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Connectix RAM Doubler 2 triples your memory so you can run more applications and increase your productivity. RAM Doubler 2's patent pending software technology is the easy way to increase your Mac's memory (no screwdriver required!) And Power Mac native applications require less memory with RAM Doubler 2 installed.

Over 1 million satisfied Mac users have made the original award-winning RAM Doubler the standard for Macintosh memory management. RAM Doubler 2 works automatically every time you start your Mac. Don't quit your applications--save time and keep them running with RAM Doubler 2.

"'s more tempting than ever to be sceptical of RAM Doubler's claims - and more pleasing than ever to discover that they're absolutely true."
Macworld 4 Star review of RAM Doubler 2 (Dec'96)

Connectix RAM Doubler 2 made its debut on August 7th at MacWorld Boston.

Ram Doubler 2 Sales Surpass 50,000 Units In First Month!

Minimum requirements: 8MB physical RAM, 68030, 040 or PowerMacintosh.

See the Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) on RAM Doubler.

NOTE: March 31, 1997 is the last chance to qualify for a $25 Upgrade Rebate for RAM Doubler 2. Get the upgrade details here

The Best Utility of the Year!

RAM Doubler 2.0 was named best utility of the year in MacUser magazine's 12th annual Editor's Choice ("Eddy") Awards at MacWorld Expo on Jan 7th, 1997.

About the Original RAM Doubler...

RAM Doubler gives you twice the memory without the expense and hassle of adding SIMMs. Installation takes about 15 seconds and one mouse click. It's worry-free right from the start. If you had 8 MBs of RAM, your Macintosh will have 16 MBs of memory available with RAM Doubler. Keep all your applications open - you'll be rid of the "Not Enough Memory" messages forever.

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