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Edited by: Dick Nelson, John Niles and Jerry Schneider

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Why the RTA Plan Jeopardizes One of the Nation's Best Bus Systems, by James MacIssac

Testimony Presented to the King County Council on October 14th, by Emory Bundy

Why Are We Doing This ?

A government agency in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (RTA) has proposed a $3.9 billion plan to expand public transportation facilities and services in the metropolitan Seattle region. This region includes the major Washington State cities of Tacoma, Everett, Seattle and Bellevue and has a population of about 3 million. The RTA rail/bus transit plan will be put to a vote on November 5, 1996. We live in Seattle and we care about this region. We want people to be able to base their vote on complete and reliable information that we will provide in this Public Interest Transit Forum web site. More on why we are doing this. WABORDER=0

What We Like and What We Don't Like about the RTA Plan

Statement on RTA in Washington State Voters Pamphlet

Contributions to this Forum are Welcome (Ideas, Not Money!)

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Table of Contents

Basic Description of the RTA "Sound Move" Rail and Bus Plan

Questions and Issues to Consider

Information from Supporters of the RTA Transit Plan

Information from Opponents of the RTA Transit Plan

Good Quotations from Experts for journalists

Relevant Alternatives Not Seriously Considered by the RTA Board and Their Planners

What is Likely to Happen if the RTA Plan is Defeated Again?

Relevant Experience from Other US Cities

Commentary on the Conduct of the Campaigns (including contributions)

Commentary on the Way the Media is Covering the Campaign

E-Mails and Letters to the Editors

About the Editors and Contributors (brief biographical sketches)

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