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1996 Events Calendar

Apr 19-20  Promise Keepers, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 26-27  Promise Keepers, Kansas City, MO
May 10-11  Promise Keepers, Detroit, MI
May 10-11  Promise Keepers, Minneapolis, MN
May 25-26  Promise Keepers, Washington, DC
June 7-8   Promise Keepers, Boise, ID
June 7-8   Promise Keepers, Syracuse, NY
June 21-22 Promise Keepers, Charlotte, NC
June 28-29 Promise Keepers, Chicago, IL
July 12-13 Promise Keepers, San Diego, CA
July 26-27 Promise Keepers, Indianapolis, IN
July 26-27 Promise Keepers, New Orleans, LA
Aug 2-3    Promise Keepers, Eugene, OR
Oct 11-12  Promise Keepers, Memphis, TN
Oct 18-19  Promise Keepers, Jacksonville, FL
Dec 26-    Kwanzaa - Seven joyful days reaffirming the spiritual values,
  Jan 1        culture, and community of people of African descent.

Information about 1995 events

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Santa Cruz Harbor Events National Day Of Prayer Paving The Way To The 21st Century - San Jose, CA Susan Ashton at Mount Hermon on Memorial Day American Government Study Seminar - Morgan Hill, CA Congress for Excellence in Public Ed. - San Diego, CA California Prolife Council Convention - Fresno, CA Home School Family Camp - Mt. Hermon, CA

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