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Projekt/Darkwave Catalog

Artist: TitlePrice
HB52A Split Second: Vengeance C.O.D.$14.00
cmi33Aghast: Hexen im Zwqiel der$16.00
cmi33lpAghast: Hexen im Zwqiel VINYL$16.00
HSL7Alio Die:flight of real image 3"$8.00
HSL1Alio Die: Introspective/Sit Tibi$16.00
A9602Alio Die: Suspended Feathers$15.00
PRO39Alio Die: Under An Holy Ritual$14.00
SM4Alio Die/5000 Spirit:Tapestry of Spirits$14.00
HSL6Alio Die/Ora:door of possibilities$16.00
CD01Allison With One: While Sleeping$14.00
r00Amber Route: Snail Headed Victrolas$14.00
HY159Anchorage: Bleak Wooden Tower$14.00
HY99Anchorage: tranquilly maelstrom starts$14.00
HY35Another Tale: Nightmare Voices$14.00
cmi43Arcana: Dark Age of Reason$16.00
cmi43lpArcana: Dark Age VINYL$16.00
PRO66Arcanta MAXI CD$8.00
CEST31Area: Fragments Of Morning CASSETTE$2.50
HSL3Art of Primitive Sound Prehistory$16.00
SM1Atom Infant Incubator:Copula$16.00
HY157Attrition:3 Arms +Dead Cert$14.00
r06Attrition: A Tricky Business$14.00
r02Attrition: Attrition Of Reason$14.00
HY113Attrition: Ephemera$16.00
HY81Attrition: Hidden Agenda$14.00
r03Attrition: In realm Of Hungry Ghost$14.00
HY33Attrition: Lip Sync$8.00
r2/3Attrition: Of Reason/Realm Of Hungry 2-CD package$28.00
PRO28Attrition: Recollection$14.00
PRO28csAttrition: Recollection CASSETTE$8.00
r04Attrition: Smiling At Hypogonder Club$14.00
r6stAttrition STICKER$1.00
CON174Attrition: Thin Red Line$8.00
r06csAttrition: Tricky Business CASSETTE$8.00
r06tsAttrition: TSHIRT$12.00
ST4Autopsia: Death is mother of beauty $8.00
HB29-2Autopsia: Humanity is the Devil$14.00
HB76Autopsia: Kristallmacht$14.00
HB26-2Autopsia: Palladium$16.00
HB34-5Autopsia: Requiem For The Empire$14.00
HB49Autopsia: Silence of Lambs$14.00
HB21-2Autopsia: White Christmas$8.00
Tess11Autumn: Even Now 45RPM$4.00
Tess12Autumn: The Hating Tree$14.00
REL6939BDN: Innerwar$14.00
cmi45lpBDN: Innerwar VINYL$16.00
cmi36BDN: Necros Evangelicum$16.00
IR 193.1Black Lung: Depopulation Bomb$14.00
IR193.15Black Lung: More Confusion$9.00
DOR5Black Lung: Silent Weapons For$14.00
PRO30black tape for a blue girl: a chaos of desire$14.00
PRO26csblack tape for a blue girl: ashes brittle CASSETTE$8.00
PRO26black tape for a blue girl: ashes in brittle air$14.00
PRO30csblack tape for a blue girl: chaos of CASSETTE$8.00
PRO63black tape for a blue girl: first pain to linger BOOK/CD$15.00
PRO38csblack tape for a blue girl: lush garden CASSETTE$8.00
PRO25csblack tape for a blue girl: mesmerizd CASSETTE$8.00
PRO25black tape for a blue girl: mesmerized by sirens$14.00
PRO69black tape for a blue girl: remnants CD SINGLE$5.50
PRO68black tape for a blue girl: remnants of deeper purity$14.00
PRO20stblack tape for a blue girl STICKER$1.00
PRO20tsblack tape for a blue girl: T SHIRT$12.00
PRO20black tape for a blue girl: the rope$14.00
PRO20csblack tape for a blue girl: the rope CASSETTE$8.00
PRO38black tape for a blue girl: this lush garden within$14.00
TESS4Blade Fetish: Absinthe$14.00
TESS4csBlade Fetish: Absinthe CASSETTE$8.00
TESS4tsBlade Fetish TSHIRT$12.00
PRO53Bleak: Vane$14.00
KR14Bowery Electric: Beat$14.00
KR7Bowery Electric: Bowery Electric$14.00
XUS4Brennan, Thom: The path not taken$12.00
NA66Budd, Harold w/Zeitgeist: She Phantom$14.00
HY114Calva Y Nada: Palpita$14.00
HY122Chandeen: Jutland$14.00
HY94Chandeen: Shaded By Leaves$14.00
NR1Claire Voyant: Claire Voyant$14.00
cmi34ConSono: Hymns to Deceased Dieties$16.00
ST98Controlled Bleeding:Golgotha$16.00
ART12Controlled Bleeding: Music For Stolen Icons$16.00
r09Controlled Bleeding: Songs From Ashes$14.00
CH3Crash Worship: Espontaneo$14.00
CH10Crash Worship: Triplemania II$14.00
MAN6Crawl Unit: Vs. Silence$14.00
NA67Curran, Alain: Crystal Psalm$14.00
CLE98162Demone, Gitane: Demonix $14.00
NA76Dempster, Stuart: Underground$14.00
cmi21Deutsch Nepal: Benevolence$16.00
ST50Deutsch Nepal:Deflagaration Hell$16.00
ST67Deutsch Nepal: Tolerance$16.00
HY75Die Form: Ad Infinitum$14.00
HY156Die Form: L'ame Electronique$14.00
HY108Die Form: Rose Au Coeur$8.00
HY115Die Form: Silent Order$8.00
HY110Die Form:Suspiria De Profundis$14.00
HY63Die Form: Tears of Eros$8.00
CLE96892Die Form: Vicious Circles (best of)$14.00
HB54Die Form/Elecktrode: Die Operative$14.00
HB33-2Die Form/Sadist School: Visionary Garden$14.00
HB22-2DieForm/Ukiyo (Die Form Side Band)$14.00
XUS3Djen Ajakan Shean: Crows Heading For Point Blank$12.00
VR001Eden: Earthbound$16.00
PRO54Eden: Fire & Rain$14.00
PRO54csEden: Fire & Rain CASSETTE$5.00
TM19csEden: Gateway to Mysteries CASSETTE$8.00
PRO42Eden: Healingbow MAXI CD$8.00
HY158Eleven Shadows: Caro Mio$8.00
HY1115Eleven Shadows: Strange Lines$14.00
A9601Enten Hitti: Giant Clowns Of Solar Wind$15.00
IVY1Faith & Disease: beauty + bitterness$14.00
IVY2Faith & Disease: Fortune His Sleep$14.00
IVY10Faith & Disease: Live Songs$14.00
tess9Faith & the Muse: Anwyn, Beneath The Waves$14.00
TESS6Faith & The Muse: Elyria$14.00
TESS6tsFaith & The Muse: T-SHIRT$12.00
Tess9tsFaith & the Muse T-SHIRT(new design)$12.00
AY02Fletcher, Todd: Star$15.00
SSR02Funeral Party: Serpentine$14.00
SER1002Garden of Dreams: The Seraphims Desire$8.00
Spi09308H: h$14.00
Spi00002H: Stabilitys end$14.00
HB39-5Halo: Eclipsed$8.00
HB28-2Halo: Immanent$14.00
CR03Holland, Walter: Relativity$14.00
CR05Holland, Walter: Transience of$14.00
PRO52Human Drama: 8-Song Cd MAXI CD$8.00
PRO58csHuman Drama: Betrayal CASSETTE$8.00
TX114Human Drama: Pin-Ups$14.00
PRO58Human Drama: Songs of Betrayal$14.00
TX53lpHuman Drama: Tangled Web$2.00
PRO58tsHuman Drama TSHIRT$12.00
TX96viHuman Drama: VIDEO$12.00
TX96csHuman Drama: World In CASSETTE$6.00
TX96Human Drama: World Inside$14.00
cmi28Ildfrost: Autumn Departure$16.00
Death962In Blind Embrace (Controlled Bleeding): Songs From The Shadows$16.00
ST16In Slaughter Natives: Enter Now The World$16.00
ST21In Slaughter Natives: In Slaughter Natives$16.00
ST30In Slaughter Natives: Purgate My Stain$16.00
cmi16In Slaughter Natives: Sacrosancts Bleed$16.00
DVL8Inanna: Not.hing$16.00
KR12Jessamine: Long Arm Coincidence$14.00
KR13Labradford: Labradford$14.00
KR1Labradford: Prazision$14.00
KR6Labradford: Stable Reference$14.00
DOR8Lamb, Alan: Primal Images$14.00
HY40Legion: False Dawn$14.00
OP17Love Is Colder Than Death: Auter$14.00
MET2Love Is Colder Than Death: Mental Traveller$14.00
MET7Love Is Colder Than Death: Oxeia$14.00
MET1Love Is Colder Than Death: Teignmouth$14.00
PRO51csLove Spirals Downdwards : Ardor CASSETTE$8.00
PRO51Love Spirals Downwards: Ardor$14.00
PRO71Love Spirals Downwards: Ever$14.00
PRO36Love Spirals Downwards: Idylls$14.00
PRO36csLove Spirals Downwards: Idylls CASSETTE$8.00
PRO70Love Spirals Downwards: Sideways Forest CD SINGLE$5.50
PRO71tsLove Spirals Downwards: TSHIRT$12.00
PRO44csLoveliescrushing: BlowCASSETTE$8.00
PRO44Loveliescrushing: Bloweyelashwish$14.00
PRO64Lovesliescrushing: Xuvetyn$14.00
PRO45lpLovesliescrushing:Youreyesimaculate 45 RPM $2.50
REL6939Lull: Continue$14.00
SOL9Lustmord: Heresy$14.00
DFX16Lustmord: Place Where Black Stars Hang$14.00
PRO67Lycia: Cold$14.00
PRO40Lycia: In The Stark Corner$14.00
PRO32Lycia: Ionia$14.00
PRO49Lycia: Live$14.00
PRO49csLycia: Live CASSETTE$8.00
PRO40csLycia: Stark Corner CASSETTE$8.00
PRO32stLycia: STICKER$1.00
PRO55Lycia: The Burning Circle and Then Dust$25.00
PRO32tsLycia: TSHIRT$12.00
PRO31Lycia: Wake$14.00
PRO31csLycia: Wake CASSETTE$8.00
PRO32csLyica: Ionia CASSETTE$8.00
KR10Magnog: Self Titled$14.00
MAN5Mandible Chatter: Grace$14.00
NA2Marshall, Ingram: Fog Tropes$14.00
HY117Mellonta Tauta:Sun Fell$14.00
HY57Mellor, David: Days of Moon$14.00
HY104Mellor, David: Days of Moon/The Prince$14.00
FG4Mengrad/Psygram: Dream$14.00
cmi47Mental Destruction: Straw$16.00
cmi25Mental Destruction: When Madness Strikes$16.00
KR9Montgomery, Roy: Temple Of$14.00
cmi26Morthound: Goddess who Could Make The Ugly World Beautiful$16.00
cmi31Mortiis: Anden som giorde$16.00
cmi31lpMortiis: Anden Som PIC DISC VINYL$18.00
PAR06lpMortiis: Blood & Thunder VINYL (DOUBLE 7²)$18.00
TOW2Mortiis: Crypt of the Wizard$16.00
TOW1lpMortiis: Feden og Kallet 12² VINYL$10.00
cmi37lpMortiis: Kaiser PIC DISC VINYL$25.00
cmi37Mortiis: Keiser av en dimension$16.00
AJNA01lpMortiis: Keiser BLACK VINYL (U.S. VERSION)$18.00
cmi31stMortiis: STICKER$1.00
REL2338Mortiis: T-SHIRT$14.00
DD1lpMortiis/FataMorgana VINYL$16.00
NA47Mowitz, Ira: Ala Memoire$14.00
ST47Mynox Layh: Respectus$14.00
cmi41MZ.412: Buning temple of God$16.00
cmi41lpMZ.412: Burning VINYL$18.00
cmi35MZ412: In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas$16.00
SSR05National Razor: Shiver$14.00
SSR03National Razor: Stem Of Thorn$14.00
CH02Necrophorus: Underneath The Spirit$16.00
IVY9Ninth Circle: Ninth Circle$14.00
HSL8NoNo Orchestra: A-Kaori$16.00
ST88O Yuki Conjugate: Equator$14.00
PRO33O Yuki Conjugate: Peyote$14.00
PRO33csO Yuki Conjugate: Peyote CASSETTE$8.00
ST74O Yuki Conjugate: Primitive$16.00
ST96O Yuki Conjugate: Sunchemical$10.00
ST21O Yuki Conjugate: Undercurrents$14.00
SOL23O Yuki /Small Good Thing: Slim West$14.00
SOL35O Yuki/Small Good Thing: Cool Water$10.00
NA22Oliveros, Pauline: Deep Listening$14.00
HSL10Ora: Rosea (ltd ed)$16.00
cmi32Ordo Equilibrio: Reaping The Fallen$16.00
PRO47Ordo Equitum Solis: Animi Aegritudo$14.00
PRO56Ordo Equitum Solis: Hecate$14.00
PRO48Ordo Equitum Solis: O.E.S. 7song CD EP$8.00
PRO57viOrdo Equitum Solis: Russia VIDEO$14.00
cmi39Penitent: Melancholia$16.00
profesttsProjekt Festival 1996 TSHIRT$15.00
PROstProjekt STICKER$1.00
cmi42Puissance: Let us lead$16.00
cmi42lpPuissance: Let Us Lead VINYL$16.00
cmi27Raison d'etre: Enthralled By Winds of Lonliness$16.00
cmi18Raison d'etre: Prospectus I$16.00
cmi38Raison d'etre: Within Silence and Phormations$16.00
HB31-2Regenerator: 2.0$14.00
HY3435Regenerator: Archetype$8.00
HY82Regenerator: Everyone Follow$8.00
HY90Regenerator: Self Titled$14.00
CDG42Reyes, Jorge: Ala izquier$14.00
CDG32Reyes, Jorge: Bajo Jaguar$14.00
CDG1Reyes, Jorge: Comala$14.00
CDG31Reyes, Jorge: Crónica$14.00
CDG04Reyes, Jorge: Ek-Tunkul$14.00
CDG28Reyes, Jorge: Nierika$14.00
PM14Reyes, Jorge: Prehispanic: 2$14.00
PM15Reyes, Jorge: Prehispanic 3 $14.00
PM10Reyes, Jorge: Prehispanic I$14.00
Spi04444Rheas Onsession: Initiation$14.00
FAT67Rich, Robert: A Troubled Resting Place$14.00
HoS59Rich, Robert + Lustmord: Stalker$14.00
xus1Rich, Robert: night sky replies$14.00
XRRRich, Robert: Trances/Drones$28.00
TSM1csRichards, Vicki: Parting CASSETTE$14.00
TSM1Richards, Vicki: Parting Water$14.00
HY105Rise & Fall of Decade: You or Sidney$14.00
HY128Rise & Fall of Decade: Rise & Fall Of A Decade$14.00
FO82Roach, Steve: Artifacts$14.00
FO70Roach, Steve: Desert Solitare$14.00
XUS5Roach, Steve: Dreamer Descends$12.00
FO55Roach, Steve: Dreamtime Return$28.00
FO36Roach, Steve: Empetus$14.00
r13Roach, Steve: Lost Pieces$14.00
Hos62Roach, Steve: Magnificent Void$14.00
FO48Roach, Steve: Now/Traveler$14.00
FO81Roach, Steve: Origins$14.00
FO44Roach, Steve: Quiet Music$14.00
HoS33Roach, Steve /Robert Rich: Soma$14.00
HoS19Roach, Steve /Robert Rich: Strata$14.00
FO24Roach, Steve: Structures From Silence$14.00
FO51Roach, Steve: Western Spaces$14.00
FO57Roach, Steve: World's Edge$28.00
FAT72Roach, Steve/Kent/Newby: Halcyon Days$14.00
HoS56Roach, Steve/Michael Stearns: Kiva$14.00
PRO60Roach, Steve/Vidna Obmana: Well of Souls$25.00
Pro24csRosenthal, Sam: Before The Buildings Fell$6.00
PRO27Rosenthal, Sam: Fragments VIDEO$10.00
AUD1Rosewater Elizabeth: Faint$14.00
AUD2Rosewater Elizabeth: It Swallows Me Whole MAXI CD$8.00
AUD4Rosewater Elizabeth: Le Petit Morte$14.00
SM3Runes Order: Land of Silence$16.00
SM2Runes Order: Winter$16.00
cmi46Sanctum: Lupus In Fabula$16.00
HY68Second Voice: Approaching Luna$14.00
MW09Serra, Raffael: Heaven&Earth;$14.00
PER305Shinjuku Filth: Junk$14.00
DOR2Shinjuku Thief: The Scribbler$14.00
r08Shinjuku Thief: Witch Hammer$14.00
DOR9Shinjuku Thief: Witch Hunter$14.00
CVB003Sirensong: The Cruelty of Children$8.00
BB6csSkinner Box: Imaginary$6.00
BB5Skinner Box: Playhouse$11.00
BB5csSkinner Box: Playhouse$6.00
BB4csSkinner Box: Self-Titled$6.00
r12Slap: Ghost Stories$14.00
r11Sleep of Reason: Logical End$14.00
HY126aSleeping Dogs Wake: Spiderbilly$8.00
HY79Sleeping Dogs Wake: WalkOn$8.00
DF1Sofia Run: Dignity of Folly$14.00
DF2Sofia Run: Intimacy$14.00
NA16Somei Satoh: Stabat Mater$14.00
NA69Somei Satoh: Sun Moon$14.00
PRO43csSoul Whirling Somewhere: Eating CASSETTE$8.00
PRO43Soul Whirling Somewhere: Eating The Sea $14.00
PRO61csSoul Whirling Somewhere: Everyone CASSETTE $8.00
PRO61Soul Whirling Somewhere: Everyone Will Eventually Leave You$14.00
CVB007Splashdown: Stars & Garters$14.00
FAT68Stearns, Michael: Collected Ambient Works$14.00
FAT69Stearns, Michael: Collected Thematic Works$14.00
XUS8Stearns, Michael: Light in Trees$12.00
HY116-2Stoa: Porta VIII$14.00
HY59Stoa: Urthona$14.00
NA49Stone, Carl: Mom's$14.00
XUS7Stratosphere: Introspective Spaces$12.00
DOR6Succulent Blue Sway Soundrack (Shinjuku Thief)$14.00
SSR6Sunshine Blind: Love Sky To Death$14.00
HoS43Suspended Memories: Earth Island$14.00
HoS34Suspended Memories: Forgotten Gods$14.00
FG5T.G.V.T.: Rinde Humano$14.00
HY97T.G.V.T.: Terra Lingua$14.00
HY127Taras Bulba: Peyote Moon$14.00
HY78Taras Bulba: Sketches of Babel$14.00
TB01Temps Perdu?: Athanor$16.00
TB3Temps Perdu?: Terra Incognito$16.00
XUS6Temps Perdu: The Day the Earth Melted$12.00
PRO34Terrace of Memories (Sam Rosenthal +Vidna Obmana) $14.00
TB1Testa, Antonio: Senza$16.00
PRO665Thanatos: 665/The Neighbor of The Beast CD-EP$10.00
PRO59Thanatos: An Embassy To Gaius$14.00
PRO59viThanatos: Embassy To VIDEO$8.00
PRO59csThanatos: Embassy ToCASSETTE$8.00
PRO37csThanatos: EndlessNiteCASSETTE$8.00
PRO59tsThanatos: T SHIRT$12.00
PRO37Thanatos: This Endless Night Inside$14.00
TESS3This Ascension: Light & Shade$14.00
TESS7This Ascension: Walk softly a dream lies here$14.00
TESS1tsThis Ascention T-SHIRT$12.00
Spi11235Thrive: Sophistry$14.00
Spi01013Thrive: Thrive$14.00
Death951Tombstone: Gothic Land$16.00
MAN12Totemplow: Applaud The Execution$14.00
TESS8Trance To The Sun: Bloom Flowers Bloom$14.00
TESS5csTrance To The Sun: Ghost CASSETE$8.00
TESS5Trance To The Sun: Ghost Forest$14.00
TESS8tTrance to the Sun T-SHIRT$12.00
AM1Trance To The Sun: Venemous Eve$14.00
CVB005Turkish Delight: Tommy Bell$14.00
AY01Tuts-Schiemsky, Emanuel: Rust Voor Stilte$15.00
HSL9TUU: Invocation - Archive$16.00
Death961Valefor: Death Magick$16.00
SLB01Various: Alleviation$14.00
PRO72Various: Amplexus $14.00
cmi30Various: And even wolves hid their teeth$9.00
CVB004Various: Anon (2 CD set)$23.00
CH20Various: Arrhythmia 3$14.00
IR193.2Various: Atomic Weight$14.00
NA28Various: Austral Voices$14.00
PRO14Various: beneath the icy floe Œ97$9.00
B105Various: Borderline$14.00
MMP1Various: Ceremonial/Joy Divison Tribute$14.00
SPI888Various: Continuum (spider records)$14.00
CR06Various: Dali: The Endless Enigma$16.00
SL1Various: Death Odors$16.00
DOR1Various: Document 01$9.00
DOR10Various: Document 02$14.00
DV1Various: Dorobo 1991-1995 VIDEO$11.00
DOR0Various: Dorobo Year of Silence$9.00
MAN4Various: Endless 2$14.00
PRO62Various: Excelsis: a dark noël$14.00
PRO62csVarious: Excelsis: CASSETTE$8.00
PRO62poVarious: Excelsis POSTER$8.00
PRO62tsxlVarious: Excelsis XL SWEATSHIRT$17.00
HB34-20Various: Fetish Soundtrack 1$14.00
PRO29csVarious: From Across 2 CASSETTE$8.00
pro35csVarious: From Across Gray 3 CASSETTE$8.00
PRO29Various: From Across Gray Land 2$14.00
PRO35Various: From Across Gray Land 3$14.00
HY86Various: Heavenly Voices 1$14.00
HY87Various: Heavenly Voices 2$14.00
HY118Various: Heavenly Voices 3 $14.00
HY51Various: HY!...to Hypersonic$14.00
HB30-2Various: Hypnobeats$14.00
SBN1Various: Industry vs. Artistry$14.00
cmi20Various: Karmanik Collection$16.00
MAN8Various: Narratives$14.00
PRO50Various: Of These Reminders$25.00
PRO50csVarious: Of These Reminders CASSETTE$15.00
POW2Various: Palace Of Worms$14.00
PRO41csVarious: Promises of CASSETTE$8.00
PRO41Various: Promises of Silence$14.00
CVB002Various: Soon$14.00
TB2Various: Twilight Earth$16.00
TB4Various: Twilight Earth2$16.00
XCD22Vidna Obmana: Echoing Delight$14.00
r07Vidna Obmana: Memories Compiled 2-CD$17.00
MM15Vidna Obmana: Parallel Flaming$14.00
HSL5Vidna Obmana: Revealed By Composed Nature$16.00
PRO65Vidna Obmana: River of Appearance$14.00
XUS2Vidna Obmana:Transcending$12.00
r14Vidna Obmana: Trilogy 3-CD$35.00
HY16Von Magnet: Computador$14.00
DAN94Von Magnet: Flamenco Mutant$16.00
TX206Williams, Rozz + Gitane Demone: Every Dream Home$14.00
PK002Women Of Sodom: Boots$14.00

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