Who is listening?

Are you trying to resolve the complex issues that inevitably arise when using computers to automate your business?


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Our goal is to produce total solutions for today's ever-changing "new media" technologies. Novaré depends on a select group of experienced talent, its crew, to steer the waters and give you exactly what you deserve, a total solution.

We have fused the real-world know-how of a systems integrator, the technical expertise of a leading-edge application builder, and the multimedia design savvy of a game developer. We use these talents to make business more engaging.

Our organization has the refined skills to make short work of your information system needs, no matter how complicated they might be. From project genesis to final burn, Novaré strives to build a platform of support for our customers for the answers at hand. As our vanguard grows (200 percent in the past year), so does our reputation. Awards and accolades are fine, but when word-of-mouth mentions "high-quality software production with superior graphic design and comfortable user interface," Novaré has done its job.

For the past six years, Novaré has worn many hats. As technologies evolve, so do our capabilities. We've taken on projects developing CD-i, Computer-Based Training, Interactive CD-ROM, Internet solutions, Games and Client-Server/Intranet applications. The result of our growth: Novaré has well-rounded, experience in graphic design, film, video, software and systems engineering, press and pre-press process and general production management.

Our approach has proven itself repeatedly with a diverse array of clients ranging from small companies to some of the largest organizations in the world. We've shown our customers that information technology CAN simplify their business, rather than complicate it. So, if those machines that are supposed to make things easier are simply making life harder, step right up... we're just what you are looking for.

...Let Novaré listen to you.