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Billboard Presents: 1996 - The Year In Music

Billboard Online presents the best of Billboard's special year-end edition, 1996: The Year In Music, featuring:

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    ... and more!
Celebrate the end of the year in style with Billboard Online.

  • Hot Product
    Get a first look at the big releases for early 1997.
  • Billboard Sneak Peek
    A new country music style comes to prominence--but not the airwaves.
  • Spotlight Reviews
    Costello & Nieve shine on their new live release.
  • Fred's Trivia Corner
    Answer this week's question correctly and win a free CD! Plus: Chart Beat Chat and Chart Beat Bonus.
  • New Release Roundup
    Get a jump on holiday shopping--release dates are now available up to January 18, 1997.
  • Ask Billboard
    Our editors and research department answer your music business questions.

    1996 Billboard Music Awards: See Who Won!
  • Charts
    WEEK ENDING DEC. 28, 1996
  • The Billboard 200
    No Doubt spends a second week at No. 1.
  • The Hot 100 Singles
    Toni Braxton hangs onto the top spot while Whitney Houston debuts in the Top 10.
  • Top R&B Albums
    Redman's "Muddy Waters" debuts in the top spot.
  • Top Country Albums
    Guess who? LeAnn Rimes is still No. 1.
    No. 1 in Billboard
    View the top titles for all 33 of Billboard's album, single, and video charts.

    Listen to samples of selected tracks from some of the albums on this week's charts.

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    Book of Number 1 Albums PREVIEW: The Billboard Book of Number One Albums

    Although artists such as Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, and Kenny G have scored No. 1 Christmas albums, Mitch Miller is the only one to top the Billboard album chart with two holiday-themed albums. After scoring his first No. 1 album with "Sing Along with Mitch" on Oct. 6, 1958, Miller decided to apply the "sing along" concept to holiday favorites and came up with "Christmas Sing-Along with Mitch." That album spent two weeks at the summit, beginning on Dec. 29, 1958. It was successful enough to inspire the seasonal follow-up "Holiday Sing Along with Mitch," which topped the chart for one week on Jan. 13, 1962. Crosby's "Merry Christmas," Presley's "Elvis' Christmas Album," Kenny G's "Miracles: The Holiday Album," and Miller's albums are just some of the 423 chart-topping albums featured in "The Billboard Book Of Number One Albums," available at a book store near you. For the story behind "Holiday Sing Along with Mitch," click here.

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