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Demon News

With Viewpoint, a series of articles by Demon users.

Twelve Days of Christmas

Find out the winner of our leased-line!

Demon DISpatches

Issue 5 of Demon DISpatches is now available to read online.

Demon Information

About Demon

How did it all begin, what do we currently offer, and why should you choose Demon? We answer your questions here.

Connecting with Demon

Superfast access to the US with our 45Mb line: Connect via modem, ISDN, or Orange with a standard dial-up account, or put your network on the Internet with our leased line services.

Demon's WWW Services

5Mb webspace & 2 RealAudio streams for all dial-up customers, and the option of commercial web space for those with more specific needs.

What's Happening on the Net

News headlines, some of our favourite sites, and search engines to help you find out more. A place to start your surfing from, rather than get lost in the backwater.

What's Happening at Demon

The latest news, current operational status, press releases and announcements. If you want to keep up-to-date on Demon, here's your one-stop answer.

Latest News

Christmas Extravaganza

Christmas Eve was the last day of our 12 Days of Christmas Prize Draw. Find out who won a 64K Leased Line from Demon Internet for a year, worth up to £10,000!

Santa is busy responding to his many letters. Read some of the best here.

Need inspiration for your Christmas card designs? Look no further than our Java card designer.

Our step-by-step guide to the perfect Christmas dinner includes a shopping list and timetable. It's not too late to invite everyone 'round for Boxing Day!

If you've been paying attention, our Christmas History quiz should give you no problems.

Windows95 users can now add some festive fun to their desktop with our Christmas card, which downloads as a screensaver.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Christmas Extravaganza, and Happy Holidays to all from the Webmaster Team.

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