Nickelodeon presents: Natalie's Backseat Traveling Web Show

Faced with the gloomy prospect of spending three lonely months with her parents on a cross-country moving expedition--with only her goldfish, Rover, for comic relief--our 12-year-old hero, Natalie, decides to have her own web show. Not just a web site, mind you, but a web SHOW, Natalie’s Backseat Traveling Web Show, with new stories every day about the weird people she meets and the wild things she sees, plus games, comics and whatever else she can cram in.

And so, for the first time anywhere, allow us to bring to you... cLiCk On tHe vAn to Go!

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and the latest version of dated 11/20.

Natalie’s Backseat Traveling Web Show

Written by

Caitilin McAdoo

State trivia written and researched by

Carmen Morais

Web Show design and programming by

Fusebox, Inc, NYC

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