeff Johnson, Outta Control, etc. Also, production & mixes of Chris Cox. IQ (It All Posts Here) nmd@newton.npl.co.uk The list discusses all topics connected with progressive rock, although it is mostly centred around IQ. Other bands which have been discussed in the past include Jadis, Grey Lady Down, Sphere, Anglagard, The Cardiacs, The Enid. (Mainly UK prog. bands, although there's no restriction.) Mngr: Neil Durant <nmd@newton.npl.co.uk> IRISH TRADITIONAL MUSIC listserv@irlearn.ucd.ie listserv@irlearn.bitnet Message Body: subscribe IRTRAD-L your name IRTRAD-L is a mailing list discussing all aspects of Irish traditional music new and old. JAMBAY jambay-request@rock.net state in the message if direct or digest is preferred JAPANESE POP/ROCK (JPOP) majordomo@tcp.com Message Body: subscribe jpop Mngr: Jim Lick <majordomo-owner@tcp.com> JAZZ LOVERS (Jazz-L) Listserv@brownvm.brown.edu Message Body subscribe JAZZ-L KALEIDOSPACE INDEPENDENT ART AND MUSIC MAILING LIST (kspace-list) majordomo@kspace.com Message Body: subscribe kspace-list your-email-address This mailing list regularly posts information, announcements and chat schedules for over 100 independent musicians and artists. Mgr: Jeannie Novak <editors@kspace.com> KZSU Charts majordomo@kzsu.stanford.edu Message Body: subscribe kzsu-charts This is a moderated list for the monthly distribution of KZSU, Stanford's airplay charts. KZSU is a non-commercial radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mngr: Chanel Wheeler <music@kzsu.stanford.edu> LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, MUSIC listserv@iubvm.ucs.indiana.edu Message Body: SUBSCRIBE MLA-L your name Any topics related to music libraries or music librarianship. Mngrs: A. Ralph Papakhian <papakhi@iubvm.ucs.indiana.edu> Richard Griscom <rwgris01@ulkyvm.louisville.edu> LOGIC USERS Majordomo@mcc.ac.uk Message Body: help subscribe logic-users OR subscribe logic-users-digest end The software package Logic, a sequencer/scorewriter produced by EMagic, available for Mac, Atari and PC's. Also other EMagic products are discussed, such as Notator SL (Atari), SoundSurfer and SoundDiver. Mngr: Fokke de Boer <Fokke.de.Boer@rivm.nl> LUTE lute-request@cs.dartmouth.edu Mngr: Wayne Cripps <wbc@cs.dartmouth.edu> METAL majordomo@inet.it Message Body: subscribe metal For the discussion of all aspects of metal, including thrash, grind, death, doom, heavy grunge, crusty stuff, old or new. The list has been around for a long time and has its roots in the Bay Area. Recently moved to Italy but lots of Bay Area subscribers still exist. Mngr: <Massimo.Villa@inet.it> METAL BLADE RECORDS metalblade-request@arastar.com Subject: asdf Message Body: subscribe metalblade Your Name A place to discuss Metal Blade artists (and to receive announcements from Metal Blade Records). Mngr: Ken Bibb <metalblade-owner@arastar.com> MIDDLE-EASTERN MUSIC middle-eastern-music-request@nic.funet.fi For discussions (in English) on Middle-Eastern originated music including countries from Morocco to Afghanistan. Moderated and digested, posted once a week. Maintainer: Juhana Kouhia <kouhia@nic.funet.fi> MIDI WIND CONTROLLER listserver@morgan.ucs.mun.ca Message Body: subscribe wind your name This is a mailing list devoted to wind controllers. MIDWEST RAVES majordomo@hyperreal.com Message Body: subscribe mw-raves MIXMASTERS mixmasters-request@infopro.com Message Body: subscribe Mixmasters is a group of people who exchange audio tapes and advice for the sole purpose of helping improve each others' production values. We discuss recording, mixing, micing, EQs, effects, and just about everything else. MORRIS DANCING DISCUSSION LIST listserv@indycms.iupui.edu Message Body: SUBSCRIBE Your Name (your-team-name) Morris dancing, Longsword and Rapper (Shortsword) dancing, May Day celebrations, Ritual drama and Mumming plays. Mngr: Jim Morgan <morganj@iupui.edu>, Tom Keays <htkeays@mailbox.syr.edu> MTV EUROPEAN TOP 20 CHART eu20-request@gnu.ai.mit.edu OR eu20-request@a3.xs4all.nl Message Body: subscribe eu20 your name your-email-address Weekly European chart from MTV Europe. Mngrs: Robert Novak <rnovak@nyx.cs.du.edu>, Adri Verhoef <a3@a3.xs4all.nl> MUSICA (Musica Mailing List) Majordomo@Pantheon.it Message Body: subscribe MUSICA The MUSICA list comes from a project of the Pantheon Company, a leading recording studio in Italy. It took the initiative to be a meeting point for musicians, sound engineers, rock and jazz music lovers with special interest for all the new experimenting expressive forms. MUSICA is moderated list with a limited traffic volume, low noise, in which is possible to comment and review the most important international musical happenings. Mngr: Dario Centofanti <Dario@Pantheon.it> MUSICALS majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe musicals This forum is intended for the general discussion of musical theater, in whatever form it make take, but related non-musical theater topics are welcome too. This is a gateway of the newsgroup rec.arts.theatre.musicals Owner: Elizabeth Lear Newman <musicals-approval@world.std.com> MUSICALS-MAIL majordomo@world.std.com Message Body: subscribe musicals-mail This list is intended for the discussion of musicals theatre, in whatever form it may take. This list is not related to the newsgroup rec.arts.theatre.musicals Owner: Elizabeth Lear Newman <musicals-mail-approval@world.std.com> NEOCLASSICAL METAL (Rising Force) Igor_Sinyak@ccm.ch.intel.com Info and discussion of neoclassical metal (Yngwie Malmsteen, Shrapnel Records, etc). Digest is compiled and sent about monthly. Mngr: Igor Sinyak <Igor_Sinyak@ccm.ch.intel.com> NETTWERK Nettlist-Request@Nettwerk.wimsey.com Message Body: SUBSCRIBE Nettwerk is a Canadian record label that lists among its artist roster Sarah McLachlan. Mngr: Jay Sysop <SYSOP@Nettwerk.wimsey.com> NEW AGE RADIO majordomo@cs.uwp.edu Message Body: subscribe new-age-radio Message Body: subscribe new-age-radio-digest The purpose of this mailing list is to "interconnect" the many New Age Radio people out there who have for many years, worked alone in order to "further" their programs. Mngr: Dave Datta <datta@cs.uwp.edu> NEW HAMPSHIRE BANDS nhbands-request@columbia.edu Discussion of local bands of the New Hampshire seacoast. NH Seacoast actually applies to that area ranging from Portland,ME down to Boston,MA. There are many promising groups coming onto the scene and this is a place to get mailing list or concert date information about a number of them. Mngr: TJ Buttrick Jr <tjb3@columbia.edu> NEW RELEASES majordomo@cs.uwp.edu or new-releases-request@cs.uwp.edu Message Body: subscribe new-releases This is a low volume list, having one 40-60k file every weekend which details the dates of all the upcoming and new album releases. Mngr: Dave Datta <datta@cs.uwp.edu> NEW ZEALAND BANDS (The Kiwimusic List) kiwimusic-request@mit.edu The Kiwimusic List covers New Zealand bands, particularly (but in no way limited to) those on the Flying Nun label. These would include bands like the Chills, Bailter Space, the Bats, the Clean, Dimmer, Chris Knox/Tall Dwarfs, Look Blue Go Purple, etc. Mngr: Katie Livingston <katiel@MIT.EDU> ON-U SOUND on-u-request@connect.com.au The On-U Sound mailing list encourages discussions related to the Adrian Sherwood's On-U Sound label and the artists that record on it. This includes Tack>>Head, Gary Clail, The Dub Syndicate, African Head Charge, Bim Sherman, Mark Stewart, etc Mngr: Ben Golding <on-u-owner@connect.com.au> ORCHESTRALIST listproc@hubcap.clemson.edu Message Body: subscribe Orchestralist Your Name A mailing list serving the professional needs of conductors, composers, managers, and others in the orchestral business. List owner: Andrew Levin <alevin@clemson.edu> PIPE ORGANS AND RELATED TOPICS (PIPORG-L) listserv@albany.edu or LISTSERV@ALBANY.BITNET Message Body: SUBSCRIBE PIPORG-L your name PIPORG-L discusses musical, technical and historical aspects of organs of all kinds -- classical, theater, electronic, reed, tracker, electropneumatic, etc., etc. Stoplists, recitals (past and future), recordings, jobs (wanted and available), restoration hints, news of progress in restoration projects are all interesting. Requests for advice or information are encouraged, and stories of your experiences and knowledge are eagerly consumed. In short, if it is interesting and about organs, this group would like to hear about it. Owners: Dave Kelzenberg <dkelzenb@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu> Ben Chi <BEC@ALBANY> or <bec@albany.edu> POST CLASSICAL MUSIC post-classical-request@cs.uwp.edu It is a mailing list for the discussion of artists and their works who fall within the following boundaries: - Derivative artists generally considered outside the classical genre but whom incorporate traditional classical components in a predominantly unconventional manner. Instrumentation may either be accoustically or electronically generated, but usually fused with another musical style. - Experimental artists generally considered within the classical genre but whom work outside the boundaries of traditional classical structure. Instrumentation is usually acoustically generated, but often by unconventional means. Here are a few artists who would might be discussed on the list: Shinjuku Thief, In The Nursery, Art Zoyd, Univers Zero, Daniel Denis, Pete Namlook, Peter Frohmader, Graeme Revell, Laibach, Autopsia, Mynox Layh, Frame/Cut/Frame, Edgar Varese, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhousen, Michael Nyman, Steve Reich, Harry Partch, Morton Feldman, Mossolov, and Iannis Xenakis. NOT discussed on this list are: - Klaus Schulze & Tangerine Dream: though they incorporate many elements of classical structure, both are discussed extensively on the Space-Music and Tangerine Dream mailing lists. - Orchestration of popular music (ie. Royal Philharmonic doing Genesis) - Semantics of musical labels The list is available as a daily digest and reflector. Mngr: Dave Datta <post-classical-request@cs.uwp.edu> PROGRESSIVE MUSIC prog-request@darktow.gun.de This list is a german speaking mailing list containing information on progressive rock and progressive metal. It's for discussion und information on these topic, such a concert dates, concert reviews, background information on bands and so on. Mngr: Thomas Neugebauer <tn@darktow.gun.de> PROGRESSIVE ROCK, OBSCURE (Gibraltar) gib@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu (Mike Taylor) The topic is obscure Progressive Rock and related music, such as fusion and neo-psychedelia. Subscription is manual. Just drop a note and ask to subscribe or unsubscribe. Gibraltar is a weekly digest of Progressive Rock and related music. Well-known Prog acts, such as Yes and Genesis, are not covered because they have their own lists. Bands such as National Health, Anglagard, Ozric Tentacles and Gong are more typical. Each issue contains news, discussion and many reviews. PROGRESSIVE ROCK MUSICIANS NETWORK (progmaestros) progmaestros-request@arastar.com Subject: asdf Message Body: subscribe progmaestros Your Name A list for progressive rock musician to network. Both professional and non-professional musicians are welcome to discuss gear, technique, studio, and distribution information. Mngr: Ken Bibb <progmaestros-owner@arastar.com> PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC (Droneon) listserv@ucsd.edu Message Body: subscribe your-email-address droneon Psychedelic music in general: Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, and others. Mngr: Matthew Maxwell <mmaxwell@ucsd.edu> PUNK/HARDCORE MUSIC punk-list-request@cpac.washington.edu Subject: ADD The above address is for those in South and North America. punk-list-request@cs.tut.fi The above address is for those everywhere else. Mention the country you're calling from - at the moment, these requests are handled manually. Punk/Hardcore music (records,bands,concerts,politics,ethics etc.) Sorry, no digest format available. Mngrs: Tero Viikari <tv87098@cs.tut.fi> (HQ's of the list), BT Garner <bt@cpac.washington.edu> (for S+N America) PUSM MUSIC (Pusm Online) jlkwak1@ukcc.uky.edu Message Body: subscribe Pusm Online your name Pusm Online is a non-automated weekly e-zine dealing with all aspects of Pusm Music, that branch of alternative music that doesn't quite fit under the definition of alternative music. Recent pusm bands that have been featured in Pusm Online include Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infection, JLK Semicolon Etcetera, the Brandon String Trio and Formula LX-321. The list is completely unautomated so please be patient with us. QUADRAVERB qv-request@neato.org Alesis QV and QV+ discussions. Archives available. Mngr: Bob Page <page@neato.org> QUEER PUNK muzmorph@aol.com QUEER PUNK is a manually maintained mailing list/on-line board digest. Mailings are sent every 2-10 days depending on traffic. This mailing list is based upon the Queer Punk folder on America On-Line started by MuzMorph & Therm0s. It includes all posts from the AOL folder. All messages from the internet list are cross-posted in the Queer Punk AOL folder. Team Dresch, Tribe 8, Heavens To Betsy, 7 Year Bitch, Bikini Kill and Excuse 17 are some of my personal faves. What are yours? RAD Cyberzine (e-zine) rad@intele.net (Jeff Jolley) Subject: subscribe Monthly e-zine that covers college/alternative music. Primary format is interviews with CD and concert reviews. RADIO CONCERTS radio-concerts-request@cs.albany.edu Message Body: sub Provides advance notice for upcoming special musical events on radio and TV. Typical info includes upcoming syndicated radio shows such as Westwood One's "In Concert" and "Superstars" concert series, DIR Broadcasting's King Biscuit Flower Hour and MTV's Unplugged, as well as live FM broadcasts (from satellite feeds) and musical guests on late night talk shows. Send a "help" message for details. Mngr: <owner-radio-concerts@cs.albany.edu> RADIO, FREE actsub@dojo.internet-eireann.ie Subject: subscribe Message Body: Your Email Address Discussion on all aspects of free/pirate radio stations around the world. Mngr: Billy <billy@dojo.internet-eireann.ie> REGGAE (REGGAENET) Majordomo@pobox.com Message Body: subscribe reggaenet RINGO (Music Recommendation Service) ringo@media.mit.edu Message Body: subscribe or for general information on Ringo, the command: help SACRED HARP/SHAPE-NOTE SINGING (fasola) majordomo@medinfo.labmed.umn.edu Message Body: subscribe fasola This list is dedicated to discussion and announcements of Sacred Harp singing and related traditions. Mngr: <fasola-owner@medinfo.labmed.umn.edu> SAN FRANCISO AREA FUNK/PINK/THRASH/SKA (The List) the-list-request@violet.berkeley.edu Subject: subscribe or Message Body: subscribe Mngr: Steve Koepke <skoepke@violet.berkeley.edu> SAN FRANCISCO RAVES sfraves-request@hyperreal.com Message Body: subscribe Covers the San Francisco Rave Scene - calendar version is also available. Mngr: <sfraves-owner@hyperreal.com> SCANDINAVIAN INDIE scan-indie-request@lysator.liu.se Subject: subscribe Message Body: note if you want the live version or the digest version Scandinavian Indie is a mailing list covering independent and alternative music coming from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, plus the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Bands, tour lists, gig reports, events etc. Most discussed bands at the moment on the list might give a hint: Popsicle, Yvonne, Cardigans and Salt (all from Sweden). Mngr: Erik Soderstrom <chief@lysator.liu.se> SCORE (The SCORE Users Group Forum) MAISER@ace.acadiau.ca Message Body: SUBSCRIBE SCORE Your Name SCORE list is an unmoderated forum established to facilitate communication and discussion concerning notation, music composition, publishing, and editing, as well as about the use of the music desktop publshing program SCORE. Mngr: Gordon J Callon <GCALLON@acadiau.ca> SONGWRITERS (SONGTALK) LISTSERV@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM Message Body: SUBSCRIBE SONGTALK Your Name Songwriters talking about their work. Mngr: Susan Lowell <susan@lsoft.com> SOUTHERN ROCK (SOCO-L) listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu Message Body: SUBSCRIBE SOCO-L Your Name SPACE MUSIC space-music-request@cs.uwp.edu A forum the discussion of artists and their works who: a) Primarily use electronic instruments. b) create "sound spaces" or sound atmospheres that fall into categories sometimes defined as "floating" or "cosmic" c) are generally considered "non-commercial" and demand an active listener The following artists are the focal point of this list's content: Klaus Schulze, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Micheal Stearns, Giles Reaves. NOT discussed on this list are "Tangerine Dream" (they are covered in a different list, tadream@cs.uwp.edu), unless there is a reference to one of the other artists. The discussions are not moderated but they should have something to to with the above criteria. The list is available as a daily digest and reflector. Mngr: Dave Datta <space-music-request@cs.uwp.edu> SQUEEZEBOXES majordomo-squeezebox@cs.cmu.edu Message Body: subscribe squeezebox Playing and repairing piano and button accordions, concertinas, and all other free reeds but harmonicas. Bi-directionally gatewayed with rec.music.makers.squeezebox. Mngr: Kevin Quain <squeezebox-owner@cs.cmu.edu> SYNTH-POP (Perfect-Beat) perfect-beat-request@indyramp.com The mailing list for discussion of the Second British Invasion and the synth-pop music of the early 80s. Mngr: Robert Novak <rnovak@indyramp.com> THERAPY, MUSIC listserv@ukanvm.cc.ukans.edu Message Body: subscribe musthp-l Your Name The Music Therapy listserv is for the discussion of the use of music in physical and mental health. List Owners: Dirk Cushenbery (dirkcush@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu) and Alexandra Messquita (baer@falcon.cc.ukans.edu) TRANSMISSION COMMUNICATIONS com11@transcom.brisnet.org.au Discussion related to the new Australian Electronic label Transmission Communications. Information, demos, discography, news etc. Mngr: dennis@transcom.brisnet.org.au TROMBONE (Trombone-L) listproc@showme.missouri.edu Message Body: sub Your Name Mngr: Eric Nicklas <cceric@showme.missouri.edu> TRUMPET listserv@acad1.dana.edu Message Body: subscribe trumpet Please do not include any other words or punctuation in this message. This list is also availalbe in digest form (one message per day): subscribe trumpet-digest This is the trumpet mailing list, for discussing all aspects of trumpet playing and trumpeters. Mngr: Michael Anderson <trumpet-b@acad1.dana.edu> TUBA AND EUPHONIUM (TUBAEUPH) listserv@cmsvmb.missouri.edu Message Body: sub Your Name Listowner: Charles McAdams <Mcadams@cmsvmb.missouri.edu> UILLEANN PIPE listproc@lists.acs.ohio-state.edu Message Body: subscribe uilleann your name A discussion group limited to the Irish uilleann or union pipes, open to anyone who plays, makes, sells, or loves these pipes and their music. Mngr: David Daye <ddaye@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu> UK INDIE MUSIC (UK-Indie) stasia@mit.edu (**ana**) Message body: specify interactive or digest version The purpose of the list is for the discussion of indie music in the UK. This can cover indie music from the UK, indie music played in the UK, or whatever. The term "indie" often causes great argument over what constitues "indie" music. The purpose of the list is not to argue this point! In theory anything can be discussed, but typically anything which is likely to be featured by NME or Melody Maker is fair material, regardless of which company distributes it. UNDERGROUND MUSIC (TBHsK) billu@hnet.es (the mighty Billu) Subject: subscription Message Body: subscribe Your Name Email-Address Country Monthly Email zine covering underground and spoecially metal/thrash/death/ black as well as punk/HC/gtohic/dark music. Each issue features 6-8 inties plus reviews, live gigs, infos and more. Contributors needed/wanted. URBAN (Electronic Urban Report) EURmailroom@afrinet.net Message Body: Subscribe EUR This list chronicles the Urban/Black entertainment industry including celebs like Janet and Michael, Prince, Whitney, Anita, Snoop, Notorious B-I-G, 2Pac, Denzel, Whoopi, Shaq and many many more. Mngr: Lee Bailey <radioscope@aol.com> VOX MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (Vox-L) listserv@netcom.com Message Body: subscribe vox-l username Vox-L focuses on Vox musical instruments: amplifiers, guitars, effects, organs, etc. for players, collectors, or just plain fans. Mngr: Chris Barrus <kallista@netcom.com> WOMEN IN MUSIC (International Alliance for Women in Music) iawm-request@acuvax.acu.edu Message body: subscribe A discussion list for composers, performers, musicologists, and others interested in music composed by women. The list is sponsored by the International Alliance for Women in Music. Non-members are welcome to participate. Mngr: Sally Reid <reid@acuvax.acu.edu> WORLD MUSIC LIST (GLOBE-L) listproc@nevada.edu Message Body: SUBSCRIBE GLOBE-L Your Name Discussion about world music, both traditional and new. DJ's, artists, record labels, music lovers welcome. Mngr: Kay Tuma <globe@nevada.edu> ZTT majordomo@xmission.com Message Body: subscribe ztt or for the digest, Message Body: subscribe ztt-digest The ZTT list is for discussion of producer Trevor Horn's UK record label Zang Tuum Tumb and its associated artists. The list is low traffic and generally informational in nature. Bands covered include Art of Noise, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Propaganda, Act, Andrew Poppy, Seal, 808 State, and Shades of Rhythm, to name a few. Mngr: Lazlo Nibble <lazlo@xmission.com> :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::