April 1995
Mobile Users get the message
with pagemail
Software developed by Dialogue Communications Ltd. is set to revolutionise the way people send messages to mobile phones with a text display facility. PageMail runs on Windows and needs only a PC and a modem to distribute information - a particular boon to organisations with large field forces on the GSM and PCN networks.

"This is a growing market and we have jumped in first with PageMail," said Hugh Spear, managing director of Dialogue Communications. "Using the SMS (Short Message Service) standard, PageMail will provide text messaging for both individuals and businesses in a very cost-effective manner. Our unique range of short messaging drivers will enable messaging from one network to another and add real value to the short message service."

PageMail is released this week (April 28, 1995), and the company is already working on further upgrades, including Email to Short Message integration packages and a PC-based voicemail application to read Email to mobile callers.

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