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January 1997

This month I cover Weezer, Lush, Suede, Afghan Whigs, Mother Superior, Misfits, Long kiss goodnight, Ransom, Breaking the Waves, Vurt, Pollen, Diamond Age, Star Wars: Tyrants test.

If you haven't bought these RECORDS already, shame on you. They're the best ones (or funniest, or best looking, or whatever) right now (eer, right now???, I guess that's during -96).

Weezer, Pinkerton,

this album actually beats the first one (I think?). Or maybe it's not better, but at least as good. Its more rock'n'roll to it and not as polished as the first one. The songs are: tired of sex, getchoo, no other one, why bother?, across the sea, the good life, el scorcho, pink triangle, falling for you, butterfly. Tired of sex has one strange melody and at first I hated it but it comes out OK after a while. Getchoo, this is as good as they get. Everything is perfect. When you feeling miserable, listen to this one and feel even more miserable. If you feeling like you're gonna kill youselves, stay away! No other one, makes you a bit happier again, even though its about love (of course). Why bother, OK at least this one makes you a bit happier. Across the sea, el scorcho ("Damn you half-japanese girls You do it to me every time"), pink triangle, falling for you and butterfly all continues in the same spirit, if you 're sad they make you feel miserable. If you're happy you'll smile and think about times in the past (preferrably highscool or college I guess) when times weren't as merry. I give Pinkerton a rating of 5 out of 5. It 's college rock in it's best meaning (if there is one...).

this is beginning to hurt 
this is beginning to be serious
it used to be a game 
now it's a crying shame 
'cause you don't wanna play around no more
uh huh
sometimes i push too hard
sometimes you fall and skin your knee 
i never meant to do 
all that i've done to you
please just say it's not too late

my girl's a liar 
but i'll stand beside her 
she's all i've got and i don't want to be alone
my girl don't see me 
when she's with my friends 
she's all i've got and i don't want to be alone 
know there is no other one 
know there is no other one
i can't have any other one 
though i would now i never could with one 

No other one

See alse Weezer, Weezer.

Lush, Lady killers,

they're back and they have stopped looking at there shoes (almost). Perhaps you could describe the sound as Pulp goes shoegazing. Miki Berenyi is responsible for most of the songs that sounds like Lush goes pop while Emma Anderson has written the ones you would recognize as Lush songs. The songs are: Ladykillers, Heavenly Nobodies, 500, I've been here before, Papasan, Single Girl, Ciao!, Tralala, Last night, Runaway, The Childcatcher, Olympia. Ladykillers, WOW, what's happened. This rocks as Lush never done before. Heavenly Nobodies, this is a mix of new and old. And I thinkk it's the best they ever done. Actually it qualifies on my top list of 1996 (oops, didn't they release this one in 95??, I was kind of late to get it.). Single Girl, here Emma surprises and makes a go at showing of the new and impoved Lush. POP. Ciao!, Jarvis Cocker is a guest in this one as he and Miki (or is it Emma?) sings a duet about a couple that are fed up with each other. Read the lyrics below, is that poetry or what? Last Night, Lush meets Serge Gainsbourg (how the f..k do you spell that?). I'm gonna play this one in my walkman next time I get to Paris. Hopefully it'll rain. So how good is it, well I'll say it 9 out of 10. They could have skipped a song or two but the songs like Heavenly Bodies and Last Night more than compensates. I'm looking forward to see what the next record will sound like!
I've been so happy since I walked away 
I never thought that I could feel as great as I do today 
'Cause you were nothing but a big mistake 
And life is wonderful, now that I'm rid of you 
I must have been crazy to have stayed with you 
I cant belive I thoguht I was in love woth you 
But now the scales have fallen 
I can really see and I say go to hell, 'cause that were you took me


Suede , Coming Up,

they are back, and they manage good without Butler (where is he anyway?). This is Suede going back to sounds of the first album. Pink Floyd has stepped back to a more raw sound, and even though I loved Dog Man Star I think it's the right way for them to go. If they had continud in the same direction as the last album the next logical steps would have made them just as boring as PF are today (or were). Many of the songs here reminds you of the first album. The titles are trash, filmstar, lazy, by the sea, she, beautiful ones, starcrazy, picnic by the motorway, the chemistry between us and saturday night. Trash and Lazy are kind of new versions of classict like Animal Nitrate and Metal Mickey, while The chemistry between us almost could be compared to So Young, even though it doesn't reach the same heights. Picnic by the motorway is a bit more Dog Man Star sounding. It's good to see that they manage as good (if not better) as before. The rating is, BUY IT.
See Suede, Suede and Suede, Dog Man Star.

Afghan Whigs, Black love.

If you have listened to these guys before you'll recognize the sound. If you haven't it's best described as rock'n'roll with a lot of soul and passion in it, almost a bit of motown feel to it. I think they could have gone a step further than they did on this album though. On the previous albums you have always heard a difference, that something has happend since the last album. But this one sounds almost exactly as Gentlemen. That is not bad, since Gentlemen changed the way I listen to and appriciate music. But it would have been fun to have been a bit surprised at the sound of the songs. The titles are Crime scene part one, My enemy, Double day, Blame etc, Step into the light, Going to town, Honky's ladder, Night by candlelight, Bulletproof, Summer's kiss and Faded.
My lust ties me up
In chains
My skin cathes fire at the
Mention of your name
No matter what I tried 2 do
I could not lose it
Now I know my heart
Is being used
But what I'm not allowed to have
I never could refuse
No matter what I tried 2 do
I stood accused

I reply, that I don't belive
I'm ever gonna die, I don't
Do u?

Blame, Etc.
Blame, Etc. and Going to town totally rocks. It really sounds like the Whigs when they're the best. It's so full of soul, it's a mix between 90:s rock and 70:s disco. Guess it sounds strange but you have to listen to it to understand. This band is really one of the few bands today that you cant compare to anyone else. They have their own unique sound although theyre firmly planted in the rock of today and the soul of the 60:s and 70:s. I love them and so would you. BUY, BUY, BUY.
See also Gentlemen, Congregation and Up in it.

Mother Superior, The mothership has landed.

With titles like Yeah baby, C'mon and Keep on movin' I guess you shouldn't expect to much of an original sound. And you dont get it either. But this is retro when it's good. It the best of the seventies including sideburns and attitude. The record should mostly be seen as a way to remind you of how they sound though, because this band should be seen live. I must say that they're one of the most heavy rocking bands right now on the swedish rock scene. They're right there with Nymphet Noodlers (where are they?), Silver Bullet and Mazarine Street. Go and see them live, if you like it (you should!) then by the record.

Finally I'll just give you a hint of rock heaven and it's pleasures. Or as it also spells: MISFITS, Mommy, can I go out & kill tonight

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And now on to the FILM repertoire.

Long kiss goodnight

Geena Davis (< a href="">pictures)and Samuel L. Jackson shoot, blow up things, say good one-liners, almost get killed but survives (surprise!) in this mother of all action movies (OK, I ripped that of from somewhere, don't remember who wrote it) directed by Geenas husband Renny Harlin (go Finland go!). The story is about Geena's character that has lost her memory of her earlier life. She's currently living a quiet life with her family when suddenly her earlier life comes back. And it comes back good!! Considerably better than the average action movie.
**** (out of 5).


Mel Gibson looks mad and behaves like a mad man. Has it good moments but nothing special about it (i.e if you dont count Rene Russo).
** (out of 5) actually, add one * for Rene

Breaking the Waves

Lars von Trier has done his best movie so far, and one of the best ones this year (-96). With Stellan Skarsgard and Emily Watson. The story is about love between Stellan and Emily. She is a girl that lives in a religous village in XXXX (Scottland?) and he is a man that works on the north sea drilling for oil. The drama that their life together will be is just undescribable. You have to see this one. It goes straight to your heart and stays there for along time.
****** (out of 5)

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And here are for you people that actually reads BOOKS.



These two books by Jeff Noon shows the future for SF. The best parts of Gibson and Dick combined to a futuristic world where nothing are what it seems (or maybe they are), everything written in a language that just wants you to keep going for more. The story in Vurt is about a boy and his friends and the mysterious disapperaing of his girlfriend in the alternative Vurt-world. This world are accessed by using Vurt-feathers of different coulour and danger. Sounds strange? OK, so read Pollen and you actually think that you understand some of the stuff. Plus that the story is better than in Vurt with an actual war emerging between the two worlds. More of the same stuff but better story and better writing.
Rating: Excellent, a must have for every SF fan and everyone else for that matter

The Diamond Age

by Neal Stephenson. This time Stephenson takes one step further than the other cyber writers have gone so far. This one is about nano-tech and it's consequences. Or as the blurp on the book says:
Far above the diamondoid bedrock of New Chusan, a powerful class of new-Victorians is ruling twenty-first-century Atlantis/Shanghai. John Percival Hackworth, a brilliant nanotechnologist, has created an illicit, magical book for the education of a young lady: an interactive device crammed with folklore, science and the material arts that teaches young women how to think for themselves.

What will happen to society if it should fall into the hands of someone like little Nell, a poor orphan girl with so much to learn?

Rating: Not as good as Snow Crash but almost, read it!

Star Wars; Tyrants test

by Michael P. Kube-McDowell. Book 3 of the Black fleet crises. So this is the third and last one in the Black fleet series (the first is Before the Storm and the second is Shield of Lies) and it stands well up to the standard that you have come to expect from the Bantam books. I'd rank this trilogy as third after the original ones (i.e. Heir to the empire) and the Corellian trilogy.
Rating: If you like Star Wars and can read, BUY IT. But you should buy the original trilogy by Timothy Zahn first I think

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