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Aku Aku

Crash Bandicoot

I am Aku Aku, Witch Doctor and protector of the island. I would offer you warm greetings and extend to you the legendary island hospitality, however, you are in imminent danger, so there's no time to chit chat. By the rancid smell of toxic garbage, it's obvious the evil Dr. Neo Cortex is in the vicinity. And take it from me, you would do best to avoid him.

For if Cortex had his way, Crash Bandicoot would be banished into extinction -- tossed aside like some dusty eight-track collection of early 70's disco hits. Indeed, Crash and his soulmate Tawna are the only remaining Bandicoots with any sense on the isle. Fortunate enough to escape Cortex and his so-called experiments, they must now elude him before he obliterates them and the island.

Island 1The island has survived all manner of disaster -- floods, vermin, hurricanes, even a tourist ship of obnoxious New Yorkers -- perhaps because the inhabitants had built a protective device of great power. But years have passed and the inhabitants have all purchased condominiums in Palm Springs with air conditioning and easy golf course access, leaving the protective device in disrepair and the gems which powered it strewn about the isle. Toxic doom seems imminent, but if there is any hope of defeating Cortex you must collect the gems and mount them in the proper order.
Before you begin your journey, if you don't already have them, stop at the Get Your Gear area and get the latest versions of Shockwave and Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer. You'll need these to proceed. I'll protect you along the way and offer help in maneuvering through the labyrinthine jungles.

Use your compass to navigate your way. Directions in which you can go will be highlighted in black, and those directions which aren't passable will be greyed out. Be aware that directions may become available by collecting items. You can pick up items by clicking on them. Some of the native inhabitants of the island won't let you pass unless you give them things. Of course, your main goal is to collect all seven gems and put them into the Great Mantle. And don't may receive hints along the way about how to properly place them.


If you think you need help, grab the Helping Hand.

Good luck and try not to die out there!"


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Disclaimer: The Crash Bandicoot Pursuit is not a representation of the Crash Bandicoot Sony Playstation game.